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Alex Vandertol
United States
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As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you, now remain in my love. You did not choose me, but I chose you, and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit, fruit that will last. -- Jesus Christ
2014 Secret Santa: Many thanks for the gift and the effort you put in to make it special and fun. Merry Christmas!

Born and raised in Edmonton, AB, Canada; I moved to the United States in 1988 to go to Calvin College, met my wife, and stayed. I am now a permanent resident of the US, but still proudly Canadian. I live in Western Michigan and work as an engineer.

In 2012 I designed and did the plastic 3D modeling of the airships for Kings of Air and Steam by Tasty Minstrel Games.

In 2011 I created an artwork for the Grand Rapids ArtPrize competition and made a geeklist about it:

LIFE (Choices) -- My ArtPrize Boardgame Art

My avatar is an image of the completed work being towed through the sky by the KoAS airship.

I have 3 kids; a son, 17, and two daughters, 14 and 10. They are all fantastic, although more than a handful. My middle child has a rare genetic disorder called Ring Chromosome Syndrome (aka Ring 13), and as a result is mentally impaired. That has its ups and downs, but I've come to realize that she is who she is: perfectly created by Our Lord for His glory.

We've got a fantastic group of friends here in Michigan and a wonderful church family. I love to cycle; I go mountain biking once a week with my good friends May - November, and I also like to drag my two daughters along on the paved trails on the weekends. I participate in at least one triathlon a year (Reed's Lake Tri) but in 15 years now have never broken out of the bottom 20%. I need a goal to work towards to keep the gut in check, and I find the triathlon to be a really fun and challenging way to do that.

In the winter I like to read (I like to randomly grab 5 books off the "just returned" cart at the library that look somewhat promising), listen to music with my music-loving wife, play board games with whoever wants to, and play online games.

I've always been interested in traditionally geeky things like trains and dungeons and UFOs, so it's no surprise I'm on "the geek". My kids like to play games, but my wife is a definite non-gamer, although she likes party games. Several of my good friends are gamers, including my next door neighbor, but I typically only get to play 2 player games unless I'm with my wife's family, who are all gamers as well. I try to get out to West Michigan Guild activities when I can.

Favorite games are 18XX, Mage Knight, Descent, Survive!, Agricola, Ticket to Ride, Can't Stop, Carcassonne, Dominion, Daytona 500. I bought Descent to play with my son and we love it but it's a bit too much for us time-wise right now. I play Settlers, Dominion, and Agricola often with my family. My neighbor has Princes of Florence, Carc Hunters and Gatherers, and TTR Europe, and these see regular play.

My FLGS is Out of the Box games in Zeeland. You *need* to go there. My art is hanging in their game room.

I'm also a thrifter, and sell the majority of my finds on eBay in order to fund my cycling and board game hobbies. I've found some really fun games this way too ... many get played once or twice before they are resold.

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