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Phelanpt Feb 11, 2:15 PM: evils have mostly stood by and watch goods fall. except for emme. she's spinning them round and round.
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Two Rooms and a Boom!

Sign up for future games here:

Some comments: http://boardgamegeek.com/collection/items/boardgame/134352?r...

philgr: I love playing this game with any number of people and it is easy to pick up and learn!

nolemonplease: Looooove this game. I take it with me most places in the off chance that we will have enough people and two rooms.

RhodesN7: So many variations in how to setup each game and almost every one I've tried so far has been a blast.


What is Play By Forum?

The game takes place in boardgamegeek message board threads.

Is it the game hard to learn?

No. Most of the rules are provided in the sign-up page.

Is the game fun?

YES! Hidden roles & social deduction yummy goodness.

How much of a time commitment is it?

As much or as little as you want it to be. You'll probably want to check in at least twice a day.

I live in a weird time zone.

That's fine - we have players in Europe, Asia, and Australia, so you'll be in good company.

Can I play this game IRL first? I can't find it in stores.

You can't find it because it's not published yet, but Print & Play kits are available via dropbox. The link is on the Two Rooms and a Boom BGG page:


What if I HATE the game?

That probably won't happen because this game is so awesome, but if it does, a full refund is guaranteed (cough cough). The game is only 3-5 days long, so it's not a huge risk!

Are there any PRIZES?

No, sorry. But you'll get those boardgamegeek Level Up microbadges pretty darn fast. I myself have gone from Level 0 to Level 6 in just 10 weeks of playing 2R1B online here at BGG.

So what even in all of how the people going to happened unexpectedly?


"I'm curious to see if our plan will work out or not. However, I won't be around to see it until much later today or possibly tomorrow. I have this, well how shall I say it, it's a rather geeky hobby. I play board games with a group of friends regularly. Don't laugh at me, it's quite normal! Anyway, I'm not online tonight. See you all later!" - BGG user Seen

In addition to being a gamer, I am a film critic, avid reader of fiction, and a foodie - but you're just here for the games, right?

Some of my favorite things on BGG, in no particular order:

1) Poster Phirax parodies West Side Story to make fun of Eurogames and Eurogame designers, complete with photochops and song lyrics.


2) Poster Gola craps in Martin's weaving hut during a game of Amun-Re and writes a hilarious session report about it.


3) Dominic Crapuchettes, designer of Wits & Wagers and Say Anything, asks BGGers to share stories about a time when friends or relatives were overwhelmed by a board game. Lots of funny stories are posted.


4) Jason Beck, aka Colonial One, tries to make board games a little more fabulous:

"This geeklist is inspired by a question I received from Chris during my time as Geek of the Week, who asked me, "As you know, I like modding games. Is there any game you would like to give a gay makeover to?" And, of course, as soon as I saw the question, I was like, "Oh my goodness, I hafta hafta hafta make a geeklist about that", which is why I’m posting this one, more than two months later. (It’s unfashionable to be right on time, you know.)"


5) Polish game designer Ignacy Trzewiczek (Imperial Settlers, Prêt-à-Porter, Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island) lists 10 things he will NOT do at Gen Con 2013:


6) Soren Narnia of Virginia writes an authentic and poignant novella about the time he and his friend Troy tried to learn the rules to the war game A World At War. The writing is fantastic and it's one of the best things you'll ever read on boardgamegeek (though make sure you have at least an hour set aside before you begin reading - it's a doozy):


7) A light-hearted game of Win, Lose, or Banana between me, BlueTorch, and the hussy nolemonplease is imbued with passion and trickery:


8) Adam Perry, aka moogle1, informs and entertains with his list of behind-the-scenes board game stories that probably maybe really actually happened:


I love:
- Board games, especially Eurogames
- Games you take seriously (not Fluxx, not Quelf)
- Games of deception (Werewolf/Mafia, Resistance, etc.)
- Games that can accommodate 6+ players
- Games that run 2 hours or less
- Games which are more tactical (short-term plays) than strategic (long-term planning)
- Games which are packaged in small, portable boxes (ones that don't take up a lot of room in the suitcase/games closet, like Parade, Citadels, Oriente, and Hanabi, up to the size of Panic Station or a 5-6 player expansion of Settlers of Catan)
- Games which allow for some amount of accusations and trash talking!
- Party games for 20-30 year olds

What Krystin loves:
"I am a fan of the types of board games with cubes, moving around the board (sometimes), and rounds."

What Josh loves:
Traitor games: "I enjoy watching the lying. And the hurt that comes afterwards."

I want to gain more experience with:
- Train games
- Tragedy Looper. I'd like to play scenarios 2-10 as the Protagonist.

My latest obsession:
- Two Rooms and a Boom - A hidden roles / social deduction party game http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/134352/two-rooms-and-a-bo...

Sign up to play online - http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/894065/2raab-pbf-waiting-roo...

My gaming quirk:
- I like to be taught games backwards. Tell me what the win condition is, then tell me the various ways I can reach it, and then tell me the details.

What would make me not want to play a game:
- Historical warfare and fantasy themes. Themes are important to me and some turn me off to the point where I feel repelled just by looking at the box.

"Why play boring fantasy themes when you can build exciting powergrids, ponder over best railroad routes, trade beans, build thrilling temples, and totally screw your opponent by placing your ice cream stand in the best spot in a zoo?

Is there really a question here? Don't even get me started on the mind blowing experience that is raising sheep." - BGG user Koldfoot

- War games!

- Miniatures!!!

- Collectible card sets

Inside info:

After 1 year of petitioning and constantly bemoaning the lack of a BGG heart emoticion, I am pleased to announce that our voices have been heard by the BGG admins and we finally have what we so desired!


Thanks to my fairy godmother, Caitlin Woodward AKA nolemonplease, I now have an avatar, a Geekbadge, an UberGeekbadge, and Avatar Overtext!!! (Thank you Caitlin! You're fantastic!!!)

My nemesis microbadge refers to bkarrigan, a scoundrel who tries to claim (steal) the red pieces from me in games and is always a spy.

Darth BK
United States
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Shoutout here to mfl134: "Something would be wrong if we weren't in permanent disagreement."

And shoutout here to Clyde for one of my favorite "Go Team Go!" cheers:

clydeiii wrote:


The dancing guy in my avatar is Teo, the Ricky Martin of Belarus, performing "Cheesecake" in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2014:

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