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David J. Mortimer
United Kingdom
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I am on twitter you can follow me @mortispur if you like

I enjoy playing most board game genres. I am also lucky enough to have had some games I have designed published. Below you will find the latest news on these along with the current status of my new projects.

Flock to be released by AEG this winter

Flock is a worker displacement area control game where your flock tries to survive. You need to feed, nest , lay eggs, hatch and dominate the area.

Coming from Alderac Entertainment Group this winter!

Pocket Imperium has been successfully funded on kickstarter by LudiCreations. It should now be available in your favourite FLGS, OLGS or direct from via the store on their website. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter to hear about future releases before the general public and have the opportunity to back at the early levels.

Expansions available:

Pocket Imperium: Prosperity
Pocket Imperium: Mech Worlds

Dragon Slayer published by Indie Boards and Cardsshould be available at your FLGS or OLGS

My first game, Pocket Imperium, is available to download as a pnp for free from Good Little Games here:

I've always enjoyed playing games and designing them too.

Late in 2012 I decided to try and get a game or two published and started attending at Playtest UK Meetup group. I can highly recommend coming along if you have a design that you want some input on. Groups meet monthly in London and weekly in Cambridge, Cardiff & Newcastle.

I have now started a play test meet up in Bath. We meet every other Tuesday evening. The guild page of details is here:

Bath Playtest UK Meetup group .

Status of my projects:

Available to play or buy:
Dragon Slayer
Pocket Imperium (see good little games and kickstarter)

Contract signed for publication:
Dragon Slayer with Indie Boards and Cards
Pocket Imperium with LudiCreations
[microfilms] a collaboration with Dávid Turczi with LudiCreations
Flock with Alderac Entertainment Group

One more contract signed but yet to be announced.


Pocket Imperium Nominated for Golden Geek best Print & Play game 2013.

Looking for a Publisher
Trade Route - 60 cards and some resources - build a medieval settlement strategy game.
The Cousin's War - 18 card area control card driven war gameset at the ttime of Wars of the Roses

Actively Playtesting & developing:
Built to Last - Card game of dodgy engineering a co-design with Oliver Brooks
Trade Route - 60 cards and some resources - build a medieval settlement strategy game.
Feedback - a trick taking game of magician apprentices
The Provost & the Bailiff - Micro game of economic collapse & changing teams
Four Horsemen - a cooperative microgame of surviving the apocalypse - a collaboration with Matthew Dunstan (2014)

Need to find time to carry on developing or retheme:
Overlord of Britain - Just need time to redo map & Playtest (2011)
Adapt or Die: Cro-Magnons coming! (2013) -Need to work on endgame
Codex of the Gods - (2013) Need time to develop
Joust - (2013) Can't get bidding mechanic to work
Elements2Componds (2013) - Just need time to develop
Am I Evil? (2014) Zombies v Necropolice microgame - Just need some damn time to do the cards.
Abandoned Kingdom TCG (2013) - 18 card Area control Microgame
Contagion Unknown (2013) - 18 card Deduction microgame
Drafting a Civilization/Corporate Espionage (2013) - 9 card Worker placement microgame
5 Magics (2015) - Dice management card game
Shield Wall (2012) - A custom dice manipulation game of King Alfred verses the Danish Invaders.

Put down to experience:
Prime of the Ancient Mariners (2011)
Playing Gods (1998)
Dragon Trainer (2013)
Tile wars (1996)
Sense & Speculation (2014) - Jane Austen themed reworking of an old classic she enjoyed.
Game of Florists (2014)
Game Theory (2015) - a microgame of game theory

I am also an occassional attendee at Bath Gaming Group. Check out our guild page and micro badge (which I designed). If you live in the Bath area feel free to drop in and meet us, we always welcome new members.

My Last 10 games played:

As 2012 was supposed to be the final year ever I decided I had better get some play stats in so I started recording plays 01/01/12.
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