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Mattias R
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User names
- mr18196 on Yahoo, Playstation and iOS game center.
- Bishop on Goko/Dominion Online.
- MadTias on fumbbl.
- Mikromanaxas on Steam.

You're welcome to challenge me. Let me know if you're a fellow BGGeek.


Manager of AGoT Sthlm. You're welcome to join. We meet and play in real life.


Who I am
According to this thread, I'm Mr. Mega-Ultra-Deviant-Grumpy! devil
According to this thread I'm a light Eurogamer!

My most liked games are heavy thematic games and wargames. TTR is the exception to the rule.


What I play

-For electronic solo play I like the Race for the Galaxy AI and the Nightfall: Martial Law and Neuroshima Hex! apps.

-For real life solo play I like The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and Arkham Horror: Dunwich Horror Expansion.

-For two players I like Battle Line, Dominion, Blood Bowl: Living Rulebook, Twilight Struggle, Warhammer 40,000: Conquest and Napoleon's Triumph.

-For three players I like Dominion and Maria.

-For four or more players I like Formula D, Ticket to Ride: USA 1910 and A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition).


How I rate games.
I rate according to the BGG guidelines. The BGG 10 is pretty impossible though ("expect this will never change"), so I give it to games that I've felt that way about, even if my feelings have changed since. I'm a harsh rater (see the devil icon link above).

The most important aspects of a game to me are Replayability, Fun and Memorability. Only games that have these things get the highest ratings from me.

For me, games also have to meet a minimum standard when it comes to Thematic Integration and Component Quality. They don't have to be exceptional, but they do need to be good enough.

I don't rate expansions, but I comment on them.

I don't rate CCG's, they aren't so much games as they are business models.

Definitions courtesy of
Tony Ackroyd
United Kingdom
E Sussex
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-Replayability: Which game could you play over a hundred times and still want more? Which game rewards multiple plays with new experiences, potential strategies and revelations of depth? Which game do you want to play again immediately after finishing a game?

-Fun: What games are the most fun? Which make you laugh out loud? Which make for the most enjoyable experience? Which have glorious 'win or lose' moments? Which make you smile? Which do you enjoy irrelevant of who wins?

-Memorability: Which games make for the most memorable experiences? Which give you stories to relate to other gamers? Which ones do you think about for days/weeks afterwards? Which ones give you a magic moment in them that you will remember forever?


Gaming Etiquette, edited from
George Leach
United Kingdom
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Before the game
-Most importantly, I commit to having fun. Games are a leisure activity and should be engaged in with a sense of fun and adventure. I hope that my commitment to the fun and social nature of gaming is contagious enough that I encourage this behavior in others. I want to be an ambassador to this rewarding and entertaining hobby. I recognize that my attitude can have an effect on the other players and their enjoyment of the game.

-I will show up at the agreed time so the game can start. If I am going to be late, I will call the game organizer and let them know. I will not be offended if they decide to start without me. Their time is obviously as valuable and important as mine.

-I will always finish the games I start. If I have to leave early, I will let the other players know in advance. Then we can pick a game to play that can be finished in time.

Playing the game
-I will will not engage in other activities while we are playing the game. For example, I will not watch Youtube clips, play other games on my phone, send text messages or call my friends. If I get an important call, I will try to keep it brief.

-I will be respectful of game components. Some games, for example, have many cards. I will not bend, tap, rub or do anything that will mark or damage the cards. I will not eat foods that make my fingers messy while playing. I recognize that games are a dear possession and that my "cheesy" prints may not qualify as adding value to them.

-I will perform my actions in the open. If I'm paying five blue cards to build to Miami, for example, I will fan the five cards before discarding them. I assume that you'd like to be able to see for yourself that my actions are legit. I think it's totally reasonable for you to want to see this -- we all make mistakes. I know I have accidentally "cheated" many times and I definitely want to get caught if I do!

-I will not scream, curse or whine every time things do not go my way.

-I will help with the maintenance of the game, like setting it up and taking it down, shuffling and revealing cards, moving scoring markers and dealing out money.

-I will not consistently take longer to decide my move than everyone else at the table. It is better to make a suboptimal move and consider it a lesson learned than to hold everyone up. It is okay if I occasionally say, "oh man, I'm going to need a minute to think about this one". But that's the exception, not the norm.

-If I decide that I no longer have any chance of winning, I'll play for style points. I mean, for place, or for score. If you decide that you no longer have any chance of winning, you can do whatever you want. If you decide to knock me out and crown player X the winner just for the fun of it... I will be disappointed, but that is your choice.

-When you make a play that hurts me, I won't take it personally and won't try to make you feel bad about it. Sure, I may moan and groan a little, but it is all in good fun. Conversely, I pledge to always make the best moves I can think of, whether it hurts you specifically or not. That's my job as a player.

-If you are new to a game and you ask for advice, I'll offer it, and make sure to point out the fact that, actually, I almost always lose, so you might want to take my advice with a grain of salt.

-If you do not ask for advice, I will not provide it. I will not try to dictate how you should play the game. I will not constantly point out your options and their consequences. I'm sure you and everyone else at the table would like each player to make up their own mind.

-If I realize I made a blunder, and the next player hasn't gone yet, and I know exactly what move I want to do instead, then I might ask you if I can change my move. I won't try to change the past if the next player has already gone. And I won't ask to take it back and then make you wait while I decide all over again what to do. Better to just accept it as a lesson learned and move on.

-If I realize I forgot to do something that should have happened automatically on my turn, I might ask, "Hey, is it okay if I take the thing that I should've got from this thing?". I won't assume that you'll say yes. And I will not ask that we roll back all moves since, just because I forgot something.

-If we realize a rules error was made, I will vote that we just let it stand, as it can be very difficult to reconstruct what the game state "should have been". However, if we realize a rules error was made that helped me, I will apologize and volunteer some simple penalty that seems appropriate.


On Probability
Finally, this comic strip concisely explains something important I learned from boardgaming:
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Top 10
#1: Blood Bowl: Living Rulebook
#2: World in Flames
#3: A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)
#4: The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
#5: Twilight Struggle
#6: Dominion
#7: Formula D
#8: Ticket to Ride: USA 1910
#9: Warhammer 40,000: Conquest
#10: Battle Line
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