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I'm a long time user of the geek from the early days, but never bothered to register until 2006. Prior to that, I frequented Usenet's for information about boardgames, which is how I discovered Settlers of Catan.

A short description of me is not possible (outside of "geek"). I'm a devoted husband and a father of three kids who are gamers in their own right. All three play their share of boardgames such as Talisman and Ticket to Ride, but they also play Magic: the Gathering and a variety of RPGs.

My wife, lmlawson, is also a boardgamer. She's mainly a Catan fan and is not into gamer's games very much. Back in the 90s, we used to play Avalon Hill's Civilization from dusk until dawn on weekends, but those times are long gone.

I still play quite a few boardgames and have a long running D&D 3.0 campaign I'm a PC in, I tend to play more MMOs these days than anything else. I'm not a hard core raider by any stretch, because I simply don't have the time for it, but I do get on to several MMOs and play to pass the time and blow off some stress. Boardgaming and RPGs are a more structured activity for me, and I prefer to do it face to face as much as possible.

While I work in the IT industry, my hobbies are rather wide ranging. (See below.) You'd think that I have no time for family with all of this stuff listed, but family comes first and everything else comes afterward. If there's time for it.

I'm a coauthor of an MMO gaming blog, Parallel Context:


I rate games with two premises: I use the full 1-10 scale (if the game stinks, it gets a 1-2, not a 4-5-6); and I rate the game as how it's intended (for example, a kid's game gets rated as a kid's game, not how adults would play the game). Therefore, if people see a bunch of kid's games in the 5-7 range, that's because I play the games with my kids, and I rate the games based upon how they like the game, not I. Just like I wasn't going to play Squad Leader with my son (who was 5 at the time of this writing) and expect him to like it, I don't expect to play Candyland with some of my adult gaming friends and expect them to like it.
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