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Shanda Hoover
United States
Port Orchard
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My friends and family used to think I was a board game nut. Then I found BGG and now they know for sure.

I've been a game enthusiast since I was a mere tot, too young to read but still desperate to join my brother and sister playing Authors, and still needing help when playing SORRY.

Growing up, I loved playing games on the weekend. Good times with my dad and my siblings playing classic PB games or ruthless games of PIT.

As a teen I was a subscriber to GAMES magazine and as soon as I had money I started buying games based on an AH catalog and my obsessively read copy of the GAMES Top 100. Soon I had my own small collection of "real" games, the kind that took all weekend to play, like Kingmaker, and Source of the Nile.

Then my siblings moved out and my Dad started working away from home and I had to find a new group of gamers.

For a period when I was still living at home after high school and going to community college I became involved with a group that got together every weekend. On Friday night we played Poker, and on Saturday night it was UNO, Skip-bo, Liar's Dice, and Shanghai Rummy.

Sadly when I moved to Seattle to go to a big college my gaming life came to a screeching halt. It was years before I found a circle of friends who had any interest in gaming.

When I did start gaming again it was mostly party games at parties or with a hardcore group of guys who were into MtG and took it way too seriously. Still I found a few games to love during this period, Chez Geek, Mahjong, and Settlers of Catan.

Around the same time, I met and married a great guy who was a willing game player, but 2-player games just weren't either of our style so gaming as a hobby continued to languish. I would faithfully take games to his many family gatherings and 9 times out of 10 no one would be interested. After awhile I quit buying games because I was so frustrated with them never getting played.

Time rolled on, we moved to a small town and started a family. Eventually we began to build a new circle of friends and see that they were receptive to playing the occasional game. After awhile we were playing fairly regularly.

Then as Christmas 2011 approached I started to look at games with a new interest. I got Elder Sign and Key Harvest that year and suddenly all my pent up gaming enthusiasm seemed to well-up in me and spill over. I started poking around and researching other games I might want to buy and that is how I found BGG. Since then nothing has been the same. I became determined to make 2012, my "Year of the Game" and I did.

The last four years have been great, and the momentum keeps going. Here's to another great year of gaming in 2016!

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Registration Date: 2012-01-25
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Top 10
#1: King of Tokyo
#2: Castles of Mad King Ludwig
#3: Aladdin's Dragons
#4: Tobago
#5: Amerigo
#6: Village
#7: Steam Park
#8: Lewis & Clark
#9: Pergamon
#10: Pit
Hot 10
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#2: Between Two Cities
#3: Camel Up
#4: Thrash'n Roll
#5: Dead Man's Draw
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#8: The Grizzled
#9: Champions of Midgard
#10: Kodama: The Tree Spirits
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