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Armando Gurrola
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El Paso
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I'm a geeky computer loving board game geek here. I'm fun to play with, but I also play to win.


Hello SS. I opened up my package and thank you a lot for the gifts. They will very likely be played this weekend and the gift inspired me to buy Concordia Brittania expansion to play it even more. Thank you so much and I hope you have happy holidays!

SS 2015 SS Sent Me Entry


I have received the games. Will be opening them soon. Will post an update with the geeklist entry.


I will likely open the games when my sister comes in around December 18th, 2015 or so. Her and her husband will be 2 of my gaming buddies this holiday season so I hope to play some games with her.


Been a tough day but hopefully I can relax over Thanksgiving

1) If you could play a boardgame with any famous person, living or dead, who would you pick and what would you play?

Reiner Knizia easily. Seems like a nice guy, a smart thinker and I just have a soft spot for his games. I would want to play Samurai with him. Would be a battle of the brains and he would likely win!

2) Describe your ideal game in 4 words.

Brainy fun fantasy strategy

3) Describe your ideal word in 4 games.

Lost Cities Love Letter Hearts Seasons

Describing infatuation

4) If you were stranded on a desert island with your board game group and an Amazon delivery drone stopped by and with a messag strapped to it offering to bring you any board game from the warehouse, which would you chose?

Very hard to choose but maybe Magic the Gathering if it could provide me all cards created. I could build and play decks for many, many years. I don't play as often anymore, but I always enjoyed it even if it was a money pit.

5) How many people do you typically game with?

Usually I game with one person though I do tend to game with 3 or 4 people as well. That's why I quite like games that scale well from 2-4 people.

6) What's your favorite (meeple) color?


7) If you had to choose one game to never play again, what would you choose?

Likely Candyland. I played it about 7 years ago and it was the most non game game I've played in a long time. Pick a card move forward...that's it. I like choices and I like card games too, but anything ultra scripted is generally a turn off after a while, such as Puerto Rico.

8) Pick a number.


7 is lucky so double 7 is even better.

This was a lot of fun and I hope you get more insight. I'm still updating my wish list a tiny bit but it's mainly for new releases I hadn't heard of before.

Have some happy holidays!


Thanks for the kind letter Santa. I'm just like you. I usually ship around Thanksgiving. All that time with family really makes a guy feel generous. I'll be sure to update my wishlist fully with more comments at least for the higher items.

Happy Holidays,
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#1: Catan: Cities & Knights
#2: Hera and Zeus
#3: Catan Card Game
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#5: Carcassonne
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