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It's not easy being green.
"When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning." - Reiner Knizia

I've been playing games all my life.

When I was a kid I had a cabinet full of games. Bonkers!, Careers, and Pay Day were favorites that come to mind. Found the Milton Bradley Gamemaster Series and loved all of that. Got the Dungeons & Dragons Set 1: Basic Rules and spent a whole lot of time making dungeons and characters, but not much time playing. As a teenager, a friend brought over Afrika Korps and introduced me to wargames. I was hooked.

Through college I played when I could, which was mostly during summers. Occassional long games of Axis & Allies, Third Reich, and Civilization with lots of Up Front in between. Eventually, I graduated, got a job, and did more partying than game playing, but still convinced my friends to play something now and then.

At work, a friend introduced me to Magic: The Gathering and we played that often at lunch. I played a lot of that and then discovered Catan and the whole German boardgame scene. I discovered a game store just down the street from my new home (somewhere along the line I got married and we bought a house) and found a game group just starting up there. Had lots of good times there and played tons of games.

So who do I play with now?

Well, mostly I play with my family. My wife and two sons often indulge me. I'm always on the look out for good family style games. Some of our current favorites are Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age, Lost Cities: The Board Game, Ingenious, Catan, and Forbidden Island.

I also host SNEW (Southern New England Wargamers), a monthly wargaming group. The guild page has lots of info about the types of games we like to play. One of my favorite wargames currently is Washington's War. It's just a fantastic game. Another all-time favorite is Combat Commander. It's just a ton of fun to play and every game generates a story.

I suppose that it is interesting to note that when it comes to wargames, I am unlike many wargamers in that gameplay is the most important thing to me. I am very interested in history as well, but there are just too many games out there and my time to play them limited that I can't waste effort on a game that presents excellent history, but without engaging gameplay.

I also still go to the game night at my FLGS, although that has changed and evolved over the years...there're some stories there, for sure! There we play lots of euro-style games, mostly leaning towards the heavier "gamer's game" type. Ra is a great favorite there, as well as Race for the Galaxy, both of which are played at nearly every meeting. The new "hotness" usually shows up there and the owner gives us a nice discount.

So, as you can see, games have been and will always be a big and important part of my life.

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