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Thank you Santa!


Ha! Gotcha!

Nice one !


Dear Santa,

OK, ik heb alles gevonden, denk ik.
Ik dacht dat Quined or WG deel waren van de verschillende publishers gevonden in Essen: the Game. Maar blijkbaar is het niet zo...
En dan, vanavond, heb ik toch uw naam gevonden op de laatste pagina van het "regelboek", als een van de NL reviewers/vertalers ! Leuk ! (ik was een Essen backer op Kickstarter)

En het piraten spel is Pirate's Cove, of moet ik zeggen Piratenbaai.

Prettige nacht!



Dear Santa,

Die laatste taak is niet so eenvoudig. Natuurlijk zijn Poison, Royal Palace en Condottiere gemakkelijk.
Ik herken ook Dominion kaarten; Cuba speler mat, kaarten en rum flessen; het bord in het centrum is ook van Royal Palace; alle treinen zijn hoogst waarschijnlijk vanuit Ticket to Ride.
En daarna, Agricola huizen, omheiningen (?: google translate FTW) en hout tokens; Valdora stenen, boek & kaarten; en eindelijk Gezakt & Gepakt componenten.

Spijtig genoeg, ik heb helemaal geen idee van welke piraten spel het is, en ook vanuit welke doos komen de meeples cocktail. Carcassonne, misschien? En ook de kleurrijke "onion rings" op het bord??

Ik hoop dit is toch niet te slecht

PS: Ik denk dat ik herken de volstrekt willekeurige persoon


Dear Santa,

I guess your elves are not exactly IT-experts, because I don't have access to the pic you shared (Error 403: Forbidden!).

Spijtig want ik wil u tonen dat mijn nederlands niet compleet hopeloos is whistle


Dear Santa (I will continue to call you Santa if you don't mind...)

Well well well... Everything is getting much clearer now. Etienne hasn't made a lot of games, you know, especially with other people :-)
So, not only do I know that you must be referring to F.Delporte (as I'm not FB-friend with the third designer of Essen'13), but by cross-referencing common friends between these great folks, I have a pretty clear idea of, who you actually might be, "Santa" :-)
(did I tell you that I loved P.I. and Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective as well ?)
Ha ! If I'm not mistaken, I see that you have or have had links with two dutch publishers, White Goblin and Quined. I don't exactly know how these two companies are linked (if at all). Didn't they merge at some point?
And yes, both were at Spel; I checked !

Speaking of companies that I always keep an eye on, these two definitely make the list. Last year, I've heard many good things of Golden Ages, that still is heavily played at our Brussels game club nowadays, and I love Carson City too.
From WG, I was a fan of Revolver, and Rattus Cartus is a game that is played a lot during our lunch break gaming sessions at work.

Back to your questions. For Augustus, you have to enter the mind of my 6-year old boy (at the time). I don't find the game that great, but he absolutely LOVED it, for some reason. We used to play it all the time, it was his first "adult" game, as opposed to Haba and stuff like that. I would rate it a 8, for obvious sentimental reasons.
Lots of Strike recorded too. Well, we only play it with friends, for money, when drunk. It is perfect in that setting. We can play it all night. There's some skill in it, but most of my drunk friends think it's pure luck. Definitively +EV, if you're into poker :-) Great fun that way, but I would never play it otherwise. Rated 7.5 for the fun factor.

For the rest, I always forget to rate games, and I rarely give low grades indeed. If you're in love with a game, well, give it a 9 and be happy to spread the joy. If I really don't like the game, well, is it the game, or is it me? I dislike Werewolf games, Risk-like or corporal expression games. But are they bad, or just not to my taste? In doubt, I'd rather not express my opinion, unless there is some objective, inherent design or compnent flaws. Which is pretty rare nowadays. Especially in the games you sell, I'm pretty sure ;-)


Dear Santa

Thanks for your message!
FB friends... Well, let's suppose Hans Demol was my correct guess. In that case, perhaps his son, Ken Demol, is also a friend of yours?

To be honest, I never heard of Spel before you mentioned it. Shame on me, really... I guess it was great, and I'll try to pay a visit next time.

Never attended Spel, but I always spend at least three days at Spiel Essen every year. In 2011 I volunteered for Flatlined Games and spent the whole 4 days presenting Rumble in the House and Dragon Rage. Fun but exhausting !!
The three years afterwards, I attended mainly as a freelance journalist for Plato Magazine (a french-speaking mag specialized in boardgaming). I stopped writing this year because of a lack of time, and I went this year without any obligation or task to do except gaming & meeting people. It was great! As publishers go, I really like What's your Game? and I like to try their games every year. Obviously, Pearl Games is also a favorite of mine, but they have no gaming space on the show, so I buy their games in the dark, and I never was disappointed. And every year, I bring a lot of new Z-Man / Filosofia games. Actually, I buy way too much games, no matter what publisher ;-)

And what about you, Santa? Also a Spiel addict ?


Dear Santa

I know the world is small, but we have FB friends in common !? How intriguing !

Let's put the Sherlock Holmes hat on and try to figure out who they are...
From what I gather, you're probably friend with a couple of my Dutch-speaking gaming friends, or perhaps with one of the game-related "known people" I'm friend with:

Sebastien Dujardin (Pearl Games, Troyes, Deus, etc.),
Etienne Espreman (Bruxelles 1893)
Philippe Keyaerts (Small World)

I also have a few flemish friends related to the belgian poker scene, but for some reason, I don't see you as a poker player if you didn't like Magic (of course, my sense of deduction might be screwed up totally ^^)
So, let's take a wild guess: our common friends might be Mark Gerrits and Hans Demol. I play with Mark every tuesday, he's such a great, enthusiastic, positive guy. Hans, I know him from my Magic days, but he plays board games too, and he's a music/concerts fan, as well as a Lego enthusiast. I've lost touch with him in real life lately, but it's always nice to follow him because we have common interests.

I wish Facebook had a function to cross-check common friends between two of my friends... This assignment would be soooo easy!

Anyway. I've done a bit a research myself to see what gathering of gamers you are referring to, but I didn't find anything. Damn ! I have no clue, and obviously I'm not attending it...
As for the BGF (Brussels Games Festival). I attended the first one, three years ago I think. As a volunteer. I told you I'm a good guy
I spent the whole weekend studying the rules for all Pearl Games, as requested, but then, at the last minute, the organizer decided that I had to handle a Mölkky stand instead, on the street under an heavy sun the whole day. It was fun anyway, despite getting a massive sun stroke.
The following years I did not attend because I was on vacation at the time. But it is a nice festival, and despite the fact that most volunteers are primarily French-speaking, I'm pretty sure that the organizers want to make it as Dutch/English/German-friendly as possible.
So, I would recommend going to the next BGF, especially if the weather is nice, because there are a lot of nice stands and activities outside as well.


Dear Santa

Thanks for your email !
Do not worry, I put my son and wife in plastic bags before dragging them into the hobby. It left no scars at all. I'm not a monster !!

Let's go for some answers to your questions.

I don't care much about the language on a boardgame, as long as the game itself is pretty much language independent. I speak french, english and dutch; if a game is in german, I just need to find the rules somewhere on BGG to be happy ;-)
If the game IS language-dependent, I'd rather stick to french or english, though.
But hey, whatever comes my way, I'll be very happy !

You mention cooperation games. Yes, I love them. For three reasons.
First, I'm a rather peaceful kind of guy in real life, and as a corollary, I generally don't like too much conflict in my games either. Cooperation is the best way to avoid conflict (unless you spend too much energy arguing about the group decisions ^^)
Second, cooperation games are a smooth way to bring new people into the hobby, without the added stress on competing against experienced gamers. Ideal with kids or people uncomfortable with the idea of playing.
Finally, I am a big fan of solo games when no-one is around. Coop games almost always play rather well solo, which is an added advantage.
This year, I really enjoyed solo plays of Andor and Pathfinder, and also Pandemic Legacy and Robinson Crusoe in group.

Finally, which is my favorite game, you ask?
I don't play it as much as I'd like to, but it probably is Through the Ages. Behind its spreadsheet look and feel, I really enjoy the feeling of building something huge; the level of interaction is just perfect and despite the fact tha games can last 4-5 hours, I never get bored a second. Have you tried it? If not, you really should.
I'll also mention Magic: the Gathering, despite the fact that I just sold most of my english collection (to rebuy some french boosters for family play). In terms of innovation, replayability, theme and, well, addiction, it is just the best. Perfect desert island stuff.


Dear Santa

Thanks for your message. Believe it or not, but this year I've been extra extra good.
I'm a (extra extra good) 44y old gaming father, who's very proud to have dragged his wife and (9yo) son into the hobby. We live in Brussels, Belgium. We speak french but also (bad) english and dutch.
After a few years of buying waaay too many games (and generally not even trying all of them), I decided to step down a bit in 2015 and enlisted on the BGG 10x10 (pick 10 games, and commit to play them 10 times each during the year).
If your elves are curious (of course, you, Santa, have bigger tasks to pursue), here's the current status: nounet's 10x10. I think I will make it!

If you happen to also play games from time to time, my current recommendation would be Pandemic Legacy, which is a truly amazing experience. We deeply love it at home.

I also play heavier euro style games every tuesday with friends,
and I'm known (and laughed at) for enjoying solitaire games as well (Friday, Onirim, etc.).
Oh, and a lot of video games too.

Thanks for your mail.
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