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Jim O'Neill (Established 1949)
I aten't dead yet...
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VENI, VIDI, VISA - my good wife conquering a Shopping Mall.
Like a good red wine, I improve with age... and being laid.

Mainly for spelling errors

Born in 1949 in Scotland, I had hoped to have Est. 1949 on my game badge some day, but I settled for the above as being more apt.

Motto: "As Slippery as O'Neill."

Favourite quote:

Mongol General: "We have won again. That is good! But what is best in life?"
Mongol Warrior: "The open steppe, fleet horse, falcon on your wrist, wind in your hair!"
Mongol General: "Wrong! Conan, what is best in life?"
Conan: "To crush your enemies; to see them driven before you; and to hear the lamentation of their women!"
Mongol General: "That is good."

Or as Arnie put it: "To crush yoah enemas; to see dem driven befoah you; and to heah der lammentations ov der vimmin!"

The above is based on what was reputedly said by the Genghis Khan: "The greatest pleasure is to vanquish your enemies and chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth and see those dear to them bathed in tears, to ride their horses and clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters."

My best contribution to BGG IMHO:

1er Regiment de Grenadiers-à-Pied de la Garde Impériale.

To make me feel ancient, my eldest daughter Claire (Est. 1977) says I was born in the first half of the last century.

I have a large (too large from my wife's point of view) collection of ACW, WWII, Wars of Louis XIV and Napoleonic metal miniatures, all painted by myself. My two youngest, Connor (Est. 1997) and Sean (Est. 2001) cannot wait until I croak so they can inherit the lot and play with them without the old man's close supervision. At least I have spawned a new generation of wargamers to carry on the tradition.

My good wife, Norma (Est. 1969), tolerates me "playing with wee sodjers" as it keeps me quiet, involves the kids and, whilst I am so engaged, stops me establishing any more little wargamers. I never would have believed that our hobby could be regarded as a form of population control.

Travelled extensively. Lived in South Africa for five years, Philippines for two years and Papua New Guinea for twenty years. Even tried living in England for eight years and specifically enjoyed Yorkshire. Any county that has a statute still on the books that says that it is perfectly legitimate to use Scotsmen for archery practice on a Sunday afternoon has my admiration.

Wargamer for some fifty years.

In order of preference, I play miniature, board and computer games.

I have also written several articles on miniature wargaming for various magazines.

If the ratings look high, I only rate the games I own and hence the games I enjoy. I do not rate expansions otherwise the results would be skewed by "10s".

Now, a bit about my fascination with wargamming: I grew up in the fifties and played with toy soldiers for as long as I can remember. My younger brother Raymond and I set up our plastic 54mm soldiers and fought each other over the kitchen table, the floor and, weather permitting, the garden. These soldiers were an eclectic mix of whatever could be found: Cowboys, Knights in Armour, WWII GIs, Romans and Dinosaurs etc...

Two events at the beginning of the sixties were to have a profound effect on my life: the introduction onto the market place of the Airfix range of 1/72 plastic soldiers and the publication in 1962 of Donald Featherstone's seminal "War Games" which provided me with my first set of rules. Now I could refight the American Civil War, albeit very simply.

Rules were basic with very little attention to psychology and a simple "bang your dead" mechanism. In those days, plastic men were men; they regularly fought to the last figure with none of this milksop morale stuff getting in the way.

As years went by and rules became more complicated, my collection of plastic was replaced with metal. I also got hooked on board games. Now, I sometimes hanker for the simplicity of the old days and this might also explain my love of games like Memoir '44 and BattleLore. It's like a second childhood.

I have also experienced a renaissance in hex and counter wargaming with the purchase of Bitter Woods (fourth edition) and the advent of 5/8th counters that my tired old eyes can recognise. Graphics are great in this game. The addition of Counter Sleds from www.rdoxx.com introduces fog of war and has, once again, brought back the joys of an excellent wargame. I have since made my second purchase from L2 games and this is Waterloo: The Fate of France and the same comments apply. Block games are also a favourite of mine, as evinced by my high ratings for EastFront II and Blocks in the East.

I also recently discovered Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie - no morale rules and a bang your dead (or if not, severly mucked up or a few letters of the alphabet away from it) mechanism that I can play with my two youngsters. The figures are an eclectic mix of Cowboys, Knights in Armour, WWII GIs, Romans and Dinosaurs etc... Deja vu. I have no intention of growing up and am proud of my black belt in coffin-dodging.

I will finish by stating that I am primarily a wargamer who paints his own miniatures and would recommend Beneath the Lily Banners, Republic to Empire, Bolt Action and Flames of War: The World War II Miniatures Game for the hours of pleasure that they have given me. So, there you have it - Jim in a nutshell.

With kindest regards,

Jim O'Neill
Est. 1949

NB: TOP 10 and HOT 10 are my current favourite games.


I mainly use the following five self-explanatory tags when I recommend an image:

1. good
2. great
3. excellent
4. brilliant
5. Pyuredeadbrilliant (The ultimate Glaswegian accolade that has no printable superlative but has its own microbadge mb).

Although I don't play the game, I found the following result to be bloody hilarious, not to mention disturbingly accurate:

Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

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Top 10
#1: Age of Napoleon
#2: Sekigahara: The Unification of Japan
#3: Blocks in the East
#4: Napoleon: The Waterloo Campaign, 1815
#5: Waterloo 200
#6: Napoleon against Europe
#7: Bolt Action
#8: Republic to Empire
#9: Beneath the Lily Banners
#10: A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition)
Hot 10
#1: EastFront II
#2: War of the Ring (first edition)
#3: Polis: Fight for the Hegemony
#4: Maurice: War in an Age of Gentlemen and Philosophers – 1690-1790
#5: Shako
#6: Magnifico
#7: Dust
#8: Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion
#9: Waterloo: The Fate of France
#10: Here I Stand
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