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Curse your sudden but inevitable action denial!
Gaming Preferences

I enjoy:

thumbsup Wargames
thumbsup Classical Euros with high interaction and well-integrated themes
thumbsup Knizias
thumbsup Ameritrash games of all different weights
thumbsup Elegant rule sets resulting in strategic decisions
thumbsup Solo play
thumbsup Trick-takers

I do not generally enjoy:

thumbsdown Pointless complexity
thumbsdown Cult of the new hype
thumbsdown Point buffet games
thumbsdown Over-long games: if it's long it'd better be worth it
thumbsdown Lifestyle games
thumbsdown Worker placement games

Why I Play Old Games

Regarding games, I am of the "cult of the old" philosophy. Essentially, games should be measured in light of the lessons we've already learned from established classics.

I take this tack when approaching new offerings. If a shiny new game comes along that (1) changes something that works for the worse, (2) disregards established design guidelines for the genre, (3) does not do things better than the best games already on the market, it should be rejected or received with skepticism. There is no need to retread old ground, no matter how sparkly the bits. Sometimes, new games measure up, and sometimes they fall short.

I am a writer for Miniature Market's Review Corner.

Life outside Games

I play the bass guitar, disc golf, video games, racquetball, and tennis. I am a follower of Christ and believe His love and the gospel are the answers for our hurting, broken world.

If you're in the San Diego region, jump into the San Diego Guild and find a game night on a day that works for you. PM me if you'd like to trade or meet up for some games.

When we realize a constant enemy of the soul abides within us, what diligence and watchfulness we should have - John Owen

BGG Ratings

While I do take the BGG system into account, the following guidelines tend to be true of my ratings as well:

d10-1d10-0 -- A "10" is nearly perfect to me, a work of art, a standard for the industry in its respective genre.

d10-9 -- This is a game I love but perhaps recognize a few design flaws in.

d10-8 -- A great game. This may not achieve "9" because of design, my own taste preferences, burnout, or a need for more plays to further evaluate.

d10-7 -- A "7" is kind of my default "pleasant experience" score, and 7's often need to be bumped up or down after further plays. If I keep it here, it's a good game.

d10-6 -- Usually either a flawed game or one I'm just not usually interested in playing, even if it's good otherwise.

d10-5 -- Has lots of flaws or just something I'd usually turn down.

d10-1 - d10-4-- 4 and below are "bad" games, broken games, games I don't want to play. "1"s aren't games at all.


One time I awoke from a trance where I thought I had been living in the fertile crescent in ancient times for 2 weeks, when really I had just been playing a Knizia game.

We shall thrift at lunch, we shall thrift on the streets and alleys, we shall thrift with sagging Expedits and thinning wallets in our pants; we shall defend our territory, whenever the sales may be. We shall thrift in the Amvets, we shall thrift in the Deserets, we shall thrift at yard sales and in the fleas, we shall thrift in the malls; we shall never surrender.

Coren wrote:
This game is broken! Quick--Put it on KICKSTARTER!

How many times should we shuffle our decks, Herr Knizia? Seven times?

Nay, but seventy times seven!

Coren wrote:
When I have issues with friends or family, I always turn to hobby websites to ask how to resolve them.

Coren wrote:
Curse your sudden but inevitable action denial!

Coren wrote:
Having never played any of these games, I'll restrict my conversation to the variants forum.

Sagrilarus wrote:
The less money you spend on Coup the better.

Circus Maximus Rules wrote:

It is in the best interests of an enjoyable game for all concerned to quicken the pace so as to both shorten the playing time, and more closely reflect the lightning reflexes needed by a charioteer.

Despite some initial complaints, ultimate player enjoyment will be greatly increased by ridding the game of those inevitable plodding players who seem to take forever to make their moves.

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5 1   (4.3%)
4 1   (4.3%)
3 1   (4.3%)
2 1   (4.3%)
1 0   (0.0%)
Top 10
#1: Lord of the Rings
#2: Acquire
#3: Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles
#4: Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game
#5: DungeonQuest (third edition)
#6: Lost Cities
#7: Tigris & Euphrates
#8: Wizard
#9: Daytona 500
#10: Carcassonne
Hot 10
#1: B-17: Queen of the Skies
#2: Wizard
#3: Eldritch Horror
#4: DungeonQuest (third edition)
#5: Pokémon Trading Card Game
#6: Blue Moon Legends
#7: Bridge
#8: Boots on the Ground
#9: Tigris & Euphrates
#10: Raj
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