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Kevin Garnica
United States
Buena Park
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My name is Kevin. I'm in my thirties.
I am a musician, friend, son, & brother by day. And asleep by night.
I work at a university.
I went to school at Cal State, Fullerton; and the University of Texas, Austin.


I've always had a love for games. I've always had a quizzical mind, love to laugh, appreciate the little ironies of life, and otherwise have an easy going disposition.

As a kid, my dad taught me Chess, though I was never really good at it. After that, I learned Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Nine Men's Morris, Mancala, and a handful of other abstracts.

I even tried designing my own game with pieces I had laying around the house from other games. I literally wrote out the rules,, complete with visual diagrams as examples of game play, stapled the pages together and had my own game. Granted, I was probably around seven years old, but still...

Up until about 2008, I didn't really play games a whole lot. But I loved card games. It wasn't until I left for grad school that I would consider myself as being "in the hobby". I joined BGG in 2009(?), and you know the rest.


I consider myself fortunate in that I have refined and distilled my tastes pretty specifically. I will only play a game if a) I know I am going to like it, and/or b) if I have an interest in it. Other than that, I won't make any efforts to play something that I ought to play because it is highly rated, a "modern classic", whatever. Most of the top 10 games rated at the moment mean next to nothing to me.

So, what do I enjoy?

As a performing artist by vocation and profession, I am an aesthete at heart. I love a good game that use components or mechanisms in multiple ways for maximal gaming efficiency. To use a loaded word- I gravitate towards "elegant" designs, without the fluff of chrome mechanisms piled on top. I greatly prefer games to have a clear, consistent, and intuitive iconographic system. I'm a sucker for unique artwork.

Also, I have been rediscovering my love for "pure" games. That is to say, games that are primarily about one (maybe two) mechanics. After three it starts to get heavier in terms of game weight.

I'll give you a handful of handfuls::

Card Games:
Hanabi / Chaos / Arboretum / Vye / The Decktet

Artwork I like:
Dixit / CV / Tournay / Onirim / Yardmaster

Light Games:
Mare Balticum / Lanterns / Metropolys / Finca / Mars Needs Mechanics

Go / Zertz / Dvonn / Yinsh / Icehouse Pyramids

Medium-Heavy Games:
Ys / Bruxelles 1893 / Helios / Glass Road / Seven Sisters


I'm very approachable. Message me with anything on your mind.
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Top 10
#1: 1960: The Making of the President
#2: Mare Balticum
#3: Village
#4: Belfort
#5: Garden Dice
#6: Ys
#7: Decktet
#8: Vasco da Gama
#9: Carson City
#10: The Castles of Burgundy
Hot 10
#1: Francis Drake
#2: Canterbury
#3: New Amsterdam
#4: Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia
#5: Archon: Glory & Machination
#6: Lifeboats
#7: Forbidden Desert
#8: Mars Needs Mechanics
#9: Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small
#10: Le Havre: The Inland Port
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