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It's a funny name
I found this backstage, an over-sized hat, it's funny!

If you are here because you gave me some kind of gift, then I thank you very much.

If you are here because you are interested about finding out more about me because of something I wrote on BGG or something, then it's your misfortune.

It is impossible to get to 13C! You have cheated and are instantly vaporized by the dungeon master!

I'm a Gen-X gamer who went from role-playing to board gaming. I missed out on Magic: The Gathering entirely (well, until recently) through a twist of fate. If you really want to know how this happened, you can ask me in GeekQuestions.

I was named RPG Geek of the Week #107!

History of Pat Wilz

This is boring. You probably want to skip it.

I did a lot of gaming as a kid of course, but my biggest introduction came one summer when there was a day camp in my community put on by a guy named, "Mr. Scott." He introduced a number of us to Dungeons and Dragons, Tunnels and Trolls, and a variety of other games that I'd never heard of before. I was about 11 years old. It was wonderful. Mr. Scott is still around, and I've taken time to thank him for that summer.

In high school and college I did mostly role-playing, though I did learn about my favorite game, Acquire, in college. At Mississippi State, we had a swell group called the Mississippi State Gaming Association, and we put on a swell series of science fiction and gaming conventions called Wolf*Con.

I dropped out of gaming for a while as an adult, but a few things brought me back. The first is my wonderful wife, who is an avid gamer herself, though she prefers World of Warcraft in this day and age. The second was the Board Game Geek web site, which taught me that there were others out there who bigger game nuts than me. The third was the Gulf Coast Gamers Club, a group of gamers that ran a game day to support the local science fiction convention and discovered that game days were just as much fun when you did them every month.

Personal Stuff

I'm married with one son. He likes the Skylanders series of video games and Starcraft. Board games he likes include Memoir '44, The Classic Dungeon, Runebound, and Splendor. He always wins Monopoly Millionaire Deal.

Games I Like

My top ten is a sort of lifetime achievement award. I don't update these things very regularly.

I still like Yahtzee.

I like games you can finish in an hour or two, though good games can last longer. I prefer to try lots of little different things than a single long complex one.

My Game Groups

Gulf Coast Gamers Club (GCGC)

We meet once a month, usually in the Gautier, Mississippi area. We currently meet at the MacNarb Gaming game store in Gautier on the second Saturday of every month.

Northshore Boardgamers
We meet once every two months or so in the Slidell, Louisiana area. It's a smaller group that averages 4-6 people per session, but we usually have a good time.

Game Conventions

My convention schedule has changed up a bit, but here is a list of conventions that I have attended in the past and may attend in the future.

BoardGameGeek.con - My wife and I went in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2012. We missed 2011. We returned in 2013, 2014, and 2015. We plan on attending the spring version in 2015 as well. - My wife and I attend occasionally. The last time we went was in 2010

Atlanta Games Fest - I've been there once or twice. My wife and I attended in January, 2012.

Bayou Wars - A New Orleans wargaming convention. I attended every year from about 2008 until 2014. I missed 2015.

Heat of Battle - A World War II wargaming convention. It is held in the National World War II Museum. It's a real treat, but all gaming must be World War II related. I've attended once before, but may attend again.

Game Con Memphis - I hope to get there some time.

Mid-South Con - A science fiction convention held in Memphis. I may attend at some point.

CoastCon - The Mississippi Gulf Coast's Science Fiction convention. I attend most years, but I haven't attended lately.

Geekinomicon - Another newer Mississippi Coast convention. I might go this year.

BoardGameGeek Stuff

My avatar rotates. It's currently Norm MacDonald's Bert Reynolds character from Saturday Night Live's Celebrity Jeopardy! It is frequently one of the minor characters from whatever pop culture obsession my son is into at the time.

My contributions to BGG are not numerous, but I am a regular in GeekQuestions. My specialties there are the arcane art of the weird and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

For three years, I ran a gaming auction for the benefit of the Fisher Houses, a terrific charity that houses families of wounded members of the U.S. military while those wounded are in military hospitals.

I like giving games as gifts as well as selling games and donating the money to worthy causes like the Jack Vasel Auction.

I've gotten into jigsaw puzzles over the past year.

And furthermore

Thanks for fixing tipping of answers in GeekQuestions!
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