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Got my eye on you!
Update 2015

Haven't updated this in over a year. I'm in a really good place where gaming is concerned, relative to where I've been. Lots of people get to game more than I do but I'm just happy to have regular game days to anticipate every couple of weeks. I've had some ups and downs over the last year. My husband has dropped out of gaming for the time being. I really miss that but I figure there are cycles to these things. Maybe he'll return to the fold someday. In the meantime, I have a small circle of regular gamer friends and I enjoy pretty much everything we play. I haven't been making much of a dent in my unplayed games since hubby dropped off but my buying habit has stopped. Cult-of-the-New just isn't powerful lately. Compared to previous years, my acquisitions are WAY down. I consider that a good thing even if I can be sentimental about missing that new game smell. I fully expect to buy more games but without something truly fresh and novel, it's hard to buy something repetitious for my collection. So aside from these developments, I'm hoping to finally make BGG CON this fall. With luck I'll finally be able to meet my board game bestie from Montreal. I would love that! We've been chums since almost the very beginning of our BGG life. Can hardly wait. Hope it all works out.

Homegrown Future Gamers Extraordinaire

...and then there were four.

We welcomed our new baby gamer (hoping anyway) to our family on March 11, 2014. Haven't had time to think about much else in the last two weeks but I'm slowly getting back into my groove. Looks like we've been blessed with an incredibly calm angel baby this time around. That makes the likelihood of getting game time in more credible. So, with a deep sigh of relief I can say, it's not the end after all .

Update Oct 30,2013

I'm a board game NOOB...relative to other folks around here. I've always enjoyed playing board games but my exposure as a kid was to the standard fare. About 10 13 years ago I played Axis & Allies and that showed me how involved a board game could be. Still, my true passion was not ignited until right before my first son was born. My brief introduction to the board game world came with Small World in August of 2010 and I wanted to play all the time. Then my son finally arrived. We were forced to put it on a shelf until he was old enough to allow me and my husband some game time. It was worth the wait.

My husband has been my primary gaming partner and we are very well-suited to gaming together. We adore Innovation. It's our go-to game and I relish the idea that we are the sorts of people who can embrace the CHAOS! laugh But Seasons, YINSH, Suburbia, and King of Tokyo all see regular play in our home. However, I'm one of those women upsetting the stereotype here on BGG. I'm the gamer in the family and if given the opportunity I would play daily. My husband has been a good sport and has loved most of what we've played. But his job is mentally taxing and that imposes limitations on our gameplay. Lately, I've branched out into gaming with a group and that has opened up a whole new experience. After a solid two years of gaming I can see how skewed my collection is towards 2-player games. Sometimes my husband joins me on game nights and we've been able to enjoy the brutality of Tammany Hall!! Now THAT'S my kinda game. I'm still terrible at it but it's so much fun!! . I'd classify myself as an omnivorous gamer and I've been attracted to a whole spectrum of games, even a couple of war games (which as of now still sit unplayed but that has more to do with my struggle with rulebooks than anything else). Not much for word or party games but they will eventually get some love because I can see their value as learning opportunities for my son. I've also grown momentarily weary of euros unless they are those uncommon gems that offer high-conflict or high-interaction (Hello, Tigris & Euphrates). Lacking that, I'd prefer at least a strong narrative as with Agricola. But in any case, I've not sworn off standard euros, just taking a little breather. Now that I have a regular group, I also love having the ability to bring "new-to-me" games to the table. I'm quite back logged at this point.

Does it stop me from buying games? Nope!! I experienced a lot of angst during the first few months of 2013 because I was trying to severely cut back on my game purchases. 2012 was a crazy year and my collection exploded. I completely got sucked into the Cult-of-the-New. Every new game seemed to hold so much promise. I failed in my endeavor to curb my buying pretty early on in the year, but as I began to see more repetition in mechanics and other characteristics among my games, my selectiveness began to naturally take hold. I've gradually become a tough sell for most games. So it's not much of a struggle to resist nowadays and I'm more likely to be seduced by an older game being recommended here by my geek buddies than any of the new stuff coming out.

My new found restraint is well-timed because as things stand now, I have about 19 10 4 0 weeks left of public gaming surprise. It sounds like a death sentence, no? Well, it will be a temporary hiccup in my gaming life but in the long run I hope to be rewarded with a new gamer in the family. We're expecting our second baby boy March 14, 2014 !! I'm just now getting my three year old into the hobby and it's slow-going but I'm hoping that gaming will be something at least one of my boys will take to long term. But those are worries for another day. For now, I just want to squeeze in as much gaming as I can get away with before March.

My board-gaming hubby (though not active on BGG)
Jason Flaherty
United States
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Me and my homegrown, future gamer extraordinaire

Whoa!! So much gaming goodness!!

Top 10 Games are my perennial favorites.
Hot 10 Games are those I'm chomping at the bit to play/most for the first time.

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