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Rick Goudeau
United States
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Laissez les bons temps rouler
Started gaming many years ago - too many years. I still have fond memories of Bridge night with my family, Canasta with my sister, and playing Chess with my brother.

Some of my earliest games beyond the usual kids and mass market games were some from the 3M series especially Acquire and the MB American Heritage series (Battle Cry, Dogfight, Broadsides). I was an early subscriber to S&T (issue 30). I enjoyed the quality of articles and while some games were great, others were not so much. However, I looked forward to each edition. S&T lead me into a variety of SPI and AH wargames.

Primarily I am wargamer as well as an avid reader of history. I suppose I look to wargames to explore history, they help me understand the why things happened as well as the what.

During the '90s I picked up and enjoyed several rail games, enjoying the economic competition in lieu of wargame conflict. These lead to a wide variety games as represented on the site. I look to games in general to provide mental challenge, social experience and competition. In games my interest in history still comes out, since I prefer historical themes to others and the stronger the theme the more it interests me. That said there are some abstracts I like as well.

Finally, thanks to SOS (Steffan O'Sullivan) I can finally categorize myself: I am an Omnigamer
Meaning I will play just about anything, at least once.

Some people can be accused that they consider that history begins in 1939, I guess I could be accused that it ended in 1939. While most eras interest me, I do have my primary interests.
1) American Civil War (though I was reared to call it the War between the States or better yet the War of Northern Aggression).
2) Ancient Rome & Greece
3) Napoleonic
4) Medieval
5) The Great War
6) However, an interesting topic in any other era will catch my eye.

I am fortunate that my wife enjoys games - mostly of the lighter variety. My son has developed an interest in history and likes to play games in particular wargames. Do you think I influenced him? Most definitely!

I would be glad to hear from nearby gamers in Birmingham for some gaming. We have a local gaming group that meets weekly - check out the Birmingham boardgamers guild. There is also a relatively active meetup group http://www.meetup.com/theBBG/. I'm trying to get a Friday session at Bud's Game place on track.

The games in my personal top 10 are mostly my favorites from the ratings a bit redundant, I suppose. If you ask me to play any of these - the answer is yes! To give a little variety, For the top 10 I'll try to put in different genres and number of players, rather than a repeat of my "10" rated games.
My hot top 10 list has games I recently bought or discovered/rediscovered? I enjoyed playing these games and would like to get another attempt in the near future.

I've tried to put a line or two to describe my game ratings - I love the user comments on games, I find the comments explaining why someone liked/disliked a game to be more helpful in capturing the flavor of a game than any numerical rating could ever hope to be.

If you are on my geekbuddy list it is because:
a) I like your taste in games, and I want to check your comments on games I interested.
b) You live near me and I want to stalk keep track for gaming purposes
c) Your posts are articulate, intelligent and insightful and I also want to keep track of what you post, keep up the good work.
d) Combination of the above.

If you've get a thumb from me it is because:
a) On a review or session report, I found your work to be well written, very useful and informative. It gave me a good feel for what the game is about. I respect the amount of work that you put into it.
b) On a geeklist, you captured a grouping I found useful or particularly enjoyed.
c) On a posting, I consider your contribution to be articulate and insightful. You have captured what I was thinking and I could not express it any better.

In each case please accept my compliments, and continue with the good work.

My avatar is an homage to my other favorite hobby, Civil War Reenacting. The bugle was symbol of the infantry until the 1870's when the crossed muskets was adopted.

Reenacting is a good way to spend a weekend camping out, developing an understanding (however small) of the tactics and lifestyle of the troops - most history is written from the general's perspective not about the soldiers. Not to mention being willing to leave the electronic tethers of modern world behind.
As a reenactor I primarily do a Federal impression, living in Alabama it raises an eyebrow or two (somebody once said I must stand out like a sore thumb). I'm frequently asked why I do a Union portrayal. My usual comment is "It takes a true Southerner to portray his foe and do it well". Please checkout our Confederate persona 48th Alabama or the union side of the house 6th Kentucky US

If you wonder about the genesis of my user name rajungamer. Yes I am a Cajun or so my father claimed. (Laissez les bon temps rouler) I was always partial to the nickname for the University of Southwest Louisiana (now know as University of Louisiana Lafayette) - "Rajin Cajuns". I am a gamer and a Cajun hence rajungamer.

I like using the the ratings scale suggested by dakarp a while back. The words seem to fit better than the base version. In case you haven't seen it:

10: Outstanding game. One of my all-time personal favorites.
9: Excellent game. Always a pleasure to play. Shines under most circumstances.
8: Very good game. Rarely disappoints me. High on my request/recommend list.
7: Good game. Usually willing to play. I might even request or recommend it.
6: OK game. Some fun or challenge at least. Enjoyable in the right circumstances.
5: Average game. I'm indifferent, but may be willing to play.
4: Below average game. I avoid playing and would need to be persuaded.
3: Poor game. Will strongly resist playing.
2: Very poor game. I refuse to play this.
1: Dead game. Seriously negative entertainment value. Black Hole of Fun.

Enough boring you - some random games from my collection:

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Registration Date: 2003-01-13
Last Profile Update: 2015-08-02
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Country: flag United States
State: Alabama
Town/City: Moody
Website: www.meetup.com/theBBG/
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Top 10
#1: Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage
#2: Manoeuvre
#3: Afrika (second edition)
#4: Catan
#5: Union Pacific
#6: Serenissima (first edition)
#7: Struggle of Empires
#8: Civil War, Brigade (CWB) Series
#9: Great Campaigns of the American Civil War
#10: Maria
Hot 10
#1: Lincoln's War
#2: Rebel Raiders on the High Seas
#3: Paths of Glory
#4: Tribune: Primus Inter Pares
#5: Cavum
#6: Baltimore & Ohio
#7: Concordia
#8: Oltre Mare
#9: Evolution
#10: Penny Press
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