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dustin boggs
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these are my overtexts and
now I am without geek gold :(
Top 10 is for BGG Secret Santa

If your interested in local stores the biggest online center is http://www.starlitcitadel.com/games/
and my flgs is

In general I am looking for games to play with my family and occasionally for a game for me and my friends. My wife and I also like hosting friends and having game nights but they generally stick to games that are gateway to mid-weight. The latest big players have been Ticket to Ride, Stoneage and Last Night on Earth. I like games of all varieties but like theme. I enjoy simple games and complex games alike but generally save the complex games for stat holidays at the game store

I will give a quick rundown of my hot10

d-day at omaha - more complex solo with the ability to coop introducing bro-inlaw to wargames would love to get my hands on this but am also in the reprint P500 mostly for me.

Flash Point - a solid coop with a theme that I can introduce to everyone who visits. would get played often.

Sunrise city - family all love building games and this is simple enough and with the thick tiles lends the impression to building a city. also would get played often.

mice and mystics - dungeon crawler which I am very interested in but I do not know how it will go with the fam.

Roadzters - I dont have a flicking game and this one was interesting to me.

LNoE - we play this once a month expansions could be good.

Star Trek Fleet Captains - Geek Family would get this down on the table.

that is about it, as I said my wishlist is up to date and ordered with coments too. Thank you very much and I hope the holiday season goes smoothly for you.

oooo, look at all those colours and flags meeple

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Top 10
#1: D-Day at Omaha Beach
#2: Sunrise City
#3: Flash Point: Fire Rescue
#4: Last Night on Earth: Growing Hunger
#5: Mice and Mystics
#6: Morels
#7: RoadZters
#8: Betrayal at House on the Hill
#9: Star Trek: Fleet Captains
#10: Prêt-à-Porter
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