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Aleksander R. Nordgarden Rødner
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Proud father of Sarah Arwen and Ruth Rose
Would really like to study U.S. History at some point, just to be able to say that I'm a Coolidge student...
Aleksander R. Nordgarden Rødner
Born in 1983, I've been playing games for as long as I can remember, and then some. We started out gently with light games such as Oslospillet, Monopoly and Navigare, then moved on to Traditional Card Games and Mahjong. My family stayed behind while I advanced to play CCGs such as Magic: The Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings, miniature games such as Gorkamorka and  Blood Bowl (Third Edition), before turning to RPGs.

These days, my tastes are varied, some days I prefer quick and easy games, other days I want wargames or euros and yet other days I want RPGs. Recently, I've also started a foray into solitaire games.

I have spent quite a bit of time travelling the world, and enjoy travelling a lot, on my own, as well as with friends, family and my girlfriend fiancée wife.

I love playing games with friends and family, and sharing the experiences with them. I think the thing that really keeps me playing games is the social interaction of it all. I just love sitting across the table from people and talking with them, in and out of game.

Since the fall of 2009 I have been working on my own RPG, L'esprit d'escalier, which I anticipate publishing at an undisclosed time. All attempts at setting deadlines for myself have resulted in quite Douglas Adams-esque breaches, and I don't think that's about to change. In July of 2010, I started design on a solitaire wargame called Thunder: Flash.

Professionally, I work with IT support, and have been doing so since 2004. I love my job, and usually go to work with a smile on my lips every morning.

In October 2012, I started studying towards a B.Sc. (Open) at the Open University, where I have been taking courses in ICT (TU100 - My Digital World) and business (B120 - An introduction to Business Studies). I am hoping to have completed my B.Sc. by 2020.

On the personal level, I proposed to my girlfriend of (then) over three years in May of 2010, and we were married in a beautiful ceremony on the Greek island of Mykonos on July 4th, 2011. On April 23rd, 2012, our oldest daughter, Sarah Arwen, came to the world, weighing 3598 grams and already 48 centimeters long, and we welcomed our youngest daughter, Ruth Rose, on June 6th, 2015, weighing in at 3458 grams, and 53 centimeters long.

Dear Santa(s)
As you can see below, I have previously enjoyed Secret Santa a lot. I enjoy both the giving and receiving aspects of Secret Santa, though I do not place a lot of stock in the "Secret" bit.

As for what I want, have a look at my wishlists, but do, by all means, also take a look at my collection, and feel free to give me something that you think I will enjoy - it's what I try to do, after all.

Con attendance
Since I started attending cons back in 2005, I've been lucky enough to attend a variety of cons.
-Arcon (Oslo, end of June)(Games)
-the Gathering (Hamar, Easter)(LAN-party)
-Hexcon (Trondheim, November)(Games)
-Holmcon (Holmestrand, February)(Games)
-Atlanticon (Bergen, April)(Games)
-SnorfCon (Location varies, usually occurs in the fall)(Meta, Con running and arranging)
-RegnCon (Bergen, October)(Games)

Some day I hope to go to one of the big international cons, such as Essen, GenCon and Origins.

Steve Jackson Games MIB
I've been an MIB since July 2009, part of the volunteer promotional arm of Steve Jackson Games, and am loving every second of it. I usually run one (or more usually more) of these games when attending a con as a MIB.

My Avatar
My Avatar is the Glider, a starting configuration from the Game of Life. It is also widely recognised as a way of associating oneself with the Hacker culture. As I identify with the tenets of Hackerdom, I found it suitable, and have been using it as my avatar for years now. I use a couple of different variations over the theme, the standard Black and White JPEG for most of the year, the GIF with the colors for the Holiday season and the one with the matzahs for pesach/passover/easter. The one with the rings I made for my wedding, and the one with the Norwegian flags is in memory and mourning for those killed in the July 22nd, 2010, terrorist attacks in Oslo:

My Geekbadge
My Geekbadge is the ribbon for the sole military decoration I have ever received, the Royal Norwegian Navy National Service Medal, which I received upon completion of my mandatory military service.

My Top 10/Hot 10
BGG:Top 10 will be my most recent acquisitions, and Hot 10 will be the games I am most wanting to play. 

My Hot 10 are in no particular order, but are games that I am usually willing to play whenever.

RPGG: My RPGG Hot 10 are the games I want to play, and the Top 10 are the ones I have recently acquired.  Again, the Hot 10 are in no particular order.

Game Design
I am currently working on two pieces of game design. 

The first, L'esprit d'escalier, is in play testing, and I am planning on publishing it in time for the con season of 2012. It is a GM-less RPG set in our world and time, where we explore l'esprit d'escalier; what you didn't say that you only thought of afterwards.

The second is Thunder: Flash, a solitaire wargame set in Normandie on D-Day. It's my first attempt at board game design, and I am very excited about it. It uses a classical hex-board with fairly basic game mechanics for quick games.

For a complete list of the games in whose creation I've been involved, check out this Geeklist. My game designer pages can be found here for boardgames, and here for roleplayinggames.

37th RPG Geek of the Week

First off, my thanks go out to
Chris Tannhauser
United States
San Diego
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for choosing me. I was honored and humbled to be chosen as the 37th RPG Geek of the Week. It is an honor that I did not take lightly. I planned to, and did, answer as many questions as possible, and am pretty sure I got around to everyone. I chose the d20 microbadge, as I felt and feel that reflects me and my gaming style the best; I love accessorizing IRL, but my characters generally only have what they need specified.

Secret Santa
In 2010 I participated in three Secret Santa schemes;
mb - the BGG Secret Santa - My haul
mb - the RPGG Secret Santa - My haul

2011 became my second year of Secret Santa participation. Having enjoyed them so much in 2010, I joined the same three schemes;
mb - the BGG Secret Santa - My haul
mb - the RPGG Secret Santa - My haul

2012 was the third year, though, much to my regret, I was only able to join in on a single exchange, T.O.S.S.E.R.

I enjoy PbFs a lot, although I don't have time to do it as much as I would like. Here are the games I've run, and the ones where I've been a player:

As a Game Master:
d10-0d10-1 - Call of Cthulhu - a Day on the Subway

As a Player:
d10-0d10-1 - The Dungeon of Doom (Giles of Flair)
d10-0d10-2 - The Jericho Vigil (Brother Rafen)
d10-0d10-3 - The Mountains of Madness (Harry Gledower, son of Samuel)
d10-0d10-4 - [listitem=2245355]Pathfinder First Steps PBF Campaign[/listitem] ([listitem=2245355]Thryis Ash'ere[/listitem])
d10-0d10-5 - Karl's Only War game (Alexandr "Sasha" Zaitzev)

Since joining, I've garnered a number of microbadges. Some of these are more important to me than the others, such as:
mb - Engaged! - I'm engaged to the love of my life!
mb - Married - We got married on July 4th, 2011
mb - Home Owner - Proud to own my own home
mb - I'm a member of a B'nei Brith lodge - Proudly third generation member
mb - MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Awareness - My mother has MS
mb - Computer Technician - Working in IT is more than a job, it's a lifestyle!
mb - RPG Geek of the Week - Yeah, amazing honor that!

Microbadge design
I have designed a number of microbadges, here they are:
These are microbadges I've made, that are pending approval (if there are none here, I don't have any pending): 

Microbadge displays
I enjoy swapping around what microbadges I display under my avatar depending on the time of year, what's happening in my life and so on. As you can see, I only started logging the displays when I was RPGGeek of the Week, but I will continue doing so in the future.
d10-0d10-1 - mbmbmbmbmb - For my week as RPGGeek of the Week
d10-0d10-2 - mbmbmbmbmb - For when I'm at cons as a Steve Jackson Games MIB
d10-0d10-3 - mbmbmbmbmb - After returning from RegnCon XVIII
d10-0d10-4 - mbmbmbmbmb - For my period as the BGG Zendo Master
d10-0d10-5 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the time immediately after ceding the title of BGG Zendo Master
d10-0d10-6 - mbmbmbmbmb - For KoDT week 2010, which coincided with remembrance day
d10-0d10-7 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the Secret Santa season of 2010
d10-0d10-8 - mbmbmbmbmb - For Requiem - An RPG Geek Adventure
d10-0d10-9 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the Iron Reviewers contest
d10-1d10-0 - mbmbmbmbmb - For my Call of Cthulhu PbF Game
d10-1d10-1 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the One-page encounter design contest 2011
d10-1d10-2 - mbmbmbmbmb - For when the period immediately before and after my wedding
d10-1d10-3 - mbmbmbmbmb - In memory and mourning for those killed in the July 22nd, 2010, terrorist attacks in Oslo
d10-1d10-4 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the Dungeon of Doom period
d10-1d10-5 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the Dresden Files One-Page Encounter Design Contest
d10-1d10-6 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the One-page encounter contest, and in support and friendship of Wavemotion
d10-1d10-7 - mbmbmbmbmb - For when I went on my honeymoon
d10-1d10-8 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the Secret Santa season of 2011
d10-1d10-9 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the Mountains of Madness
d10-2d10-0 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the DeathWatch PbF game
d10-2d10-1 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the occasion of my daughter's birth
d10-2d10-2 - mbmbmbmbmb - For Gaucho - An Interactive Geek Western
d10-2d10-3 - mbmbmbmbmb - For the Pathfinder PBF game
d10-2d10-4 - mbmbmbmbmb - When I started studying at the Open University

GeekBadge Overtext displays:
d10-0d10-1 Carpe aleae!
d10-0d10-2 In memoriam - Oslo 22. Juli 2011
d10-0d10-3 Happily married to the girl of my dreams!
d10-0d10-4 Excited about giving stuff to my Secret Santa victims ... err ... TARGETS!
d10-0d10-5 What was that? Nah, I'm going to go over to those mountains. It's all old wife's tales, anyway, I'm sure my dad was killed by robbers or something like that...
d10-0d10-6 Blood for blood's sake! Kill! KILL!
d10-0d10-7 Proud father of Sarah Arwen
d10-0d10-8 Proud father of Sarah Arwen and Ruth Rose

Avatar Overtext displays:
d10-0d10-1 Happily married to the girl of my dreams!
d10-0d10-2 Carpe aleae!
d10-0d10-3 Happy extended holiday season everybody!
d10-0d10-4 Mad? Me? Why, I suppose you do not have a clue what you are talking about...
d10-0d10-5 For the Emperor and Sanguinus! Blood! BLOOD!
d10-0d10-6 Live long and prosper.
d10-0d10-7 Would really like to study U.S. History at some point, just to be able to say that I'm a Coolidge student...

Poetry on the 'Geek
From time to time, I write something which I think can be approximated to poetry, if nothing else, then because it (mostly) rhymes. Here are the links:
d10-0d10-1 - Ode to Giles
d10-0d10-2 - My Haul for Secret Santa 2011
d10-0d10-3 - My Haul for Secret Cthanta 2011
d10-0d10-4 - Harry's Lament

Game ranking
The RPGGeek has its ranking project, and I am trying my best to rate all the games in my collection. Here are the unrated lists:
These are the microbadges I have earned for rating my games: mbmb

Here's what I look like:

Here's my lovely girlfriend fiancée wife:

My wife and me on our wedding day:


My oldest daughter, Sarah Arwen:


My youngest daughter, Ruth Rose:

My Widgets
Recently acquired:

Recently played:


Random games from my BGG and RPGG libraries:
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Top 10
#1: Tsuro
#2: Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game
#3: 1960: The Making of the President
#4: Aye, Dark Overlord!
#5: Airborne In Your Pocket: Free Trial Version
#6: Advanced Squad Leader: Starter Kit #1
#7: Carcassonne
#8: Ubongo
#9: Knightmare Chess 2
#10: Pandemic
Hot 10
#1: Inn-Fighting
#2: Carcassonne
#3: The Good, the Bad, and the Munchkin
#4: Zombie Dice
#5: Cthulhu Dice
#6: Memoir '44
#7: Chez Geek
#8: Liar's Dice
#9: Israeli Independence
#10: Do You Worship Cthulhu?
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