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I was introduced to gaming through D&D. I was in 5th grade and my parents bought a new house. Left in the house were a bunch of old games including Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (Second Edition), Dragonmaster, Dark Tower and a few other games. I was sucked in! Later my friend got HeroQuest and we spent many hours killing Orcs and Chaos Warriors. My favorite part of these games was making my OWN rules and quests. No vampires in the basic D&D (It was in the expert rules)? No problem I'll just make my own. Out of quests in Hero Quest? no problem. With a little sneaking around in the school library I copied the quest book (for free shhhhhh!) and made my own.

Then came Magic: The Gathering. That lasted quite a long time and everything else took a back seat.

Fast forward to post high school and I had fallen out of table top games quite a bit (blasted video games). I got back in to Magic and spent untold amounts, equal to many, many dragon hoards on my new money sink. I worked in hotels as I put my self through college and the entire summer id cruse ebay at "work" and spend, spend, spend. I say "work" because some days id just stand there and no one would come to check in. Some days (when I was smart) id just cruse Wikipedia and read about wondrous places. Places like Kuala Lumpur, Tashkent and Reykjavík. I promised my self that someday id get to those (and many other) places.

Anyway after college I moved with my then girlfriend to Seoul, South Korea to teach English. The economy had just hit a low and the State of Arizona had given all 1st and 2nd year teacher pink slips. The "market" for teaching was flooded. I signed up for one year and ended up staying two. While there I discovered boardgames in some board game cafes in Gangnam.

Back in the USA, I've found a great community of gamers in San Diego. I'm still working as an ESL teacher and still saving money to travel the world.

Countries visited:
United States Mexico South Korea North Korea

Japan Malaysia Cambodia Singapore

Indonesia China Egypt Israel

Jordan Qatar Turkey

Belgium Netherlands Iceland

Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Kazakhistan

Game Cafe in Seoulhttp://4sq.com/AgvSjo
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