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Greetings and thanks for reading my profile! If you want to know about my game tastes, read my rated game comments, which I try to keep meticulously updated.

My avatar is from Dixit, which has most interesting art I've seen from a game. There are so many awesome cards that it was difficult picking just one to be my avatar.

Here are some games I've played recently:

Look at these random games from my collection!

Wondering what I really look like? This is me at the Japanese Gardens.

On January 30th 2010, I did a major revision to my Top Ten list. I decided I had to keep going beyond a Top Ten and make a Top Thirty list. I compiled this list using the Tom Vassel method of writing all of my played games on slips of paper and sorting them into the order that I most like them. After GameStorm 2010 I did another major revision and this is the result.

Tiffany's Top Thirty

1. Pinochle
2. Race for the Galaxy
3. Dixit
4. Notre Dame
5. Homesteaders
6. Hansa Teutonica
7. Pandemic
8. Dominion
9. Twilight Struggle
10. Imperial
11. Vikings
12. Odin's Ravens
13. Le Havre
14. Brass
15. Tales of the Arabian Nights
16. Indonesia
17. Steam
18. Ubongo
19. Space Alert
20. Ghost Stories
21. Automobile
22. Mü & More
23. Oh Hell!
24. Battlestar Galactica
25. Galaxy Trucker
26. Container
27. Mr. Jack in New York
28. Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age
29. Twin Win
30. Goa

Now for my gaming history.

I learned to count to fifteen by playing cribbage before I even started school. My grandmother and I would stay up until early in the morning playing rummy and scrabble. I could play for hours. But when I grew up, I stopped playing games other than the drinking and party games that people in their early twenties usually play. Then, in early 2008, I played Puerto Rico for the first time. The guy who owned it said he found out about it on a website called board game geek, and that it was rated number one. I kept thinking about playing Puerto Rico and how much I enjoyed it, so I started looking at the descriptions here on the geek. Now I spend the majority of my free time playing board games, reading about board games or thinking about board games. The aspect about board games that I enjoy the most is that they allow you to do things that aren't possible in the real world. Sure it is make believe, but when a board game is done right, it is so engrossing that it blocks out reality. Also, I love sitting next to people who are also having this same engrossing experience. And we are all using our brains and creativity! Hooray!

Because of my card gaming background, I find it really easy to enjoy card games. Card based games are great because the randomness makes the game different every time, but there are ways to make randomness work for you rather than against you. I love making randomness into a strength. Also, the randomness of games like Race for the Galaxy and Dominion makes me adapt to new situations which forces me to learn more about the strategies of the game.

Lately, I've been getting into coops quite a bit too. My boyfriend will actually play them with me, which is a definite plus because we get too competitive in combative games. I've really been loving Pandemic, Ghost Stories and Space Alert! Cooperative games are such a different gaming experience than anything else, and that's one of the reasons I like them.

I try to balance my ratings as a compromise between how much I objectively think it is a good game and how much I actually want to play that game. This way my rating is useful to people who don't have the same taste that I do. Sometimes, even if I don't enjoy a particular game, I can see that it is fascinating game or different from other games, and I will give that game a higher rating than my mere desire to play it would reflect(Power Grid is the example that most strongly comes to mind for a game that I can tell is interesting, but that I don't enjoy).

I've played enough games that I think my top six games are pretty solid. They could possibly change orders, but for them to move out of my top ten would take a lot of really awesome games! I would welcome the games that could unseat the top six! My hot tens are the ones that I've been reading a lot about or want to play a lot. If it's not in my top ten, yet somehow it's always in my game bag to go to game day or if it sits on my kitchen table for weeks, it belongs in my hot ten. If I don't own a hot ten game, it's on my list because it's on my recently viewed list--for days straight. My hot tens are the games that I wake up embarrassed about having dreams that I am playing them.

Thank you so much PDX Secret Santa!!! I love my copy of Space Alert! You are absolutely the best secret santa ever!

(Flag counter posted on December 2, 2009 because I was curious)

My 2010 New Years Resolution

I've got a decent sized set of Icehouse pieces, and there are a fair few Icehouse games that don't have representative images or reviews. I can write reviews and take pictures! I resolve to make sure that every Icehouse game listed in the BGG database has a review and photo by the end of this year. I hope it doesn't take all year, but that's a bunch of games to learn and photograph (plus I have to convince my brother to learn the game and play it with me).

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Top 10
#1: Pinochle
#2: Race for the Galaxy
#3: Dixit
#4: Notre Dame
#5: Homesteaders
#6: Hansa Teutonica
#7: Pandemic
#8: Dominion
#9: Twilight Struggle
#10: Imperial 2030
Hot 10
#1: Tarot
#2: Empire Builder Rail Games
#3: Perry Rhodan: The Cosmic League
#4: Long Shot
#5: The Scepter of Zavandor
#6: Le Havre
#7: Dixit
#8: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
#9: Homesteaders
#10: Piece o' Cake
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