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Mischievous Hobbes is Mischievous
Dear Secret Santa part 2

I will be attending BGGcon next week and likely acquiring many games. I will update my wish list as soon as I get home. If at all possible, please wait till then before considering my lists. If not possible, I will be happy with whatever comes my way! Thanks!!

ALSO! There are two items in my wishlist that are also in my "owned items" The reason for this is that they are *ghasp* LOST!!!!! I haven't been able to find these particularly items for 6 months now and have started to give up and think that perhaps they were donated to some game gathering or random house that I visited at some point in the past.

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I'm an Information Security consultant that works from his home and does all he can to convince people to try all these "weird" games with me! I haven't managed to pull together much of a gaming group, so I take what gaming when and where I can get it!

Like many here, I was brought into the fold with "Settlers of Catan." More specifically I saw it referred to in a hilarious Knights of the Dinner Table comic ("I've got wood for sheep!") and then jumped at the chance to try it out when I noticed the game at a local store that carried Magic:TG cards. I still remember working through the example game with my Mom and Sister, and I also still remember being hooked from the very beginning.

Catan blew my mind and opened me up to the idea that there could be more to board games then Parcheesi and Sorry. Several plays of Catan later, I found myself fiending for more, and that led me to BGG. I actually remember coming here around 2004, but I had not yet grown to appreciate how deep the rabbit hole would go at the time, and just kind of clicked around, a little intimidated by all the information, but a little intrigued as well.

After reading some recommendations for people who liked Catan on this site, I picked up Ticket To Ride, shortly after it came out. This was also a resounding success to all I introduced it to, and from there I was sunk; showing this game to whoever I could get to listen to me, playing it whenever I could. I also shortly purchased Carscasonne and those three games (Settlers, Ticket to Ride, and Carcasonne) served me well over the next few years. Every once in awhile I was fortunate enough to experience other games and remained perched on the precipice of a full blown gaming hobby for some time. I toyed around with table top RPGs and CCGs for a while, dancing around the subject, until finally, round about 2007, I finally took the leap, and haven't looked back since. In the past few years my gaming collection has gone from 10-20 to 300+ games, I've attended several conventions, including Gencon, Origins, and BGGCon (Who to I talk to to get invited to the gathering!!!!) I've officially become a board game nut, as this article highlights! ( )
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