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If I had a dime for everytime someone was pedantic, I'd be...well, you tell me.
When I was a boy, my father's family would often play poker and cribbage at family gatherings. It was a rite of passage to be allowed to play at the poker table. After my siblings and I grew up and moved away, we often played games when we got together at my parents house. One night, my sister brought Take Six. I thought it was a pretty cool game. I looked for a copy for myself occasionally at stores but never found it.

Years later (circa 2003) I decided to look a little harder for it on the Internet. I still couldn't find it, because, little did I know, it wasn't published under Take Six, anymore. It was now called 6 nimmt!. But the searching eventually brought me to FunAgain games, the online game retailer. I found Category 5, and saw over on the sidebar, that customers who liked it also liked Bohnanza. I had just seen that game at a FLGS nearby (though I was not into gaming yet).

I decided to give Bohnanza a try and bought it at my FLGS. Some friends came over one night and though a game about bean-farming sounded weird, they agreed to give it a try. We had great fun and I was hooked. I soon found BGG and wasted many hours reading reviews and descriptions of the popular games here.

As you can see, I've managed to keep my collection relatively small (compared to others here). I don't have a lot of time for gaming, but my children will play some of the easier family games (Igloo Pop, Pick Picknic, Dead Man's Treasure) and though my wife doesn't like all the games in my collection, she's always ready to beat me at Lost Cities.

Mostly I enjoy Family/Euro/Strategy games. I suspect I would enjoy thematic games, too, if I had the time/opportunity to play them. Most of my energy though, goes towards being a good father, husband and statistician. Games are icing on the cake. About the only other hobbies I have are reading and occasionally playing my acoustic guitar.

My avatar, by the way, is a picture of our family dog Buddy, who passed away 10/06/2014. He was incredibly lazy, stubborn, and perfect for our family. He was a true gift.

My Hot 10 is roughly a listing of the games I'd most like to play. My Top 10 is something like the games that I have the fondest memories of, for one reason or another. In that sense, they are probably games that I have enjoyed with many people, or in the case of Lost Cities, one important person.

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Top 10
#1: Bohnanza
#2: Chess
#3: 6 nimmt!
#4: Incan Gold
#5: Puerto Rico
#6: Carcassonne
#7: Lost Cities
#8: For Sale
#9: Pandemic
#10: The Resistance
Hot 10
#1: Shadows over Camelot
#2: Pandemic: On the Brink
#3: 7 Wonders
#4: Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation
#5: Puerto Rico
#6: The Resistance
#7: Chess
#8: Modern Art
#9: Lost Cities
#10: For Sale
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