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Time to update my status, it's been a long time. For the most part everything below still stands but I've made a few changes over the years.
I've started to sell off some games, there are only so many I can play and store in our home. I've basically stopped playing miniature games and painting mini's for that part. I still like them but board gaming especially with my wife has taken over. I play Monday to Thursday with old friends and almost every Friday and Saturday evening games all night long with Karen. We enjoy our gaming nights more then anything else and we play a huge variety of games. Life is good and I have to say that gaming has made it better then ever, love it. Mar.11/16

Being a part of the BGG community is wonderful with all the fantastic information available here for our favorite hobby. Having access to rules, reviews and opinions on upcoming and older games is just excellent and can help decide on wether the game would fit into our collection.

Along with loving to play games, I enjoy Hiking, Camping, playing guitar and travelling. I've been married for 30 years have two children (who have their own now), a salesmen for the Machine Shop industry. I was a Grey Knight (formerly an Outrider) for Games Workshop, the program was canceled years ago . I run gaming events at local game stores and conventions have been active in many programs with Eagle, Mayfair and formely as a Z-Force member and have weekly board game meetings at my house. I am fortunate enough to play at least 4-5 times a week and my wife plays many of the games as well.
If you live nearby and would like to join us sometime let me know.

My homepage has many images of painted miniatures for all sorts of games, mainly GW, Rackham, Privateer Press but also board games such as Hybrid, Descent and others, you can check them out here:

I have been collecting tabletop mini games since I first got into the Warhammer 4th edition box set in 1991 followed by 40K 2nd edition box set. I own and still play most of the mini games developed by GW and my favorites are Epic Armageddon, Warmaster, Battlefleet Gothic and Man O War. I have tons of miniatures for all the GW games along with Warmachine, Rackham, Infinity, Hel Dorado, Mantic and other. Although my painting days have become fewer over the years I have plenty of them finished. So my first choice would be to play a miniature game but lately with some of the fantastic new board game releases I seem to be playing more of them instead.

My favorite music while playing games is new age electronic like Tangerine Dream and similar but I also enjoy listening to Progressive/metal/Fusion/jazz. I play guitar and own a Fender Strat and try and jam with some friends once in a while just for fun.

My gaming life really got started when I purchased Hero Quest back in 1990, the "game system" is what hooked me. Being able to link the quests and give your heroes experience was way too cool. This is still one of my all time favorite games, playing endless hours with my wife, son and daughter, precious memories. The miniatures from Hero Quest were the first I ever painted, the Barbarian to be exact and I still have him, dark eyebrows, milky skin and all, looks quite funny compared to my later stuff.

In my younger years we played a lot of Stock Ticker, Masterpiece, Stratego, Inside Moves and many of the other popular games of the time and lots of Monopoly.
Eventually it was Settlers of Catan that got me into the euro games and Fantasy Flight, Z-man, Rio, Queen, Mayfair, Chec games and other got me into collecting many more.
Games I really like are Android, Runewars, TI3, Game of Thrones, Horus Heresy, Mansions of Madness, Agricola, Peurto Rico, Shogun, Through the Ages. Tzolkin, War of the Ring and many others.

I play a lot of games with my wife who almost tries out every new game I purchase unless they are for 3+ players and then only when we get together with other couples or join in on some of the local meet up gaming events. Our favorites are Rivals of Catan, Starship Catan, Blue Moon, Jambo, Carcassonne (all of them), Kingsburg, Talisman, Catan Dice.

I prefer games with themes, nice bits (eye candy) and in-depth rules. Although a good game of Carcassonne is always fun and simple enough to teach anyone. I like to post the games I have played and try and get all the titles I own to the table at least twice.

My Avatar is the representation of the Mighty I Am Presence, the Holy Christ Self and the physical embodiment. Reincarnation is vital to my believes and the understanding that we elevate ourselves to higher states of consciousness in order to pass the tests of life and move on from the physical to the spiritual existence permanently.
Many lightbulbs one source of electricity is a great proverb and I try
and always live by the Golden Rule " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

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