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Bart de Vos
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Since I was born, I loved to play games, whether it was Barricade, Monopoly or Risk. I was ready to play anything.

At the age of 10, my elementary teacher saw my love for games and encouraged me to become a member of his draughts / 10x10 international checkers club. I joined and soon found out I was quite good at it. I competed in Dutch provincial and national championships and won quite a few prizes, the best ones being a 3rd place individually in the under 19 category at the age of 18, and the Dutch national title for high school teams (consisting of 4 people). I loved analyzing games (both during and after play), in depth strategizing and calculating possible ways to victory. I considered myself to be a more tactical than strategic player, but I had such an intuitive feel for the game that I managed to do quite well.
On the side, I kept on playing the same mindless games I had always played, unaware of the beautiful world of 'real' boardgames.

My first encounter with playing 'real' games probably started when watching my brother play Magic: The Gathering. I was fascinated by the large amount of possibilities, but the collectible side of it did put me off. I do not want to keep on spending to keep up with others. My real introduction into boardgames came a few years thereafter, when I was staying over at my mom's place, where at the time my brother also resided. My brother invited me to this new game he had borrowed from a friend. I had vaguely heard about Catan, but never really tried it, and being the game lover I am, I of course said yes. After one game I was sold! I lost, but immediately asked to try again. That first night we played until 4 in the morning, game after game. I was addicted!

I looked the game up online and soon found out there was this whole boardgame world that I had not been aware of.

-- to be continued --

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#1: The Resistance
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#5: K2: Broad Peak
#6: Lewis & Clark
#7: King of Tokyo
#8: Small World
#9: The Castles of Burgundy
#10: Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation
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#1: Morels
#2: Dungeon Petz: Dark Alleys
#3: Roll for the Galaxy
#4: Legacy: Gears of Time
#5: The Builders: Middle Ages
#6: Rialto
#7: Bruges
#8: Splendor
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