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Scott Nelson
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I started into German boardgames back in 83, and didn't even know it. First game of this type was Scotland Yard. Years later after getting into Magic:The Gathering and purchasing or rather winning a copy of RoboRally in a Magic Tourney, I found out there is more to boardgames than what America has to offer (even though R. Garfield is from the US), and traded some Magic cards for Settlers of Catan and a few of the expansions (yeah, I had some good cards at the time). Then Carolus Magnus became mine after a few more Magic cards were traded away. Local store owner was very willing to trade a boardgame (something rarely sold) for a magic card that would sell in a heartbeat. That being said, I was hooked into boardgaming. After 5 years since I first got Settlers, I have amassed a nice collection due to the kind folk here on the Geek. Other than boardgaming, I also am was in a Straightedge Hardcore band back in 2005, ride BMX Freestyle on the Semi-Pro/Expert level, and can be found regularly as Domain Lord on a MUD called Nanvaent.
My wife and I have two children currently (loss of our first born after only 10 days or it would be three), and the oldest is already finding interest in eurogames, rather than always requesting Uno, so we have high hopes for him.
As a board game Designer, my wife/co-designer and I have a card game called Food Fight that T.O.G Entertainment has published. Penguin Panic is published by nestorgames; check it out soon on the nestorgames site. A member of the Board Game Designers Guild of Utah since April 2007. My next design published is called, Healthy Heart Hospital through Victory Point Games. A print and play version has been changed and renamed to Triage since it doesn't reflect the major changes added to the VPG release. Another design of mine called Ibyron: Island of Discovery is kicking around publishers, looking for someone who is willing to publish a deeper two-tier worker placement game, inspired by earlier Splotter games. I have other designs in various stages.

If there is anything else you want to know, just geekmail me.
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