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Dolny Śląsk
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Recently played / Lastatempe luditaj / Ostatnio grane:

en = English:

I used to live in the US where I went to various gaming cons and played wargames, RPGs, euros, Go, etc for many years. I hosted a weekly gaming group RussCon from 1998 to 2005 in Austin, TX.

I moved to Wrocław, Poland on 2005-12-19, where I live with my wife Anna (user a2na). We professionally translate Polish games to English (and occasionally vice-versa).

These days we typically play shorter 2-player combinatorial games and eurogames almost every day at home, as well as similar games with other folks. I'm also playing wargames again. There's a nice growing community of boardgamers in Wrocław, and the boardgame scene is growing rapidly in Poland generally.

Anna and I enjoy playing a game each day with a different theme each month.

2016 themes:
January = Neuroshima Hex: Mississippi
February = Titles with numbers
March = Solitaire wargames (Anna takes a month off)
April = 2-player card games

2015 themes:
January = Fendo
February = Small square box games
March = 2014 Combinatorial Award candidates
April = Games starting with the letter R
May = n-in-a-row
June = Small Shogi variants
July = Small Shogi variants again!
August = Small Shogi variants yet again!
September = Niya
October = Speed Shogi (short byo-yomi)
November = Neuroshima Hex! Uranopolis
December = new nestorgames

2014 themes:
January = Néstor Romeral Andrés
February = Neuroshima Hex! Mephisto + Neuroshima Hex! Sharrash
March = Mancala games
April = secret objectives
May = Folko
June = Project Kells: Sacred Hill, High Kings of Tara & Poisoned Chalice
July = Morelli
August = Kamisado
September = games unplayed in over a year
October = Kingdom Builder
November = 1-stash Looney pyramid games
December = Loonacy

2013 themes:
January = Checkers variants
February = January acquisitions (from nestorgames, tournament, math trade, Victory Point Games)
March = meeples
April = RED
May = Neuroshima Hex! The Dancer
June = Luis Bolaños Mures
July = The City
August = Risko
September = Dominion
October = The Mystique Deck
November = RRR
December = award candidates (IAGO HoF; Best Combinatorial Game)

2012 themes:
January = Hex
February = games with titles ending with "o"
March = games with unbounded grids
April = games with balls
May = Qwirkle
June = games with animals
July = 3-dimensional games
August = Decktet Games
September = 8x8 boards
October = real-time
November = Essen acquisitions
December = award candidates (IceAwards; IAGO HoF; Best Combinatorial Game)

2011 themes:
January = Othello
February = Ingenious: Travel Edition
March = Twixt
April = Chess
May = Thurn and Taxis
June = Mr. Jack Pocket
July = Fluxx
August = Jacynth
September = Terra Nova
October = Famiglia
November = nestorgames
December = Shogi games (Mini Shogi + Shogi)

2010 themes:
January = Pentago (training for the tournament in Brzeg)
February = Taluva (hot new game; just bought it in Brzeg)
March = Neuroshima Hex! (with 2 of the 9 published armies randomly each day)
April = Schotten Totten
May = combinatorial games with Icehouse pieces
June = 2-player card games
July = combinatorial placement games
August = Project GIPF
September = Palago
October = Neuroshima Hex! (again!)
November = combinatorial games with Icehouse pieces (again!)
December = 9x9 Go


"Games only you played in..."
February 2012: Andantino
March 2012: Mini Shogi
April 2012: Zaic
May 2012: Slither
June 2012: Yavalanchor
July 2012: Spargo
August 2012: Thricewise
September 2012: RAMbots
October 2012: Vimbre
November 2012: Linkage
December 2012: Gleebs and Grues
January 2013: Stax
February 2013: Ancient Battles Deluxe
March 2013: Spangles
April 2013: Trax
May 2013: Xodd
June 2013: Kopano
July 2013: Fight!
August 2013: Epaminondas
September 2013: The Barbarossa Campaign
October 2013: Mystique Energy
November 2013: Veletas
December 2013: Victory: The Blocks of War
January 2014: Dots and Boxes
February 2014: Panzer Grenadier: Elsenborn Ridge
March 2014: Bohnenspiel
April 2014: Tic Tac Doh!
May 2014: Fines
June 2014: Goro-Goro Shogi
July 2014: Morelli
August 2014: Kamisado Schnupperspiel
September 2014: Ayu
October 2014: Tic Tac Doh! (repeat, see April!)
November 2014: Penguin Soccer
December 2014: Fendo (newer version of Fines, see May!)
January 2015: Quads
February 2015: Waterloo 20
March 2015: Struggle for the Galactic Empire
April 2015: Rampart
May 2015: Spline+
June 2015: Simple Shogi
July 2015: Cheops
August 2015: Judkins Shogi
September 2015: Rocket Shogi
October 2015: Mirador
November 2015: Seven
December 2015: BLUE
January 2016: Dameo
February 2016: Combat Leader
March 2016: Struggle for the Galactic Empire (same as March 2015!)
April 2016: Emu Ranchers


Some game events I've attended since moving to Poland:
2015: Shogi tournaments, Gratislavia
2014: Brzeg, Wrocław Shogi Tournament
2013: Brzeg, Gratislavia, Pionek, European Go Congress
2012: Brzeg, Gratislavia, Pionek, Essen
2011: Brzeg, Gratislavia, Essen, Pionek
2010: Brzeg 2, MiędzyPionek, Gratislavia 5, Pionek 14, MiędzyPionek, Pionek 15
2009: Pionek 10, Gratislavia 3, Pionek 11, BGG.CON, Pionek 13
2008: Pionek 6, 7, 8, Gratislavia 2, Essen, Pionek 9
2007: European Go Congress, Essen, BGG.CON, Pionek 5
2006: Essen

Game Ratings: I only started rating games played since moving to Poland, with no attempt to retroactively rate the hundreds of games I'd played in the past. I simply follow the recommended BGG scale. I see nothing wrong with rating a game after one play and modifying the rating up or down after more plays (usually my initial impression is accurate within +1/-1 anyway).

Games Played: I started logging plays on 2007-01-01. On 2009-12-12 I decided to stop logging expansions and only log the base game.

Geek Buddies: Generally my geek buddies are people I know in real life from outside BGG. Feel free to add me or delete me, with or without telling me; I don't read any deep significance into it.

mb I made the Esperanto microbadge. Oni povas aĉeti tiun insignon de BGG kontraŭ 8 GG, do se vi parolas Esperanton, vi povas aĉeti kaj montri vian propran por plividigi la lingvon.

mb Currently using mb; have used mb & mb.

mb Thanks to huber for my Grace Hopper microbadge!

Wiki: Most users seem unaware of the great potential of the BGG wiki, which already has a lot of useful documentation about the site. The wiki is also very useful for collaborative up-to-date game FAQs that don't depend on one person creating and uploading a file that will go out of date; see the List of game FAQs and see if you don't agree. Some FAQs I created:
2 de Mayo FAQ
Age of Steam FAQ
Ancient Battles Deluxe FAQ
Astra Titanus FAQ
Conflict of Heroes FAQ
Court of the Medici FAQ
Der Weltkrieg FAQ
Enemy Action: Ardennes German Solo FAQ
Famiglia FAQ
Fighting Formations FAQ
Friedrich FAQ
Hector and Achilles FAQ
Hellas FAQ
Hellenes FAQ
Hive FAQ
Holdfast Russia FAQ
Homeworlds FAQ
King of Siam FAQ
Kingdom Builder FAQ
Kingdom Builder: Nomads FAQ
Power Grid FAQ
Power Grid: The Robots FAQ
Power Grid: The First Sparks FAQ
Rune Age FAQ
Schildkrötenrennen FAQ
Schotten-Totten FAQ
Soviet Dawn FAQ
Star Borders: Humanity FAQ
Taluva FAQ
Texas Glory FAQ
The Battle for Hill 218 FAQ
Victory FAQ
Wir sind das Volk FAQ

mbGeek of the Week: My GOTW thread was 2008-11-30. Po polsku tutaj.

Secret Santa:
* 2008: received Quads! Thanks! We've been playing it a lot.
* 2009: received Hellenes: Campaigns of the Peloponnesian War! Thanks! I have played it, enjoyed it, and even obsessively made a wiki page Hellenes FAQ for it.
* 2010: received Pick & Pack and Power Grid: Brazil/Spain & Portugal. Thanks for the 2-player and multiplayer fun!
* 2011: received 3 packages with Mijnlieff, Onirim and Astra Titanus - thanks very much!

mb Go:
I'm russ at KGS and goulo at DGS. I used to attend the US Go Congress regularly. I went to the European Go Congress in 2007 & 2013. I've been to some local tournaments in Poland.

A long time ago in a life far far away I made webcomics about Go, boardgames, and other stuff at Ko Fight Club.

mb Shogi:
Anna and I got quite into Shogi in mid-2014. I'm russ at 81dojo.

Even longer ago, I programmed the AI and game mechanics in the computer version of 1830: Railways & Robber Barons, and a majority of the AI and game mechanics in Master of Orion 2.

"When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning" - Reiner Knizia


mb I speak Esperanto (which my Polish wife Anna and I use as our primary language; we met at an Esperanto event in Helsinki). Esperanto is much nicer and easier to learn than national languages like English or Polish. If you want to learn Esperanto, I highly recommend lernu.net, and I'm happy to help too. Esperanto estas tre plaĉa, kaj ĝi ne tiel malfacilas, kiel aliaj lingvoj.

mb I am learning Polish since I live in Poland, and unfortunately most Poles don't speak Esperanto... If you want to learn Polish, I recommend having been born in Poland, or abandoning all hope. Język polski jest trudny ale ciekawy!

mb My Latin learning got backburnered... If you want to learn Latin, I recommend the LatinStudy group and Lingva Latina by Hans H. Ørberg. Lingva Latina bona est.

mb I've been vegan since 2005 and vegetarian since the mid-1980s, primarily due to the serious environmental damage of modern animal agriculture and due to not wanting to personally contribute to pointless animal suffering, and secondarily for health reasons.

mb My avatar is from page 1 of Alan Moore's Watchmen.

eo = Esperanto:

Mi ĉiam ŝatas renkonti Esperantistojn kiuj ankaŭ tabulludemas!

Jen kelkaj paroligaj ludoj por Esperantistoj (kaj lernantaj kaj spertaj), kiujn mi ŝatas kaj rekomendas por E-renkontiĝoj:
Time's Up! - a2na kreis version en Esperanto kun temoj specife pri Esperanto (Zamenhof, la fina venko, Bulonjo-ĉe-Maro, ktp), kaj poste Tim Morley faris pli belajn kartojn. Homoj ĝuis ludi ĝin en pluraj eventoj.
Taboo - ekzistas esperanta versio trovebla rete; homoj ĝuis ĝin kaj multe ridis dum ludado en pluraj eventoj.
Fluxx - mi presis unu el kelkaj (!) versioj en Esperanto troveblaj rete kaj ofte ludis kun diversaj homoj.
Dixit - Lerta lingva ludo sen la kutimaj lingvoludaj problemoj de subjektiveco kaj disputoj pri valideco de vorto aŭ frazo. Bela arto. Interesa ludo por internaciaj grupoj kun komuna lingvo sed nekomunaj naciaj kulturoj!
Cockroach Poker - Portebla, simpla, amuza, belarta, kaj postulas rektan interparoladon.
Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game - Ekzistas en kelkaj nacilingvaj versioj; homoj kunkreas rakonton. Tia kunlabora sinteno pli taŭgas ol ludi ĝin konkurse, miaopinie, do ĝi estas pli kiel grupludado ol vera konkursa ludo. Mi kreis memfaritan version kun alia arto ol la originalo, kun kartaj tekstoj en Esperanto.

Tiuj ludoj taŭgas eĉ por ne-tre-ludemaj aŭ malspertaj homoj. Kompreneble mi ankaŭ tre volonte ludas pli seriozajn / strategiajn ludojn kun interesatoj en Esperanto.

pl = polski:

Lubię grać w planszówki po polsku. Często słabo rozumiem jak Polacy mówią jeśli nie mówią dość wolno. Staram sie... Czytam lepiej. Razem z Anną zajmuję się profesjonalnym tłumaczeniem gier z polskiego na angielski.

tp = toki pona:

mi toki lili e toki pona. musi li pona.
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Town/City: Wrocław
Website: http://lernu.net
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Top 10
#1: Go
#2: Shogi
#3: Combat Commander: Europe
Hot 10
#1: Conflict of Heroes: Eastern Front – Solo Expansion
#2: Enemy Action: Ardennes
#3: Gates of Vienna
#4: Ottoman Sunset
#5: Hapsburg Eclipse
#6: Soviet Dawn
#7: Space Empires: 4X
#8: Nightfighter
#9: Fire in the Lake
#10: Bloody Ridge: Decision on Guadalcanal, 13 September 1942
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