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I've been added to the Hellnotes.com staff as the Game Reviewer. It's a cool site dedicated to bringing folks the best information on the internet by covering horror movies, horror fiction, horror comics, horror writers, and now...horror GAMES! If you have a minute, head over and check it out.

A card-carrying member of the one-and-only GSG - Guy Stuff Gamers

4/12/16 - After a week off, I was back at GSG at BG as John and I took a trip down memory lane with youngster, Roy, in a game of MULE. We had a fun time with it. After that, we played Isle of Skye, which was new to me. Good stuff.

3/29/16 - Phil, Star, Jason and I opened this week's GSG with Tinners Trail, which is always a blast. Then, Phil was replaced by Keith T. for a good game of Acquire. We finished with Jason, Star, Phil, Pete and I playing a little filler game called Trendy. Great time with the lads!

3/22/16 - We were at BG again this week for GSG. I brought Mombasa and Phil, Star, Kevin, and I played it and were left wondering a bit at its warts that are starting to show. We finished the night with Circus Flohcati with Pete.

3/15/16 - This week's GSG saw one of our LT buddies, Joey M. head down from the 'Shire. Great time playing Troyes and Glass Road with him, John, and Kevin. Plenty of laughs to be had.

3/8/16 - Jim, Mike and I played Troyes at this week's GSG at BG. We finished up kind of early, but I decided to head out.

3/1/16 - This week's GSG saw Steve, Jim, Brandon and I play Carson City which I had wanted to play for a long time. Great fun, though I had an early night.

2/23/16 - Fun time at GSG tonight at BG. We started with Hick-Hack, a cute little light filler game that had some laughs! Phil, Todd, and I then played Gold West, which was enjoyable and finished off with Above and Below, which I had been wanting to try. All in all, really fun stuff!

2/16/16 - Tonight's GSG was at BG. Star, Kevin, Brendan and I played Mombasa and it keeps stumping me, but I really like it. We probably could have squeezed another game in, but it might have taken us late into the night. Always a blast!

2/9/16 - We were at BG for this week's GSG. Kevin, Brendan, Chris and I played a super-tight game of Cuba. Really good stuff from the designer of Pillars and World Without End. Great fun as always!

2/2/16 - At BG for GSG this week. Steve, John and I played Patchistory and had a very good time playing this game that really should make the table more often. It's long (150 mins or so), but the time just flies by.

1/26/16 - We were at BG again for GSG. Steve, Kevin, Chris and I dug into Mombasa for my 2nd play. Super close game with just a 15 point spread between the four. It is a very excellent, meaty game.

1/19/16 - BG hosted GSG again this week. Paul, Kevin, Todd and I played Pax Pamir, which was a different take on the Pax series. I liked it as well and can't say which of the two I prefer. Pete, Paul and I then played Bruges, which I hadn't played in a long while. Another fun time as always.

1/12/16 - Back at BG this week for GSG. Brendon, Todd, Jim, and I tried out Mombasa, which was very good and went faster than we thought. Todd and I finished up with a little 2p Grand Austria Hotel, which has just moved into my top 10 and gets a 10-rating. Great stuff!

1/5/16 - The first GSG of 2016 was at BG. John, Kevin, Steve, and I played Automania, which was better than expected. I don't need to own it, but I certainly enjoyed my play of it. Steve left, and John, Kevin, and I played a quick game of Sobek. Always a great time with the guys!

12/22/15 - The pre-Christmas GSG was at BG this week. John, Jim, Jason, and I played a game of Amerigo, which I hadn't played in forever. It gets a lot of hate, but I thought it was pretty fun, though I hadn't played it in forever. We finished up with a couple of games of Circus Flohcati. Hope everyone has a great holiday!

12/15/15 - We were at BG again for this week's GSG. Todd joined Kevin and I for a 2nd try of Pax Porfiriana. Man, what a crazy blast again! It's just nuts and so different than anything else in my collection. Looking forward to trying Pax Pamir soon as well. After PaxPo, we played Istanbul with the expansion, which I really liked a lot. Really good stuff there. Fun times as always.

12/8/15 - GSG at BG this week and Steve, Kevin, and I were joined by Nick A. for Pax Porfiriana. After a 40 minute teaching, we were ready to go. What a crazy, fun experience! We went through all 4 Topples with a couple of close chances to win, but no one could topple Diaz.

11/24/15 - Back at BG for this week's GSG meetup. John, Todd, Star, and I started with a game of Orleans, which was still super despite another couple of small asterisks. We will get this one right, eventually! Geki and Brenton replaced John and Star as we played some Blood Rage, which is starting to give me the feeling that it should be better than it is. I like it, but I'm not sure I like it more than Chaos in the Old World.

11/13-11/14/15 - Read all about my Lobster Trap adventure here - Lobster Trap XVIII!

11/10/15 - Pre-LT GSG at BG brought Blood Rage to the table with Todd, yBob, Geki, and Mike R. Really fun stuff and moved quickly for 5p. John joined Geki, Mike R, and me for Ra afterwards.

11/3/15 - This week's GSG saw yBob, Brendon, Todd, and I play Kraftwagen. It was so enjoyable that, after Brendon left, Todd, yBob and I ran it back two more times. Really good stuff from a solid designer.

10/27/15 - At BG this week for GSG - Fun times playing an old favorite - World Without End last night with Jim, Kevin, and Richard. Doesn't come out too often as you NEED 4 players and it isn't everyone's bag. Think we hooked a couple of new disciples to the pain, though!

10/13/15 - Played On Her Majesty's Service with John and Chris. My painted minis seemed to be a hit and the game itself was pretty fun! We opened with Between Two Cities and then ran about 4 games of Codenames, which was excellent.

10/6/15 - Got to get Marco Polo back to the table again at this week's GSG with Phil, John, and Jim.

9/22/15 - This week's GSG was at BG again. I ended up playing Brew Crafters with Paul R and Brendon. It was ok, but nothing overly innovative going on. Glad that I was able to play it, but I don't feel a particular need to own it.

9/15/15 - Back at Battlegrounds for GSG. yBob made an appearance and after we couldn't get a 4th person to play World Without End, we broke out Robinson Crusoe. We played the Cannibal Island scenario and even though at one point, we were all at just 1 health, we made a furious comeback and were able to defeat the cannibal city for the win! Thank goodness for the Bed invention!

8/25/15 - We were at BG for GSG this week. Todd, John, Chris, and I played Bruxelles, which was really interesting considering how the art came out at the beginning of the game. Couldn't seem to win any cards in the last three rounds, tho.

8/18/15 - Nice full game night at GSG. Paul, Todd, Brenton and I squeezed in 3 games - Endeavor, Cacao, and Ninjato for the road. Endeavor plays a lot faster than it looks, Cacao was a quick, light tile-layer, and Ninjato is always fun, though I'm starting to think that it's better with 3 than 4.

8/11/15 - GSG was at BG and Todd, Paul, John and I started with some Ninjato and then Pete joined us as we moved on to Rococo for some fancy dress-making. Great time as always!

8/8/15 - Went over to Marco's so that our girls could have a playdate and that afforded us the opportunity to have a rematch of Suburbia and for me to introduce him to Elysium. Good times!

8/4/15 - Last night's GSG was back at BG. We had dueling La Granjas with Brenton, Paul and I trying it out. We finished up with Todd joining us for Broom Service, which was pretty good, but I don't know how it beat Elysium for the award.

7/29/15 - Brenton came over for some "dudes on a map" game playing! We broke out War of the Ring. Great experience again with momentum swings that really made everything super dramatic. Hoping we'll be able to play this again soon as I went nearly a year between plays. Maybe we'll break out the expansion next time.

7/21/15 - BG was the site of this week's GSG. Brenton, John, Jason, Chris, and I started with a suffocatingly tight game of Speicherstadt with the expansion and then we mixed it up and John, Jason, Geki, and I played Bora Bora, which I hadn't played in forever and had forgotten how really good it is. Fun time!

7/14/15 - John hosted this week's GSG. We opened with Parade, an ok little filler. Todd, Paul, and I went and played Elysium and then were joined by Geki for Goa, though it was late and Goa is a bit too dry for me. Reminds me too much of Hansa Teutonica. All in all, though, a very fun time!

7/7/15 - We were at Battlegrounds for GSG and started with Todd teaching Elysium to Mike, Brendon, and me. After Brendon left, we ran it back for a second play. Really fun game and I'm not an overly big set collection fan. We finished with Geki joining us for a couple of games of Hare and Tortoise. Another fun time hanging out with the guys.

6/30/15 - Back at GSG this week for Middle Earth Quest. Owned it for 6 years and never played. Finally got it to the table with Phil and fellow hero John. Great fun. It's probably not for everyone, but I had a great time!

6/22/15 - Brenton came over and we broke out Julius Caesar for our first (and hopefully not last) block game. Great fun with lots of hard decisions!

6/16/15 - This week at GSG Todd, Phil, Scott and I started off with Deus and finished up with Imperial Settlers, which I have determined is not as good of a 4p game as it is with 2p. I did like Deus more than I thought I would, tho. Pretty fun stuff.

6/14/15 - The wife was out, so yBob came over for some Twilight Struggle.

6/11/15 - Was home on kid-watch and Brenton came over. We played Legacy - Duke de Crecy and Roll for the Galaxy. Good stuff!

6/9/15 - We were at Battlegrounds again this week for GSG. I waited for Todd and we played 2p Roll for the Galaxy to start, then he and I were joined by Scott and Brandon for Notre Dame. Brandon left and the three of us ran Race for the Galaxy back again. Very fun times as always!

6/2/15 - GSG was at Battlegrounds and Tom, Paul, and I started with Glass Road. Paul and I ran Glass Road back again with Chris and Brandon. Brandon left and Chris, Paul and I were joined by BG regular Brandon for Las Vegas. Good night of gaming!

5/25/15 - Brenton stopped by and I got to introduce him to a little 2p Glass Road and then we played a couple of games of MtG, Winston-style. Good times!

5/5/15 - The Cinco de Mayo edition of GSG was at Battlegrounds where I taught Scott, Brandon, and Kevin a game I hadn't played in a while - Last Will w/ Getting Sacked. It was a lot of fun and a close game right to the end!

4/29/15 - GSG was at Battlegrounds and I got to play my new arrival, Voyages of Marco Polo with Chris, Todd, and Steve. It's a bit heavier than you would expect and can lend itself to a little bit of AP, but still a pretty fun game.

4/22/15 - Back at GSG this week. Phil, Chris, Steve, and I started with Bruxelles and then played a few hands of Linko. Good times back with the guys!

4/8/15 - Made it to GSG this week. Taught one of my favorites to Chris, Kevin W, and Brenton. Tight, low-scoring game, but fun as always!

4/2/15 - yBob came over for Macao and he dominated, but it was still fun to hang out after a tough week.

2/18/15 - yBob, Marco, and Carlos were able to come over for some Onward to Venus, which was a blast. Good time!

2/7/15 - Hadn't seen Marco and Carlos in a while, so we hung out and played some games. Marco and I started with a couple of games of Roma/Arena, which has always been a fun warmup game for us. Carlos then joined us and I taught them London, which I hadn't played in ages. Good stuff!

2/3/15 - I was home so yBob stopped by for some Twilight Struggle and Macao. Great to hang out with Bobber!

1/8/15 - Wife went out so I had Brenton over and he taught me Imperial Settlers. It's a really well-done re-implementation of the 51st State mechanics. Fun time!

1/6/15 - The first GSG of the new year saw us at Battlegrounds. Steve, Scott, and I decided to tackle Patchistory, which was epic in its scope and hella fun!

12/30/14 - The last GSG of 2014 was at Battlegrounds. Phil started us off with Between 2 Cities, then Chris, Kara, Paul and I learned Bruxelles together, which was very fun! We then finished with a game of Splendor. Good stuff!

12/23/14 - GSG was back at Battlegrounds for our pre-Christmas edition. Todd introduced Steve, Brenton and I to The Golden Ages - a lighter civ-building game that actually played to the 90 minute time listed on the box. Steve left so we moved on to 3p Bruges with the expansion which was really fun again!

12/16/14 - John hosted this week's 3-man GSG. First, he, Phil, and I played Between Two Cities, then we introduced Phil to Bruges with the expansion - which makes a good game great! Finally, we finished up with Eggs and Empires, a filler game, but one that I found to be quite fun.

12/12/14 - Was at home on child duty and Brenton had been wanting to try Eldritch Horror so I invited him over and we had a blast. We lost, but we almost pulled out a miracle on a failed expedition. Good stuff!

12/9/14 - This week's GSG had us back at Battlegrounds. Phil introduced us to the latest Stonemaier games playtest. Then, he, Chris, and I played Snowdonia with the Necropolis expansion, which adds some nice little wrinkles to the base game. Finally, BG regular Vince joined us for Ginkgopolis, which I hadn't played in forever and was even better the second time around. Great time as always!

12/2/14 - Finally got my butt back to a GSG. We were at Battlegrounds and Todd, Chris, John, and I started with Rococo, which was better than I had expected. Todd and John then left and Brenton joined us for Castles of Mad King Ludwig that Todd was nice enough to teach before he left. Castles was as good as I was expecting and I am looking forward to additional plays of it.

11/19/14 - My buddy Marco was homebound, so I headed over and I introduced him to Snowdonia and Suburbia. Really fun time with a couple of fun games!

11/14/15-11/15/14 - Late in posting the update here of my awesomely fun time at Lobster Trap XVII. You can read about my exploits here - Lobster Trap XVII. Played some good games with great people as usual and look forward to it every year!

10/21/14 - Back at Battlegrounds this week and yBob, Tom, Adam and I gave Dungeon Lords with Festival Season a spin. Have to say that I enjoyed it a lot more than I remember. Good times!

10/14/14 - GSG was at Battlegrounds this week and I was able to stop by before soccer. Brent and I played Biblios while we waited Geki's arrival. I had been wanting to try Dead of Winter and Brent and Geki were kind enough to humor me. Really fun! I couldn't stay overly late, so we ran back a 3p game of Biblios. Great to hang out with the guys!

10/4/14 - Made it to Day 2 of Geki Con, the biggest convention in the smallest apartment! Watched Geki take home a win in Village before I sat down with him and yBob for a game of Tzolkin. We followed that up with Anna joining us for Tinners Train, which I hadn't played in over 3 years! Still an excellent game! Great time hanging out with everyone!

9/26/14 - Hadn't seen Marco and Carlos since Marco's wedding, so yBob joined us for some 4p Eldritch Horror. Four hours later, we emerged with victory, defeating Cthulhu. Fun time!

9/16/14 - Finally made it to GSG and got to play Village with Rich Z., yBob, and Adam. After that, Tom was nice enough to teach myself, Brent, and Geki one of the hot new games - Abyss, which is beautiful, though the gameplay was a little bit on the lighter side. Fun time seeing the guys!

9/11/14 - The wife went out with the daughter, so yBob was back for some more Macao madness. Great time with the most dangerous player in the game!

9/5/14 - yBob was over for a last-minute invite for some Nations and Macao. Another nailbiter in Nations and he put together a crazy purple combo in Macao.

8/29/14 - yBob came over to keep me company tonight as we played a couple of games of Nations. The events were brutal, but we had fun.

8/13/14 - Carlos came over last night as I broke out my super-pimped War of the Ring. I had never played it before and WOW, what an excellent game! Top notch stuff.

7/17/14 - Missed the last couple of GSGs, so yBob came over for us to play a little Twilight Struggle. Good stuff.

7/1/14 - At Battlegrounds this week. Todd, Russ, Tom, and I played EH for a couple of hours and watched our investigators get pounded by Azathoth. Then, Star and I joined Tom for Lewis and Clark, which was better than I would have thought. Excellent time!

6/24/14 - We met at Battlegrounds this week and I was finally able to play Goa, which was really fun despite not really knowing the values of each tile. Tom, Brenton, Scott M and I had a fun time!

6/17/14 - After missing last week, I was back for this week's GSG at Battlegrounds. Adam, Tom, and I opened with Caverna and then Adam, Phil, Russ, and I played Splendor followed by Potato Man. Good stuff.

6/6/14 - The wife headed out tonight so my pal Carlos came over for some Eldritch Horror. What a fun time! Unlike Arkham Horror, the game moved along with a crisper pace and we got two games of it in within the same time frame of maybe one game of AH. We lost both games but it was fun doing so!

6/3/14 - Battlegrounds saw the GSGers descend upon it for this week's session. Steve, Brenton, Russ, and I were unsure about playing Eldritch Horror with 4p, so when Pete walked in, we moved on to A Study in Emerald, which was just cooky Cthulhu-esque mayhem with everyone being within arm's reach of winning. Very different, but certainly not for everyone. Good stuff!

5/27/14 - We were back at Battlegrounds this week and Tom broke out Caverna, which has a LOT of bits, for Phil, Scott, and I to try. An interesting take on the Agricola-style game. Then I taught the guys The Capitals, which was certainly a different type of city builder. I thought it was pretty interesting and definitely different, but it will need another play or two to know for sure whether or not I'll be keeping it. Late night, but fun time.

5/20/14 - This week's GSG was at John's and we opened with John, Phil, Tom, and I playing Potato Man - a fun little trick-taking filler. Tom, yBob and I then played Macao and then yBob, Phil, John and I finished with an older game - Manhattan - which struck me as kind of a poor man's Acquire. Overall, lots of swearing, whining, and good times!

5/13/14 - We were at Battlegrounds this week for the return of Mark E.! We started with a 6p game of Masquerade, kind of a long filler that I thought was meh. Then, Todd taught Mark E. and I Legacy - Testament - a game that I wasn't sure I'd like, but turned out to really enjoy. We then finished up with a game of Kingsburg, which I hadn't played in a while. All good stuff!

5/6/14 - Back at Battlegrounds this week. Mike R, Brenton, and I were rescued by Battlegrounds' own Matt so that we could get Chaos in the Old World to the table. I've owned it for nearly 5 years and finally got it to the table. Very fun and despite it taking about 2.5 hours, it really didn't seem like it with the turns coming around very quickly. After we finished, Brenton taught me and Mike R Splendor, which was a very nice filler. Great time!

4/29/14 - GSG was at Battlegrounds this week. Jason, Russ, Steve and I played Age of Industry after some hemming and hawing about what we were going to play. We played on the New England map and it was a good game. AoI is definitely a 10 for me. Absolutely love how it plays. John, Tom and I finished with a couple of games of Sushi Go, a little 7 Wonders clone that plays quick with cute art. Good stuff as usual!

4/24/14 - The wife headed out so yBob and Carlos came over for three games of Ghost Stories. Two defeats were followed by one sweet victory over Wu Feng!

4/22/14 - We were at Battlegrounds for this week's GSG. Tom, yBob, Geki and I started with a game of World Without End, which saw great misfortune befall us and Geki rack up a ridiculous score - cheating was surely involved. Tom left us and we played a 3p game of Macao and then yBob and I ran a quick heads-up game of Macao for the road. Double Macao with a sprinkling of WWE is a delicious combo indeed!

4/15/14 - Tax Day saw the GSGers at John's house. John, Phil, Geki, Tom, and I opened with a PnP of Pirate's Den, which was some fiddly and silly pirate game. I then acquiesced to playing the ugly Terra Mystica. It was ok, but my opinion certainly didn't change. Either way, thanks to Tom for teaching me and as always, it was a good time hanging out.

4/8/14 - GSG at Phil's this week. Geki, Tom, Russ, and I started with In the Year of the Dragon, which just seems to get more meh with each play. We then moved to the kitchen for a game of Nations which was a dog-fight between Geki and Tom. Good times as usual.

4/1/14 - I was dragging my behind all day, but I sucked it up and went to Battlegrounds for this week's GSG. I arrived to play Firefly with Brent, Tom, and Russ. It's a long game, but lots of laughs at all of the misfortune that befalls pretty much everyone. Good time!

3/31/14 - The wife went out so yBob came over since I hadn't hung out with him in a while. We started with a game of Tzolkin and then we moved on to a Macao cage-match for the world title! Always a great time hanging with yBob!

3/25/14 - GSG was a short crew at Battlegrounds, joined by one of the locals, who was a bit annoying. Phil, Mike R, Tom and I (and the new guy) played The Agents, which I thought was kind of meh on its own, but made much more unpleasant by this local guy - just annoying. Then we played Snowdonia, which is always a lot of fun!

3/18/14 - Missed last week, so I was thrilled to make it out to GSG at Battlegrounds this week. Played Nations with Star, Todd, and Tom. Gold was super-tight, but game was a tense blast as usual. Then, I joined Brenton vs. Tom and Geki in 1775, where the Brits crushed our dream of freedom. Great time as always!!

3/4/14 - We were at Battlegrounds for this week's GSG. Tom, Geki, yBob, Adam and myself played an excellent game of Pillars of the Earth with the expansion. I finally cracked the shrink on my expansion and I really liked what it adds to the base game. Then, Tom, Geki, Brenton, and myself tried to get in a game of Bruxelles, but there was a bit of a gaffe and it was too late to start over, but that is a game I'd like to get back to the table soon.

2/25/14 - GSG was at John's this week. yBob, Tom, Geki, and I played World Without End, one of my personal favorites. Then John, Tom, Geki, and I played Bruges. Great time as always.

2/19/14 - Marco and Carlos came over for a game of Nations, which was great fun. So much going on in this game, that I can see myself playing it for a really long time.

2/10/14 - Wife went out and I wasn't going to be able to make it to GSG this week, so I had Geki and yBob over. We played Tzolkin and then Geki left and yBob and I played Macao. Great time!

2/4/14 - GSG at Battlegrounds this week saw a pretty full house. Mike R and Brenton joined me for a game of Tzolkin after a quick game of Coup with Russ. Adam, Russ, and Tom joined us for a game of Auf Teufel Komm Raus, a push-your-luck game that I would never have played if not for GSG. Russ left and the remaining five of us played Last Will, which I had never played and very much enjoyed. Great games and beating the snow home made for an awesome time!

1/29/14 - No GSG for me again this week, though I was able to have Marco and Geki over for some Nations. Weird the way the game went down, but pretty fun!

1/20/14 - yBob came over for a little one-on-one gaming. We opened with a game of Nations and finished up with a couple of games of Macao. It was a definitely needed game session.

1/7/14 - Great turnout for this GSG - 16 GSGers at Battlegrounds! Brenton, Star, and I sat down for a game of Nations, which I've been chomping at the bit to play more of. The three of us then joined Tom and Phil for a good game of Snowdonia to finish out the night. Great time!

1/5/14 - The wife went out so yBob came over. We borrowed Bob B's copy of Nations and got a great play of this new game in. We finished up the night with our go-to game - Macao. An awesome time as usual.

1/2/14 - Stopped by Marco's so the girls could have a playdate and squeezed in a game of Twilight Struggle.

12/29/13 - Squeezed in a little Sat night gaming. Played some Euphoria, 8-Minute Empire, and tried Amun Re. Nice way to end 2013.

12/23/13 - With GSG taking a little hiatus for the holidays, Mark, Todd, yBob, Russ, and I decided to get one last session in before the new year. We started by learning Euphoria, which ran a little long with 5p - mostly from the teaching of it. Pretty fun stuff. We banged out a couple of the worst games of Hanabi EVER. Mark and Russ departed and yBob, Todd, and I finished up with a wonderful game of Tzolkin, a game that just keeps rising up my list with additional plays. Awesome time.

12/11/13 - Hadn't seen Marco and Carlos for a while, so we got together for some chit-chat and a very low-scoring game of Seasons. Good fun hanging with the old guys.

12/6/13 - The wife went out for the annual Christmas Cookie Swap, so that left me at home so I invited yBob over. We opened with a pretty tight game of Tzolkin and then ended with me taking back the World Macao Title with a couple of wins. Always a pleasure to hang with Bobber!!!

11/26/13 - John hosted GSG this week. Phil, Geki, and I got to play Madeira. My brain was pretty burnt by the end of it. Lots going on, but very fun! Sweet!

11/15-11/16/13 - LOBSTER TRAP XVI!! What a great time! Lots of fun playing some great games with some great friends. I probably didn't play as many games as I could have as I was more focused on chit-chatting and laughing than trying to cram in as many games as possible. If you're curious to see how my weekend was, please feel free to check out my Lobster Trap XVI Geeklist.

11/5/13 - We were at Battlegrounds for GSG. yBob, Adam, Mike R, and I played a slightly asterisked game of CO2. We finished up with a couple of games of Hanabi. Good times! Next stop, Lobster Trap XVI!

10/29/13 - Phil hosted this week's GSG. John, Tom M, yBob, and myself played some Tzolkin to start. Pretty crazy game where we all felt that we were screwed. We then played a few games of Hanabi, with Phil replacing John for the last one. Good time!

10/15/13 - We met at John's for GSG this week. John, Russ, Phil, and I opened with Love Letter, which is quickly becoming my least favorite filler. I can't put my finger on it, but I don't care for it. yBob joined us and we played 5-man Village, which was fun, but after another play with the Inn, I'm not sure I'm keeping my copy of this expansion. Phil was about to turn into a pumpkin, so he left and I was introduced to Hanabi, which I really enjoyed and we had a good time with a couple of games of that for the road.

10/1/13 - Had to pick up some minis from my buddy Carlos so I took the opportunity to introduce him to Bruges and then we played a game of Seasons. Good to get some gaming in!

9/24/13 - A 4-man GSG (Adam, Jason, Phil, and me) at Phil's saw us open with Village with the expansion, which was nice to check out. It definitely adds a couple of nice wrinkles, but it certainly isn't mandatory. We then played a little filler called Skull and Roses for some bluffing action. Jason then left and Phil, Adam and I played some Viticulture with the Mamas and the Papas expansion, which introduces some variable startup conditions. All in all, a fun time.

9/11/13 - Wife went out so yBob came over to continue our lifelong Macao battle. A blowout, a close win for me and a deciding win for him gave him the belt...for now.

9/10/13 - I was able to make it to GSG on time this week, surprisingly. I got to try out Bruges with yBob, Mark, and Adam, which was very fun and after some banter, John, Phil, Adam and I played Augustus, which was described by Adam as gamer bingo. I enjoyed that as well.

9/3/13 - Decided to pass on GSG this week (would have been really late) so I could hang out with Carlos, who I hadn't seen in a while. We got to try out some Android Netrunner and then I introduced him to Jambo. Good time!

8/27/13 - Missed GSG last week, so I was really looking forward to this week. We started with Mike R, Todd, John, Russ, and I doing a little 8-minute Empire, then we moved on to K2, which I hadn't tried and enjoyed very much. I got to teach Trains after Mike R left, which was pretty fun and moved along nice and quick. We finished off with me getting to try Guildhall, a nice little set-collector with some backstabbery. Excellent night full of games and good friends!

8/13/13 - Got to try out Village and Suburbia this week sandwiched around Tzolkin. Glad that I reacquired Village and have Suburbia on its way as both are very excellent games. Love the death mechanic in Village and Suburbia is like SimCity: The Boardgame.

8/6/13 - Big crowd this week at Battlegrounds for GSG. Mike R, Matt C, Todd, Mark, and I started off with Rialto, which was ok, but ok for a Feld game is a bit of a let-down for me. We then played Manila, which I thought was a lot of fun. There's nothing deep going on, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. We finished off with Mark and Matt bowing out and Adam joining Todd, Mike R, and I for Via Appia, which I was hesitant to play, but glad that I did to confirm my initial feelings about it. All in all, the usual blast!

7/30/13 - It was a 4-man GSG at Battlegrounds for this week's session. Phil broke out Keyflower for us, followed by three lighter games - King's Breakfast, 8-Minute Empire, and Circus Flohcati. Plenty of laughs and chop-busting all around.

7/23/13 - We were at Battlegrounds this week. Got to try Mundus Novus with Todd and Mark, which I enjoyed and gets a reprieve from the trade/sale list. Then we played Asara, which I thought was ok. Finally, Phil, John, and I played a pretty tight game of Troyes to end the night. Another great time.

7/16/13 - I wasn't able to make it to GSG this week, so my buddy Carlos came over for some Twilight Struggle and Seasons. Twilight Struggle is deserving of its #1 rank on here. It's unbelievably awesome.

7/8/13 - I wasn't going to be able to make it to GSG this week, so I invited Marco and Carlos over to introduce them to CO2. It was a weird game where the price of CEPs was low throughout. We ended in the 4th decade as the CO2 got back below 350. Good time.

7/2/13 - We were at Battlegrounds for a 3rd week in a row, which was just fine. Todd, Russ, and I introduced Adam to CO2, which is quickly rising up my list of favorites. Russ and Todd seemed to enjoy their 2nd plays of this as well. It tells you something about how much I like CO2 that I passed on the opportunity to play Macao. Yep, CO2 is a keeper. We finished up with a game of Qin, which was a solid filler. Another great game time!

6/25/13 - GSG met at Battlegrounds again this week. Mark E, Russ, Mike R, and I all gave CO2 another spin and except for one little rule gaffe, it was a good game. It's a bit long, but there is a lot of meat on those bones. Good time.

6/18/13 - We were at Battlegrounds for GSG. Todd, Matt C, yBob, and I tried out CO2. I thought I had gone over the rules pretty thoroughly, but a couple of glaring oversights kind of sabotaged the game. We called it at the end of the 3rd decade, but it was nice to give it a spin. Hopefully next time I can get it right! Todd then taught Matt C and I Spectaculum, which was a fun little Knizia game. Todd, Adam, and I finished with some Lord of the Rings Deckbuilding. All in all a good night.

6/11/13 - We met at John's for this week's GSG. We opened with Circus Flohcati while we waited for everyone to arrive. Then, Matt C, Jason, Russ and I played Macao while Berna, John, Phil, and Mark played Viticulture in the kitchen. We finished up with some 7 Wonders for the road and there was no shortage of laughs. Good time!

6/4/13 - We were at Battlegrounds this week for GSG. We were on an odd number, so Mike R and I stepped aside from the game of Snowdonia to play a couple of ridiculously close Seasons games. I then got to try Viticulture with Todd, Pete, and Phil, which I liked and was very well-taught by Phil.

5/29/13 - The wife went out and yBob came over for some gaming. We opened with Twilight Struggle, followed by Macao, and capped a great night off with Seasons. Awesome time, especially considering that I got the Macao-ian World Title belt back! ;-)

5/28/13 - Phil was our host for this week's GSG. Phil, Steve, John, Mark, and Joe (Phil's son) played Viticulture while Geki, yBob, and myself moved to the kitchen for a Feld-fest. We started with a close game of Bora Bora and moved on to, yup, you guessed it, Macao - the epitome of gaming perfection.

5/21/13 - John hosted this week's GSG. Phil, John, yBob, Gary, and I opened with Eight Minute Empire, which I have the feeling NEVER takes 8 minutes. We moved on to Hawaii, which I thought was pretty good. Phil adjourned and the four of us played the 1968 version of Acquire, quickly moving up the list of my favorite all-time games.

5/14/13 - After a week of vacation, I was back for GSG at Battlegrounds. Geki, Anna, yBob, and I opened with a game of Macao, which was Anna's first experience with my #1 game. I then jumped in with Phil, Adam, and Mike R to learn Snowdonia, which I really enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Phil for teaching me this cool new game!

4/30/13 - Mark was this week's GSG host. Phil, Mike R, and I split off to try some Conquest of Paradise, a generally atypical choice at GSG and we had a good time with it. We then broke out Discworld for some goofiness and what turned out to be a sudden ending. This was one time where I played this and it seemed like everyone had a pretty good grasp on everyone's roles. Very fun as usual!

4/23/13 - John hosted the 5-man GSG this week and we started with Circus Flohcati before moving on to Ra. Lancaster was next with the highlight being the very civilized clapping (led by Geki) in celebration of whenever there was slaughter. John, Mark, and I finished up with a game called Turn the Tide. We had a good time and plenty of laughs!

4/18/13 - Headed over to Carlos's for some Clash of Cultures with Marco. Fun game but it's long. Thinking that the short game is the way to go next time.

4/13/13 - Todd and Matt stopped by for some Sat night gaming. We played Age of Industry on the Minnesota map and then moved on to Il Vecchio, which I had not tried yet. Good stuff!

4/9/13 - We were at Battlegrounds again this week. Adam, Jason, Mike (from BG) and I started with a game of Cheeky Monkey. We then played another filler - Piece of Cake - while Phil, Steve, Star, and Geki finished up the Quarriors re-theme, Lord of the Rings dice. I then taught World Without End and we finished with 2/3 of a game of Mamma Mia. Always a pleasure gaming with the guys!

4/2/13 - GSG met at Battlegrounds where Todd taught myself, Ross, and Mike some Kemet. A solid, if unspectacular game. Fast gameplay and the short game seems to run just the right length. Then Mark replaced Ross and the four of us played some Lords of Vegas, where swearing and whining were plentiful. Fun times!

3/26/13 - GSG met at John's this week. We started with some 6p Incan Gold, then yBob and I introduced Geki and Anna to Bora Bora, which I had been eager to get to the table while Phil, Mark, and John played Castles of Burgundy. I joined Phil, John, and Mark for a game of Love Letter for the road. Another excellent game-night!

3/19/13 - After missing last week at Phil's, I met the GSGers at Battlegrounds where yBob, Jason and I played a couple of games of Tzolk'in and then shot the breeze for a little bit. Tzolk'in is quickly moving up my list of favorites!

3/5/13 - We were at Battlegrounds this week and I got to play 3p Macao with yBob and Mike R. After that, yBob left and Scott P. taught us Tzolk'in, which Mike and I had been looking forward to. An excellent time as always!

2/26/13 - John hosted this week's GSG. yBob, John, Mark, Geki and I started off with Beowulf: The Legend, which is very underrated in my opinion. yBob left us and the rest of us moved on to Ra and then pressed our luck with Incan Gold before Mark, John, and I finished up with Formula De Mini. Another good time full of laughs!

2/21/13 - School vacation week, so I was off to Carlos's house for some mid-morning gaming. I introduced him to DC Deckbuilding and the Ladies of Troyes expansion for Troyes. A great way to spend a morning.

2/20/13 - yBob came over for some hardcore Macao throwdown. Always a pleasure to get my favorite to the table.

2/19/13 - We were at Battlegrounds again this week. Mark, Geki, Todd, and I learned Kings of Air and Steam. Pretty fun game and certainly fills the train game niche in 90 minutes. Then Todd taught us Briefcase, which was pretty good, but fiddly, if a card game can be so. Geki left us and Todd, Mark, and I finished up with some DC Heroes. A great time with great friends!

2/12/13 - This week's post-blizzard GSG had us back at Battlegrounds. Phil taught us Ground Floor which we played with six and it ran about three hours, a bit long for what it is. Good time, tho!

2/5/13 - Great GSG meetup at Battlegrounds and I needed it after this weekend. Todd taught Mike R, Steve, and myself The Great Zimbabwe, which was pretty good. Glad we got to play it twice as I think we really played it correctly the second time. Not a huge fan of how the networking works, tho. Mike R, Todd, and I finished up with a quick game of Among the Stars, which I had been eager to try and am looking forward to its release here in the States. Awesome time!

1/29/13 - Just a small 5-person GSG gathering at Battlegrounds, this week. Steve taught us Noblemen, which was pretty good and we finished up an early night with some trick-taking in Chronicle.

1/15/13 - A much-needed GSG session saw us at John's this week. John, Mike S, and I headed to the kitchen where John taught us Notre Dame - one of the few Feld games that I hadn't yet played. Not the best of Feld (see Macao for that ), but it was pretty cool and I would definitely play again. Mark, Phil, Bob B, and one other were playing Snowdonia, where there was a great deal of whining about cloudy weather. We finished up with a game of Troyes. A fun time as always!

1/1/13 - No better way to start the New Year than to get together with the GSG crew! Got to learn three new games this week - Todd, Phil, Star, and myself played two of them (DC Deckbuilding and Keyflower) and then Star left the three of us to play Kaigan. Three games that I wasn't sure I'd like, but I left Battlegrounds feeling like I got to play three pretty fun games!

12/27/12 - My Warhammer group was off for this week, so Carlos and I got together and we learned and played Clash of Cultures. Pretty excellent game!

12/19/12 - yBob came over again, this time for some head-to-head Macao action. A couple more excellent games under our belts. Good times!

12/17/12 - yBob came over for some Twilight Struggle to show me how it's done. After I messed up the initial round of the first game with a mis-deal, we re-started. After a good opening round, I fell apart with hand after hand of dreadful cards and more dreadful play. I've gotta learn somehow, tho. Still, great fun!

12/11/12 - GSG at Mark's this week. I walked in and the guys were finishing up High Society. Mark, Geki, and I headed over to the kid table where I taught them Seasons. Went pretty quickly at a tad over an hour, which is good for three players. Mark's son Nick joined us for some monster-smashing King of Tokyo. I finished up with another intense mano-a-mano Macao throwdown with yBob. Another fun time as usual!

12/4/12 - Nice turn-out for this week's GSG at Battlegrounds. We started with some Circus Flohcati and then Geki and Ana showed up and were willing to learn Spartacus with myself and Kevin. I had prepared to teach and even though the game runs really long for what it is, we had plenty of laughs and there were schemes galore. Good time and nice to meet some of the newer folks!

11/29/12 - Too many men down for Warhammer Thursday, so I got together with Carlos to introduce him to Twilight Struggle. I had only played once, so I used the great teaching guide in the files section to teach as well as to refresh my memory. It seems we only made one boo-boo (I thought Wars impacted DEFCON, which they do not) and, fortunately, it did not impact the game as only one was played for its event and that was the turn before the end of the game. TS is a fantastic game and I hope to get it to the table more in the future.

11/20/12 - The Turkey Week edition of GSG was back at Battlegrounds. Adam taught Ginkgopolis to myself, Todd, and Kevin H. It's by the same designer as Troyes, one of my faves, and this was pretty interesting. A little chaotic, but not bad. Todd swapped out with Mike R and Adam dusted off his Polish language skills to try to decipher the rules to Robinson Crusoe. After we muddled through the first couple of rounds, it clicked and we were having plenty of laughs at our terrible misfortune. I still say it all went downhill once Adam smashed himself in the head with the shovel. We lost, but it was fun! Portal/Ignacy DEFINITELY needs to find someone to write/design their rulebooks though.

11/9-11/10/12 - Lobster Trap XV. See my account of it HERE!

11/6/12 - The pre-Lobster Trap GSG was at Battlegrounds. We started with me teaching Seasons to Phil and Jason with John in as our 4th. It runs a bit long with four, but it was still pretty fun. Then we moved to some trick-taking with Dia de los Muertos in celebration of the actual Day of the Dead. Some good laughs to be had in that one. We ended the night with Phil teaching Grimoire, which was pretty fun as well. See you guys at LT15!!

10/23/12 - Off to Battlegrounds for this week's GSG. We found ourselves broken up into a 5 and a 3, so Lancaster found its way to the table - a game that plays much differently when you actually get some 1-level Knights Very fun game with the right crowd. Can't have anyone who is too sensitive to direct conflict and our group is perfect for it. We moved on to Traumfabrik, a game which I usually suck at, but didn't perform too badly. Another great time as always! Just a couple of weeks until LOBSTER TRAP XV!

10/9/12 - Phil hosted this week's GSG. With a short crew of five, we decided to risk playing one of the most-asterisked games in the history of GSG - the Queen Games version of Shogun. The last time (6/22/10), we had a few...ahem...incidents...with the cube tower. The game went off without a hitch and turned out to be loads of fun, with much whining and no mercy from the cube tower. The farmers were particularly unhappy with our incessant taxation and our negligence in feeding. We finished up with a game of Chronicle and some chit-chat about the impending Lobster Trap, just a month away! Woo-hoo!

10/2/12 - We met at BG for this week's GSG. John was gracious enough to bring his copy of Fleet, which Matt, Todd, and I joined him for a couple of games. I then taught Matt and John some Ninjato, which was a weird game as some houses just wouldn't fall and the personalities were very monochrome. Always a fun time, tho!

9/25/12 - John hosted this week's GSG. I taught yBob and John some Seasons and we ran it back for a 2nd play with the advanced cards. It's as fun a game live as it is on BGA. Another great time with the guys!

9/11/12 - GSG meetup saw us at Battlegrounds. Big crowd turned out. We started with some Circus Flohcati and moved to a 6p game of 7 Wonders. We then split up with Jason, Mike, Jeremy and I playing Alien Frontiers and a game of Hansa Teutonica was at the other table. Mike, Jason, and I finished up with a super-close game of Race for the Galaxy.

9/6/12 - This week's Warhammer session got canned, so Marco, Carlos and I got in a game of Railways of the World - England and Wales. Close game on one of my favorite maps.

8/28/12 - Met at Phil's for this week's 7-man GSG. We started with a couple of games of Spot It, which is excellent filler for great laughs. We then played Show Manager. We finished up with Adam teaching Ora et Labora, which ran a bit long. Glad I got to try it tho.

8/14/12 - Finally got to hang out with the GSG guys again after a bit of a busy time. We opened with Acquire, which is as close to a 10 as a game can be without being a 10. Then we played Ticket to Ride: Europe, which I completely sucked at. We finished with a game of Kingdom Builder that was super-tight. It was a much-needed night out for me.

7/17/12 - We were at John's for GSG this week. I broke out Tournay and taught it to Jason and yBob. Then, I learned Nefarious, which was more fun than I expected. We finished up with a game of Kingdom Builder with the Nomads expansion that John was kind enough to crack for us. Another awesome time as usual.

7/12/12 - Hung out with Carlos for a little 1-on-1 gaming. I taught him Omen to start and we finished with a game of Railways of Mexico.

7/3/12 - GSG this week saw me learn that yBob loved San Juan as much as I do. We finished up with a game of Railways where I played horribly. Still fun times, tho!

6/28/12 - Hung out with Carlos and Marco for a little gaming. We played some San Juan followed by some playtesting of my Crusades game. Good time hanging out.

6/19/12 - GSG at Phil's this week and it was a pretty full house with 11 of us. Todd introduced Mark, Gary, and I to the Kickstarter 4x game - Empires of the Void and then we finished up with a couple of games of Masters Gallery.

6/5/12 - We were at Battlegrounds for GSG this week. Got there early and played a couple of games of Race for the Galaxy with Jason - different to play live with the first expansion rather than online base game. Then Jason and I played a couple of games of Lascaux with Steve. We finished up with Todd introducing us to Manhattan Project, which I'd been wanting to play for a bit now. Awesome time!

6/2/12 - Had some friends over for a gaming day. We started with some Troyes, then played a slightly asterisked game of Acquire. We got to try the England and Wales map of Railways of the World, which I really liked a lot. We broke for weiners and played another Railways of the World, this time with the Western map, which I found particularly brutal with all of the mountains, though I did like the little spinners. We finished up with a game of BSG Express. All in all, it was a great day.

6/1/12 - yBob came over for some one-on-one gaming. We played a best-of-3 Macao throwdown and then a couple of games of Lords of Waterdeep. Good time.

5/22/12 - We were at John's for this week's GSG. I was on the border of not being able to make it, but then I arrived in the nick of time to get in on Railways of the Eastern USA. Fun game, as always. We finished up with some Glen More. GSG FTW.

5/17/12 - My usual Thursday plans fell through so Carlos, Marco, and I got together for some gaming. Carlos and I warmed up with a quick Race for the Galaxy. Then Marco arrived and we played Ninjato. We finished up with Santiago de Cuba. A fun time as usual.

5/9/12 - GSG started with a quick game of Call My Bluff. Then, yBob, Rick and I moved on to Macao and Lords of Waterdeep before finishing up with a game of Carcassonne (which I hadn't played in ages).

4/17/12 - Couldn't get out for GSG so Carlos and Marco came over for some gaming. We started by playing Age of Industry with Claude Sirois's in-development Russian map. It's a pretty tight map even with 3 players, but I have been known to love the tightness. Then, I introduced the guys to Lords of Waterdeep, which seemed to go over pretty well. A fun time as usual!

4/10/12 - A 4-man GSG (myself, Todd, yBob, and Phil) saw us dig in to Lords of Waterdeep - a decently made WotC offering with some fun choices. Then Todd taught us Upon a Salty Ocean, which was ok, but really unforgiving and can lead to some dead (and un-fun) turns.

3/27/12 - We were at Battlegrounds for this week's GSG. Phil, yBob, Jason and I broke out Age of Industry, which after playing left me wondering why it doesn't make the table more often. Super-fun and intense! Phil, Jason, and I finished up with a game of Discworld, which is always great for some chaotic mayhem!

3/13/12 - This week's GSG at Phil's saw me learn Lancaster, which I liked, but definitely need more plays. Finished up with some 3p Macao action with yBob and Mike. A very fun time with lots of laughs!

3/6/12 - Unable to get out for GSG this week, so Marco stopped in. Hadn't seen him in a bit. I taught him Race and we played a couple of games of it and then we played Ascension with the Storm of Souls expansion. Good times.

2/28/12 - Mark hosted this week's GSG. Fortunately, I brought Macao as we threw down my first 4p game of it and I'm in love all over again. I especially love the tightness in the city as well as the importance of the wall. Then we played Agricola, which I still don't know very well, but I enjoy playing. Good combo game night.

2/14/12 - We were at Phil's for this week's Valentine edition of GSG. We started with No Thanks, then moved on to Drakon. Next, Phil, yBob, and I moved into the kitchen to play Troyes - one of my faves. Phil and I then finished up with a couple of rounds of Fjords. Another fun night of gaming with the boys!

2/7/12 - Small GSG crowd at Battlegrounds - just Phil, Todd, and myself, but we had a fun time. I caught EVERY red light on the way there, but when I finally arrived, we played Alien Frontiers. Then we played Todd's beautiful new Deluxe Discworld, which had some great laughs. We finished up with Phil teaching us Another Damn Civilization Game, by Martin Wallace from the Spielbox magazine. Great time!

2/3/12 - I hadn't seen Marco in a bit so he came over for some gaming. We started with me introducing him to Trajan, which initially seemed a little overwhelming for him, but he quickly got into it. Then we did a little Elder Sign co-op, which he had never played, but really enjoyed. We finished up with a couple of games of what used to be our opener - Roma. Always a fun time!

1/24/12 - This week's GSG saw me make it right under the wire to get in on a game of Revolution. Blind bidding is not my thing, but I thought it was ok. Then I got to try Trajan. Really enjoyed it. Typical Feld-ian mechanics with lots of points strewn about to be collected.

1/11/12 - Couldn't make it to GSG this week, but Marco stopped by and we played 3 games of Ascension and finished up with a game of Die Burgen von Burgund.

1/7/12 - Marco and Carlos stopped by for some late night gaming. We got in a couple of games of Ninjato, which Carlos played for the first time. We finished up with a 3p game of Ascension. Good times!

1/3/12 - The new year starting off on the right foot with a good ol' GSG meetiup. We started off the night with a game of Troyes with John and Mike. Then, yBob and I played a couple of games of Ascension, while we waited "20 minutes" for Todd to finish up. So, 40 minutes later, Todd joined us for a game of Ninjato and then Todd and I finished the night with a game of Ascension. Excellent night getting to play a bunch of games that I really enjoy with people that I really enjoy playing with!

12/27/11 - Was able to make it to GSG this week. Got to play a couple of LIVE games of Race for the Galaxy with the first expansion against Jason, which was pretty fun. Then I taught the guys (Todd, Mike, and Mark) Ninjato (tho I gaffed a rule - sigh, small brain) and then we finished up with Todd teaching Takenoko, which was better than I would have thought. A great time hanging with the guys!

12/23/11 - Marco and Carlos came over for some pre-Christmas gaming. We taught Eminent Domain to Carlos. Then we moved on to some Discworld and had a blast with all of the whining! Good times!

12/11/11 - Marco, Carlos, and yBob came over for some much-needed man-time. We learned Discworld and played a couple of games of that. Pretty fun mayhem. We finished up after midnight with a game of Lords of Vegas that was filled with deals and whining - mostly by me . The usual great time!

12/3/11 - Hung out with some of the guys on Sat. Learned Kingdom Builder, which I thought was ok, but I'm in no rush to play it again. Then we did a 5p Circus Flohcati where I almost brilliantly converted 21 pts into 10. Finally, we finished up with a game of Vinhos. A great time playing games!

11/30/11 - Marco came over for a couple of games of Eminent Domain.

11/23/11 - The wife went out on GSG night, so Marco and yBob were nice enough to come over on Wednesday to hang out. We all played Ninjato for the first time and I have to say that I was more than impressed with this great game. The mechanics are simple and the game is very intuitive once you've got all of the options down. We got a couple of games in and then we called it a night. Fun time!

11/16/11 - No GSG for me again this week, but Marco and yBob were able to come by on Wednesday. We played Age of Industry on the Minnesota map. Cool differences between this map and the base game. Marco left and then yBob and I finished up our game of Eminent Domain. Thanks to yBob for his patience as I stumbled through it. Another awesome game night!

11/9/11 - Couldn't make it to the regular GSG this week, so I went to Battlegrounds on Wed and saw Star, Jason, and Todd. Todd introduced me to Die Burgen von Burgen, which, as I expected, I loved! First class game by one of my favorite designers - the incomparable Stefan Feld. We played a couple of games and then we played a couple of games of Dominion for the road. A fun night that I needed very badly.

11/2/11 - Marco swung by to drop off some paperwork and we hung out for some gaming. We got to try out the 2p Great Lakes map by Claude Sirois for Age of Industry. It was very fun and made for a nice tight game. We finished up with 3 games of Roma.

10/26/11 - Couldn't get to GSG this week, so yBob came over for some Agricola farming fun. I kept the games close, but he is the farming master. Good fun, tho.

10/20/11 - Hadn't seen Marco for a couple of weeks, so he came by to hang out for a little bit. We started with a couple of games of Roma, then I introduced him to Kingsburg, which was the first time I had played live. Then we finished with a game of Jambo - which I am starting to like more and more. All in all it was a fun hang-out!

10/18/11 - Brought the heavy artillery to GSG this week - Vinhos. What a complex game with so much to balance. Rick was down from Canada and was kind enough to teach Phil and refresh yBob and I. Superb game that would make it to the table more often if we could get the play time down to 2 hours.

10/11/11 - Finally made it to GSG. Adam, yBob, and I started with some Agricola. John and Todd then joined us for some 5p Hansa Teutonica. It was a fun time with a great deal of whining and laughing!

10/3/11 - Marco came by for a little 2p card gaming. We started with a couple of games of Roma/Roma II, which has steadily become our warm up game. Then we learned 51st State, which was a smidge long, but pretty fun. We finished by learning Omen, which was a fun back-and-forth type of game with easy mechanics. A good night of gaming since I wasn't going to be able to make it to GSG again this week.

10/2/11 - Had a couple hours so I met Matt out at Battlegrounds to give Call of Cthulhu LCG a spin. I liked it very much and we had a good time checking the game out.

9/21/11 - GSG was a small intimate affair at John's this week and I was thrilled to be able to make it. We played 5p Agricola. Very fun! Then Jillian showed us how to play 7 Wonders dropping 70 pts on us. We wrapped with some High Society. Excellent time with the GSGers!

9/14/11 - Couldn't make it to GSG again this week, but yBob stopped by to kick my face in at Macao again

9/7/11 - Missed out on this week's GSG, but yBob was available, so he came on over. After stomping me in a couple of games of Macao, we squeezed in a quick game of Dominion. Hard to believe that I once detested it.

9/4/11 - Swung by Carlos's house for some afternoon gaming with him and Marco. Carlos and I started off playing Roma, which Marco finished for him when he arrived. Then, we all tried out Alien Frontiers, which was a pretty fun experience. I introduced them to Glen More to finish up, but they were a little lukewarm on it. All in all, a good time hanging out with the guys.

8/31/11 - In the aftermath of Irene, I invited yBob over. We played Le Havre, or rather he played Le Havre while I was playing something else. Someday I'll figure out what the hell I'm doing in that game. Next we moved on to my #1 game - Macao. I love it so much. I could play it 10 times a day every day for the rest of my life and then be on my death-bed wondering why I didn't play it more. It's awesome.

8/23/11 - A jam-packed 10-man GSG at Battlegrounds made me think a Battle Royale was about to break out. Adam, Tom, and I got things started with some Quarriors. I went on to join Todd, yBob, and Phil to try out the new Black Gold - missed out on Merchant of Venus, tho...AGAIN. KHAN!! Todd and I played half a game of Quarriors while we waited for First Train to Nuremberg to finish up. I'm sure he was cheating. We wrapped up with some speed Hansa Teutonica with Adam, Todd, Tom, and myself. Another fun time as always.

8/16/11 - Made it to my first GSG in quite a while and was thrilled to get my hands on a copy of Quarriors. We played 5 games of it before finishing up with a quick Hansa Teutonica. Great to see the guys again!!

8/13/11 - Marco stopped by with the girls for a little play date. Meanwhile, we played my Crusades proto and actually finished a whole game in about two hours. We then wrapped with a couple of games of Jambo.

8/7/11 - Carlos and Marco came over for some man-time. We talked for a while and then I introduced them to Lords of Vegas. We had fun, but might have played the most civil game of it in the history of the world From there, we moved on to some prototype testing of my Crusdaes-based card game. The game went pretty smoothly after we ironed out a couple of wrinkles. Getting familiar with all of the different cards right now seems to bog the game down a bit, but it's important thematically, so I don't see that changing much. You just have to be thinking about your next turn during the other player turns.

7/24/11 - So, with my wife and son hanging out at the hospital, I had yBob over. We tested my Crusades card game prototype and he gave me some great feedback. Then we squeezed in a game of Macao. Hopefully, we won't have to wait long for a re-match.

7/19/11 - We were back at Battlegrounds for this week's GSG. We started with a 7p game of 7 Wonders, getting to try out the Leaders expansion courtesy of Phil. I found it to be a little lukewarm, but I'll probably give it another try before deciding on whether or not to keep my copy. Then, we split up with Mark, John, Star, and I playing a couple of games of some light-hearted Lords of Vegas (with some whining and many lamentations at the atrocious re-org dice rolls) and Todd, Phil, and Gary played Kaigan. As always, a super time!

7/14/11 - Had a little gaming at the house on Thursday with yBob, Rich, and Carlos stopping by. Rich came over a bit early and camped out on my porch Then we played a game of Ascension while we waited for yBob and Carlos. Then we jumped into Tinners Trail, which I hadn't played in quite a while - and it showed. Then we proceeded to play World Without End going past midnight and having a bundle of laughs at all of our misfortune. A fun time as always hanging out with the guys!

7/12/11 - Off to Phil's for this week's GSG. Rich, Gary, Mark, yBob, Phil, and I started off with a game of 7 Wonders. We then split into 2 groups of three. Mark, Gary, and Rich played Acquire, while yBob, Phil, and I played Age of Industry on the Japan map. The Japan map has some different wrinkles to it and I am looking forward to playing the Minnesota map soon.

7/5/11 - We went to Mark's for this week's GSG where Phil taught us Rails of New England. It was a pretty good game with some elements I really enjoyed, but with some others that just made me say, huh? All-in-all, a really fun time!

6/29/11 - Todd and yBob came over to keep me company. We started with Age of Industry, which went down to the wire. Todd then had to go, so yBob and I banged out a quick game of speed Macao - still and likely forever my favorite. Definitely fed my gaming fix for the week.

6/28/11 - No GSG for me this week - too many shifts at work.

6/21/11 - This week's GSG took us to Battlegrounds. We began the night with a game of Glen More, which I like very much. Then, we moved on to El Grande, which has gotten a little more meh each time I play. yBob and Steve left, so Mark, Todd, and I played Diamonds Club, which has a different theme than what I am used to, but was a nice experience. Another super GSG experience!

6/14/11 - I still wasn't feeling 100% from my weekend cold, so I decided to lay low rather than head out to Battlegrounds for this week's GSG. It bummed me out a little, but yBob was able to make the short drive over to keep me company. We banged out a couple of games of Macao and then I headed to bed. Always fun to hang with the Bobber!

6/10/11 - Marco and Carlos stopped by for what I thought was going to be a Troyes/Alien Frontiers doubleheaders, but after a quick game of Zombie Dice with Carlos while Marco finished his Thai food, they decided that they would be brave enough to try Age of Industry. I told them that it was meatier than most of the stuff they were used to playing, but they had heard me rave about it and decided to give it a spin. Well, the result was a tight, intense game with virtually every spot on the board taken up. A good time and a pleasant surprise!

6/7/11 - This week's GSG took us to Phil's house where Todd taught us to play Peloponnes, which was a very fun bidding/tile placement game. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would and would definitely play it again. We finished up with Age of Industry that ended in a super-tight finish. God only knows how I stayed close. Thanks to all of the guys for another good time!

6/2/11 - Todd and yBob came over to try out Age of Industry. We were thrilled with the way it played and we are looking forward to getting it back on the table really soon. Next time, we'll try Germany.

5/31/11 - Hadn't seen Marco in a while, so he stopped by and we chatted about the good ol' days, had Magnums, then decided to do a little gaming. We played a couple of games of Roma and then we did a quick 2p game of Troyes.

5/24/11 - This week saw GSG at John's house. We opened the night with a game of 7 Wonders, during which there was much whining about who was sitting next to who and why certain people were not getting resources. Mark, Dan, and Bob then indulged me by playing World Without End where nearly every building came out to be built and there wasn't nearly the level of pain that we've seen in almost every other play of this game. Then, Todd and Mark talked me into playing Reiner Knizia's Beowulf, which was way more fun than I would have ever expected. Another super time hanging out with the GSG crew!

5/17/11 - We met up at Mark's this week. We played a quick game of Last Night on Earth while we waited for Phil, and Gary, oBob, John, and I were crushed by Mark and his son, Nick. Once Phil arrived, he introduced me to a card game called Havoc that uses a poker-style mechanic to fight battles. It was pretty decent, but too long for a filler, which I think it tries to be. We finished up with a game of El Grande, which I like, but is kind of the epitome of the soul-less Euro. Not much theme to it, but it's a very good game and makes for epic amounts of whining - and perverse talk of the King token. Another great GSG!

5/10/11 - This week's GSG - we played Dorn and then Mark taught us Lords of Vegas, which I then had to go home and immediately buy :-)

5/3/11 - Marco came by yesterday and we did some additional prototype testing and then played 3 games of Roma/Arena.

4/30/11 - My buddy Kev was in town so he and Marco came over for 4 games of 7 Wonders as well as a trial run of my prototype. It was great to see Kev again and I'm hoping we can hang out at least one more time before he heads back to Florida.

4/26/11 - This week's GSG took us back to Battlegrounds. I arrived just in time to get in on a game of Princes of Macchu Picchu. Thanks to Phil for teaching it. We ended it at a weird time and wrapped up early. Makes up for all the times I'm out late.

4/19/11 - I was stuck home so Todd, Marco and Carlos joined me for a little Tues night gaming. We played a couple of games of 7 Wonders and then Todd taught us Isla Dorada, which we played a couple of times and we really enjoyed it!

4/12/11 - This week, GSG met up at John's. We started with a game of 7 Wonders and then yBob and I introduced John to Macao. We finished up the night with me teaching Egizia to John and Erin. Another great time!

4/9/11 - Todd hosted a great gaming day at his in-laws. I played Priests of Ra with Mark and Terry, then we moved on to a 6p game of 7 Wonders, followed up back-to-back games of Glen More - one with Terry, Mark, and Gary and one with yBob and Steve. Wish I could have stayed longer, but it was still a great time!

4/6/11 - Todd and yBob came over for a couple of games of Agricola. We ran a bit late, but it was a good ol' farming time.

4/4/11 - Mark and yBob came over since I will be unable to attend this week's GSG. We ended up playing Vinhos. Wow. Talk about a lot going on. I love it, but as yBob said, this is definitely a "big boy game". This isn't for the meek. It can be slightly overwhelming for the unprepared and is not the easiest game in the world to teach. By the end of the game, though, we all had a pretty good grasp as to what we were doing. Great experience.

3/31/11 - yBob came over for some Le Havre and our favorite - Macao. Fun times!

3/29/11 - We met up at Battlegrounds and Todd introduced us (Todd, Gary, myself, Terry, and Mark) to Struggle of Empires. After a slow start, we had a wild finish with plenty of laughs and alliance swapping! Fun time!

3/22/11 - We went to John's this week and yBob, Dan, and I played a game of 3p Agricola, which I had not played in ages - and it showed. Afterwards, Jillian joined us as we ran it back and played 4p. It was a fun time and enjoyable to get Agricola on the table.

3/15/11 - This week's GSG led us to Phil's where Todd, Mark, Phil, and oBob played some Carson City, which I was bummed about missing out on, but it was made up for by playing one of my favorites - Macao - which yBob and I introduced Steve to. Steve then introduced me to a couple of games of Masons, which I thought was pretty good. I did miss a chance to try out the latest Feld game - Luna. Another fine time!

3/8/11 - GSG met at Battlegrounds this week where Adam, yBob, and I broke out some 3-player Le Havre while Todd, Phil, and Steve played La Citta - a game that I would definitely like to give a try at some point. We finished up with a few hands of Palastgefluster - a neat little card game. Yet another game to which I would have never played were it not for GSG.

3/3/11 - yBob came over for some one-on-one Le Havre - a favorite of ours.

3/1/11 - A much-needed GSG this week found us at Mark's house. We started with a game of Rails of Europe (Steve, Adam, yBob, Mark, and me), which I personally think is a better map than the USA. The same group then played a quick Circus Flohcati. Then, we wrapped up the night with a couple of games of Traumfabrik (John, Adam, yBob, Mark and me). Hoping to get a little gaming action in Thursday as well - fingers crossed!

2/22/11 - We started this week's GSG with a 6-player (Mark, yBob, Steve, Dan, Gary, and me) game of 7 Wonders after which we moved on to finally play Navegador (Mark, yBob, Todd, Gary, and me) - CORRECTLY this time - which really went quickly. We played another game of 7 Wonders - 5-player (the same 5 from Navegador) this time as John had moved on to the kitchen. Then we split off with Phil, Mark, Todd, and John (I think) playing Isla Dorada and yBob, Gary, Tory, and I playing Stone Age. A nice full night of gaming!

2/19/11 - yBob came over for some Macao goodness and we were later joined by Marco for a good game of Le Havre. Marco left and yBob and I squeezed in a quick Ascension for the road. Some nice pre-Fantasy Baseball Draft gaming including two of my big favorites!

2/16/11 - Back at Battlegrounds this week where we tried out Navegador with Mark, Tom, Todd, yBob, and myself. It's a good rondel game that can drag near the end if the players haven't planned appropriately. I like it and would be happy to play it again. Unfortunately, Tom had to leave, so Mark, Todd, yBob and I moved on to a good game of London, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites! We had a good time as we closed the place down.

2/8/11 - I was homebound so it was great to have a buddy come over for a couple of games of Macao!

2/6/11 - Met up with yBob at Battlegrounds to play a couple of games of Ascension along with Tom. We finished up with 4 games of 7 Wonders. It was all capped off with getting the latest Ascension promo. Woo-hoo!

2/1/11 - No GSG this week. Snow is stupid. Why do I live here?

1/25/11 - The Pre-Unity GSG saw us at Battlegrounds. When Todd arrived, we did a 4-player game of London with Todd, yBob, Steve, and me. Then, the four of us moved on to one of my (and yBob's) personal favorites - Egizia. It was Steve's first time, but he seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. Todd and Steve had to go, which left yBob and myself for a mano-y-mano Egizia re=match. Good times with good people - isn't that what gaming is all about?

1/21/11 - yBob came over for some Egizia throw-down for the title. I took the first one in a close one, he answered with a close win. The deciding game went to him as he thoroughly outplayed me. See you at Wrestlemania, because then, the strap is mine! Always fun to hang with yBob.

1/19/11 - The crummy weather post-poned our GSG meetup til Wednesday, but no worries as it was worth it. We started with a game of 7 Wonders (as per usual recently ), then Todd arrived and was gracious enough to teach London to myself and Jillian. It was a great game, that I wish I had played sooner. Then, we finished with a quick 7 Wonders. Another great time!

1/11/11 - A great GSG got started with a 4-player game of 7 Wonders with Todd, Phil and yBob. We moved on to Gary introducing me to Leaping Lemmings. It was fun (except for me getting eaten all of the time), but it dragged a bit with 6, however the company made up for it. Then we finished up with a great game of Puerto Rico with Todd, Phil, yBob, Gary and me that was neck and neck to the end. Hadn't played it live in close to 10 years and was better than I remembered. An excellent GSG to be sure!

1/7/11 - Got together with yBob and Marco. yBob got here first and we played a little Gosu before Marco arrived and we moved on to three games of 7 Wonders, which Marco had never tried and won the first two! We finished up with introducing Marco to Egizia. Always fun to share some of my favorites with good friends!

1/3/11 - Happy New Year! First gaming of the new year was with my buddy Carlos. We got to try out Gosu and after working out a few kinks in the learning game, we played it for real. Cool little game of managing your troops. Don't forget that you don't draw back to 7 cards in between rounds! We finished off with me teaching him Ascension, which he seemed to like as well. A nice way to start the new year!

12/28/10 - When I arrived at this week's GSG, the guys were wrapping up a game of Antics. We played a quick game of 6-player 7 Wonders and then I got to teach Merchants & Marauders to yBob and Phil. It takes a while to teach and I would definitely suggest using the Cutthroat variant. It was pretty fun, especially watching yBob fail to roll a success on 4 dice over and over. Gave us some good laughs. Here's hoping 2011 is as good a GSG year as 2010 was!

12/21/10 - Arrived at Battlegrounds for this week's GSG a bit earlier and got to try out Twilight Struggle. I can see why it is so highly-regarded. Then, I got to break out 7 Wonders for some fun cardplay. I think its a game that is largely multiplayer solitaire, unless its 3-player. It is fun multiplayer solitaire, tho! I was then able to teach my favorite 4-player game World Without End to a new player and we wrapped up with 3 more games of 7 Wonders. A super time once again! GSG is a great collection of folks that are a gamer's dream!

12/14/10 - Got together at John's for this week's GSG. We started with 5-man Founding Fathers, then moved to Union Pacific which seemed to try to blend Ticket to Ride and Acquire. We finished up with another quick Founding Fathers for the road. Another great time packed with laughs...and cheating!

12/9/10 - After missing my 2nd straight GSG this week, got together with yBob and Todd for some late week gaming. Played a game of Warhammer Invasion with yBob with random decks. Then we played a game of Troyes and finished up with 2 games of Ascension. Always a fun time hanging out with the guys!

11/30/10 - Marco had another free day before he was going to be tied up for a bit, so I decided to take advantage and hang out with him. We played a couple of games of Roma, then I tried to introduce him to Warhammer Invasion, but the deck drafting was going to take too long for the limited time we had, so I showed him Roll Through the Ages instead. We played a couple of games of that and then we finished up with 3 games of Ascension. A fun time hanging out with my old bud.

11/24/10 - Marco and I were poised to hang out to catch up on things and Jon ended up coming over as well. I introduced Marco to Roma, which filled the time while we waited for Jon. Then I introduced them to Ascension which they both liked and Marco won 4 out of 5, tho 2 were by 1 point.

11/23/10 - The Turkey Day edition of GSG saw us at Mark's. Todd was kind enough to teach Troyes, which I had been looking forward to trying. I was then able to get Homesteaders to the table for the first time. It was a fun time and I enjoyed trying two new games that I had been eager to check out.

11/16/10 - Met up with the GSG crew at Battlegrounds. Met Matt for the first time as he introduced me to Founding Fathers - a lot more fun than you would think on the surface. Then we played a game of Ra that I totally sucked in and we finished up with Titan:Arena, which I found to be quite blah. All in all, a very fun time!

11/9/10 - With most of the GSG guys getting ready for Lobster Trap this weekend (which I will unfortunately be missing), Todd and I got together for some mano-y-mano gaming fun. We started with a quick (once we got the rules worked out) game of Roma, then Todd taught me Dorn, which was much better than I was expecting, and we finished with a game of Ascension (one of my personal faves). Have fun this weekend guys!

11/2/10 - This week's GSG saw a 6-person game of Last Night on Earth - a fun zombie romp that hearkens back to the 80's horror flicks. We then played a game of Show Manager that was packed with laughs. Another great time had by all.

10/26/10 - At GSG this week, we tried out Egizia - an Egyptian-themed worker placement game that seems a cousin of Stone Age. Then the guys introduced me to one of the group's favorites - Acquire. Wow, it truly amazes me that there are so many awesome games out there that I haven't tried and this is definitely one of them. It is simple and yet phenomenal. Awesome time!

10/23/10 - yBob came back over for a little more good-natured fun. We started with Macao - one that we both really love and then I introduced him to Jambo and we finished up with a couple of games of Ascension. Puts the cap on a pretty excellent gaming weekend.

10/22/10 - A little Friday night gaming fun with yBob and Marco. First, yBob and I squared off in another nail-biter in Ascension. Then yBob introduced Marco and I to Dungeon Lords which hearkened us back to the days of the old Dungeon Keeper PC game. Late night, but worth it!

10/19/10 - This week's GSG was held at Battlegrounds. Just got there in time to jump in to a game of St. Petersburg with yBob, oBob, and John. Had never played it live or with more than 2 and it was excellent. We then moved on to World Without End with Todd, yBob, and John and finished up with Tinners Trail with the same crew. Looking forward to a week potentially chock full of gaming!

10/16/10 - Went to the Battlegrounds grand opening in Plainville. Was hoping to demo World Without End, but ended up that I demo-ed Ascension instead and got in a couple of games of it with yBob and Mike (a BG guy) in one and yBob and Tom (a BG/GSG guy) in another. Squeezed in a quick game of Zooloretto for the road with yBob, Tom, and a couple of other BG guys - Terry and Anthony. A great atmosphere and fun time even though I didn't have time to stay long.

10/12/10 - We met up at Phil's for this week's GSG. We started with a quick game of The King Commands where it seemed like all I drew was bags of gold. Then Phil introduced me to Citadels which I thought was a little "meh" but that could be because I was killed twice in the first 3 rounds. Todd, Phil and I then broke off to play one of my favorites The Speicherstadt - a game that strikes me as Macao lite. We finished up the night with Phil introducing me to Mordred, a Wallace game that hasn't gotten much love on the geek, but sure is fun. Great time as usual!

10/5/10 - This week we were at Mark's for GSG. I got to play Castle Ravenloft with oBob, Mark, and his son Nick. It was fun watching our heroes getting cut to pieces and a miracle that we made it to the dracolich. oBob, Mark, and I then played a couple of hands of a Simpsons-themed It's Mine which was a light little filler. Phil then broke out The King Commands for all of us to play. We finished up with Mark, John, Rich and I playing one of my favorites - Priests of Ra - in which Mark must have set some kind of record by accumulating only 2 pts through the first 2 rounds - and still almost coming back to finish ahead of me for 3rd! Another excellent GSG!

9/28/10 - We were at John's for this week's GSG meetup. Got to play 4-player AoE. It's fun with 4, but definitely starts to push the 2-hour mark. I think with 5 it would totally drag. We finished up with Traum Fabrik (Dream Factory) - my initial GSG game and one that I think i would enjoy even more with additional plays. A fun time with some great folks!

9/21/10 - GSG meetup this week at Battlegrounds Games in Plainville. Excellent store with cool atmosphere. We tried out Speicherstadt thanks to Todd, then a quick game of Circus Flohcati. I was then introduced to Small World thanks to Steve. Finished up with a couple of games of Ascension - one vs. yBob and Steve, the other against yBob. A wonderful experience and I wish I could spend a lot more time at Battlegrounds!

9/14/10 - A super GSG meetup. We started with Circus Flocati which was a very nice filler before we got started up. Then we moved on to ShowManager - a neat little game about set collection to put on shows. The theme was a little wonky, but otherwise good fun. We finished up with Todd introducing us to Moongha Invaders - a crazy and fun Martin Wallace dice-fest with monsters eating cities (and each other). Very fun night! We didn't get a chance to play Spreichstadt, but hopefully soon!

9/10/10 - Todd and yBob came over for a quick gaming session. yBob taught us Ascension - CotG. Kind of like Dominion, but I enjoy the theme much more for some reason. Then we were able to talk Todd into playing Macao. An excellent gaming session as always!

9/7/10 - Met up at Mark's for this week's GSG. Played 2-player Innovation with Steve. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it though there sure is a lot to keep track of. Also got introduced to El Grande. Wow. Incredibly fun! Lots of screwage and jockeying for the points. Big thumbs up!

8/31/10 - The GSG meetup this week was at Phil's. Phil taught El Caballero which had some Carcassonian elements. A different twist on the game that I thought was pretty fun. I also got to teach World Without End to Steve and Phil. They picked it up quick and we all had some good laughs at all the misfortunes that befell us. Not looking forward to possibly missing next week. GASP!

8/24/10 - This week's GSG saw us at Steve B's house. We started with a game of Railways of the World where Steve dominated us pretty much from beginning to end. A game of Fresco with all of the expansions saw yBob edge us out for the win. Another fun time with the GSGers!

8/20/10 - One final game session for the week with yBob, Todd, and Marco. Todd brought over Fresco for us to take for a spin. Very fun stuff! We also got in a game of World Without End. Good times!

8/18/10 - A little impromptu get-together with yBob and Todd saw us break out Tinner's Trail and then we introduced Todd to Macao. Always fun to hang with the guys!

8/17/10 - This week's much-needed GSG meetup introduced me to two members from days gone by - Jeff and Dave (who I got to play with). Learned and played Innovation which I really liked, but just didn't get the hang of until it was too late. Also learned Automobile, which I liked, just not as much as Tinners. Still, it was pretty cool to learn two games which I had a lot of interest in and as always, had a great time playing and hanging with the guys.

8/16/10 - Got in three more games of Pitchcar with the nephew. It might be his favorite game, but even that fails to hold his attention for long.

8/14/10 - Much slower game day with the nephew. Tried out a game of Alhambra. We got through the whole game and he stayed pretty focused (which has been a problem). He really seemed interested in the decisions he was making. The big hit of the night was Pitchcar. We had fun and even hooked my wife and sister-in-law into playing as well. Good to see I had something he could enjoy.

8/13/10 - Friday the 13th for a reason, apparently. My 10 year-old nephew in town this week and I was VERY excited to play some board (and video) games with him. We started with Lost Cities at 1230 am as he was late getting in from his flight. He seemed to enjoy it. The following day, we started with some Kids of Carcassonne with him and my daughter to keep her involved. I hung out with him for about 5 hours and we started with Stone Age, which he enjoyed immensely when we played during my visit a year ago. We got about halfway through and he gave up saying he didn't want to play any more. We then switched to Castle Panic and we BARELY made it through before his attention span gave out. I tried Galaxy Trucker with him and it turned out to be a colossal fail as he didn't want to go past ship-building even though it looks like a truly cool game. Finally, we attempted Jambo, a light card game with a goods buying and selling mechanic that I though would be right up his alley. Wrong. Another game that went unfinished. Overall, a less than optimal start to his visit. Hoperfully, it will turn around, but I am not holding high hopes.

8/10/10 - A slow start to this week's GSG meetup by playing Pacific Typhoon. It's essentially Atlantic Storm, but it is abject torture for me to play. The pain quickly subsided as we got a great game of World Without End in with Todd taking home the narrow win! We finished up with Todd introducing us to Nuns on the Run - a fun and cute reverse Scotland Yard. Slow start, but a great finish.

8/3/10 - This week's GSG saw another game of Tinner's Trail against yBob, Todd, and Mark E. I finished 2nd to yBob, but this is now my #1 game. Todd also introduced me to Railways of the World. I really liked it but there are a few bits of it that kind of bug me. Things like the potential for a runaway leader turn me off, but I enjoyed my play of it. Another great meetup!

7/30/10 - A little friend-crossover happened this week when I introduced yBob and Todd to Marco. We played World Without End (super-tight with 4) with yBob edging me out in his first game of it. Todd then won our play of Tinners Trail on a tie-breaker. A good time with everyone enjoying plenty of laughs.

7/27/10 - Our usual GSG hosts were all unable to host so we conducted an emergency session at Borders. Played Top Race for the first time - cool racing game with wagering, but I think it's of greatest importance that your car finish as high as possible. Finished 2nd out of 6 - so not bad. Got a tight win in World Without End. Only my 2nd play (both times with 3), but I enjoyed it even more than the first time. Very fun and I think with four players it becomes much tighter as the resources will surely start to run out. Awesome time with the GSG crew!

7/20/10 - This week's GSG meetup saw Todd join yBob, Dennis, and myself for another great game of Tinner's Trail - easily rising to the top of my favorites. Alex swapped with Todd for a game of Ra with yBob, Dennis, and me. It was my first time playing. Not sure if I liked it better than Priests of Ra, but it certainly has some cool things going for it. We finished up the night with a game of Zooloretto, which was a heck of a lot of fun to fill in the last hour. Another great time!

7/13/10 - Another GSG meetup saw me get in 2 games of Tinners Trail with Dennis and yBob followed by a 2-player game of Macao with yBob. I also purchased La Citta from Mark and am looking forward to getting it on the table at some point.

7/11/10 - Met up with buddies Marco and Carlos. Introduced them to Priests of Ra and World Without End. Also my first play. They were lukewarm on Priests but really liked World Without End. Fun time and a tough 1 point loss in WWE for me. cry

7/6/10 - Running late this week, so only a short meetup with the GSGers. Got to play my new #1 game Macao, tho, so it was all good! Would have won if not for the infernal -3 punishment markers. I sure do love it.

6/29/10 - This week's GSG allowed me to break out one of my favorites - Macao. I got thumped, but it was great fun. We also played a game of Shadow Hunters and a couple of hands of No Thanks. Another great meetup with plenty of laughs.

6/22/10 - Got together with the GSG crew to play Shogun (1/2 game), Atlantic Storm, and Priests of Ra. Our play of Shogun was highly asterisked as there were incorrect armies thrown into the tower, tower-jostling, wrong territories used, but we all laughed our behinds off and had a good time overall, but we called it after 1 year to get some other games in. Gary broke out Atlantic Storm. Pretty decent, but not my favorite in the world. He is 2nd in the world so it was an honor just to sit at the same table . Todd, Mark, and I finished up by squeezing in a speed game of Priests of Ra in about half an hour with Mark just edging Todd by a tie-breaker. Good time.

6/15/10 - Played Age of Empires, Priests of Ra, and a la Carte with the GSG crew. AOE was as great as I expected, though I did not play well. Priests of Ra was even better than I expected and one that I was ready to play again right away but we moved on to a la Carte which is a light dexterity game that gets us all cracking up. Yet another totally awesome night of hanging with the GSGers!

6/8/10 - I hurried my behind off to get to the GSG meetup this week as there were 2 games that I was interested in - Tinners Trail and Keythedral. Both were excellent. Tinners Trail is about mining tin and copper in the 19th century in Cornwall while having to mitigate water flooding and converting money to points. The only thing I wasn't a big fan of was that we didn't play the last round as the leader was so far ahead that the last round didn't matter. Keythedral is about resource gathering and building a cathedral through the purchase of building tiles. It also has a little auction element as well as a blocking element as well. It was fun, though a smidge fiddly. We wrapped up the night with a game of Shadow Hunters, which was pretty cool filler material. Some co-op deduction and good ol' shoot-em-up fun.

6/1/10 - Another meetup with the GSG folks and this week, we played a fun 5-player game of Last Night on Earth, which is always a good time. We also played a couple of games that I hadn't played before - High Society and I'm the Boss. High Society was ok, but nothing more than filler for me. I enjoyed I'm the Boss, especially the interplay and how deals can change in a moment. All in all, another great time with some cool folks.

5/25/10 - This week's GSG meetup introduced me to Crokinole - which just makes me more eager for my board to come in! Also got to play Forbidden Island, a cuter, lighter clone of Pandemic is you can deem a sinking island "cute" and "light". We then squeezed in a couple of card games - Foppen - which was lots of fun and we got to say "Foppen" over and over (especially when John has it and wants to play his green 19 ) and Corsari - which could have been fun if not for the ever-so-wonky scoring system, the directions of which read like they were directly imported from a Babelfish translation. All-in-all a very fun time hanging with the GSGer's.

5/18/10 - Met up with the GSG crew and played Dream Factory. My first time really playing an auction game and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Then I got in half a game of Hansa Teutonica. Its a little dry, but has a lot of elements and avenues to victory so I enjoyed it. I'll be seeing these guys again, best believe it!

5/15/10 - Just played In the Year of the Dragon for the first time. Fun game with tough choices to make. I liked it quite a bit. Also, played 3-player Le Havre recently and even though it was a LONG slog - 3.5 hours - I enjoyed it and really felt like my brain was stretched.

4/9/10 - 3-player Shogun last night and, despite the fact that my buddy Jon smoked my buddy Marco and myself, it was AWESOME! So many interesting things going on and so much to plan around. The cube tower is pretty neat for combat resolution, too! We were all in agreement that it will make it to the table again soon.

4/3/10 - Just played Macao for the first time - 3-player. Very fun and enjoyable game with a lot going on and a lot to do. A solid 9!

I FINALLY played Agricola (solo) and I have to say it was pretty good. I can only imagine that it gets even better with more players, but I'm worried that it might just turn out to be multiplayer solitaire.

Le Havre - was a big thumbsup It was fun solo, but I'm looking forward to a group play.

I love to try out different games and am always on the lookout for a FUN new challenge. Looking to try out Shogun sometime soon!

Just played Cities and Knights for Catan and I have to say I enjoyed it. Gave a little different spin on Catan for me.

Just played Caylus for the first time through Brettspielwelt. Definitely not a game for me. Games with no catch-up mechanic or that prevents any sort of comeback are not for me. shake

Recently played Cuba for the first time with El Presidente expansion. First rate expansion that fills in the few gaps of the base game. This one can hit the table any time. thumbsup
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