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I am a doctor in Mathematics that comes from a Theoretical Physics background. If it does not tell you that I am a passionate being, I don't know what will. I love sports, games and fun !! I come from France but somehow spent the last 5 years in Kansas. I am now located in Prague, Czech Republic !

I tend to invest a lot of time and energy into the things I like and it surely showed into my gaming collection. I spent lots of time making custom storing solutions and PNP games.


I have cleaned up my collection and wishlist. Though I was volunteering at Essen this year, I had no time to really explore and I have no clue what's up in the board game's world, except for a few things.

So there are not so many new things added to my wishlist but I really want some of these games and I am very open to things I don't know about. Especially if it's innovative!

Waiting for your message about Christmas, I need to inform my parents if we are moving to the north pole.

I am very jealous of your elves. I would get paid overtime after 3 days of work. I am extremely busy at the moment but on Saturday I will have time to make it all ready for your elves to investigate further. I am living in a not-so-nice apartment in Prague but gave you my parent's address since I spend every christmas there playing boardgames for days. It's my sweet reward for a year of work.

I do not think that they are expecting you for Chritmas but the house may actually be empty. Be careful though, if we are at home, the fireplace will be on!


There are indeed 4 gifts home. I will post a video of the opening on the 24th, do not worry. As I thought, I own one of them, bought at Essen last year. Sorry for forgetting to update my collection. I will find a soul that needs forbidden machines and pass it forward. Thank you so much for your kindness!

At home at last,
With my brother sat
Thinking loud and fast
Taking clues to the mat.

I have had a hard time but I have given all the love I could. I am glad that you approve of me. It feels warm inside.
I cannot believe that so generous you are, but on the other hand I understand. I sent the games of my last auction telling the receiver that I felt in a generous mood and he should take it as a gift. "Pass it on" I said. I am sure that he did.

I have to confess though, that though I went through my wishlist, I forgot that a resonator I owned already. Now I feel silly.

I will not be in the presence of the game
you sent until a few steps out of the plane
when my father, probably assisted by a cane,
approaches to tells me how glad he is that I came.

Even then would I not tear the wrapping paper,
for my heart longs for these delicious days,
when a mysterious box, promise of plays,
checks that my desires are not improper.

So a video I will gladly post on the geek,
once my family and I have feasted, guilt free,
and in laughter we all approach the tree
to give with little boxes the love we seek.

Until then I have assistance,
and her idiosyncratic persistence
may crack the little charade
that for me kindly you made.

I am quite busy at the moment but I'll get into the riddles sometime this week (as well as taking care of my own target). I can definitely make a video of the gift opening for you. I always post on the "Look what Santa..." so no worries there.

I am quite excited at the idea of being (at last) taunted. If I had known that submitting contradictory information was the way to your heart, I'd have done it earlier! I do live in Prague but I am in a transit of sorts. Plus I have had troubles with the Czech post over the years. But worry not! I will spend Xmas with my family and though I have never opened a package before the given time (aren't you pleased?!), it will be the safest of all in their innocent hands.
I have struggled tremendously with my list but it should be ready.

PS: I'm more than open to surprises, but please do NOT send an expansion to a game I do not own. Last year's Santa was feeling a little tricky and thankfully I managed to find a copy of Legacy Gears of Time for relatively cheap but this year I am without a paycheck so I wouldn't be able to get the game. I am sure you'll understand.

DEAR SANTA 2013: I am not in a hurry so please take your time at the beach. There's no need for you to hurry back to the snow when you can have the sun for another month. I have received a box that contained two games. One small and one big. I do not expect more but in case there is, please make sure I know as I will fly home at the end of the week. I'm so excited to put them under the tree !

DEAR SANTA 2012: At first it may seem that my wishlist is impossible to fulfill. I don't need much more games as I am very happy with what I already have so I put in first priority a few treasures that I only dream of owning. After all you are magical right ?
In the event that I have not been good enough this year, I am sure that you will find a few small games and/or expansions in my lists that could make your job easy. But, who am I to tell Santa what to do ?
Please don't send the "Père fouettard" though... please ?

DEAR SANTA 2011: I will wait for Christmas, I promise. Moreover this will be my only Christmas present. Uhhh, Duh, you should know, you're Santa !!

DEAR SANTA 2010: We received the presents ! Two packages : One big one small.
I have a pretty good ides of what the big one is, but i have no clue about the small one. I need to inform you that though your elves wrapped the game, they left a note with the content of it. I did not see it but it was there nonetheless.
Thank you !!
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