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about me:
- what got me into the modern board game scene?
like many others, i was addicted to magic: the gathering, though i could honestly say that this was just a minor addiction since i never got into the tournament scene. while i like the game play, i really dislike the money-sink that it is. so i partially quit the scene, and just play pre-release events, where i think the playing field is roughly even -- that spoiled rich kid cannot out-deck you with quality but uber-expensive cards -- and where skills matters more. while i enjoy the pre-release events, i only get to play it only 3 to 4 times a year, and it's not enough to satisfy my gaming itch.

i do read up a lot and naturally, i read magic related stuffs. i was fascinated to know that richard garfield initially submitted robo rally to wizards before magic. at that time, i only knew mass-market games, so i really found it amusing that such a game exists. i wanted to buy this but it's not available locally and at that time, i'm not familiar with online shopping yet, and even if i had known it, i don't think i can justify the cost at that time, with my limited budget. so i just kept this little tidbit at the back of my mind. i

around 2010, i transferred to a higher paying job with a load that is not as hectic as the previous one (by the way, i'm a web developer, just to make it short). so i got some free time, and a bigger budget, and want to try something new. i remembered robo rally, did some google diving and ended up at boardtodeath.tv, watched several of their videos and was fascinated with this world of modern board games. a month or 2 after, i purchased carcassonne, pandemic and forbidden island online (first time buying online), and had it shipped here (first time doing international shipping). and the rest is history.

at the time i started, the 2 online stores here in the philippines did not exist yet, and i had to import everything from the US.

at this moment, i'm leaning more on the euro-side of things, with my current favorites are tzolk'in and keyflower.

i do listen to the dice tower, ludology, the secret cabal, garrett's game and geekiness, wooden cubes and iron soldiers, shut and sit down and from time-to-time, select episodes of the other podcasts in the dice tower network, if something piqued my interest. i usually listen during my commute to work.

for video reviews, i usually watch dice tower, drive-thru review, & run through reviews. i also watch tabletop and board with life.

secret santa corner:
hi secret santa,

you have two option in buying a gift for me:
1) buy from philippines-based online shops
a. ballistagames.com - is locally based and i'm friends with the owners, so local pickup is an option. however, they have very limited titles, of which i've included games in the wishlist that i'm slightly interested.

b. gaminglib.com - is located in distant city so there will be a shipping fee. they carry more titles but still with limited stocks, and some are still incoming (preorder). the games i included in the wishlist are the ones that were in stock (or will be) at the time i checked their listing.

2) buy in the US and ship it to my freight forwarder's US address. i'll pay for the forward shipping cost. they offer a relatively affordable shipping service from the US to here in the philippines (compared to directly shipping it). however, please use the smallest box possible (or inform the online merchant you're buying from), as the forwarder charge by the weight, and they based it on which is higher of the two, actual weight vs. cubic/volume weight (based on the box's dimension).

Mark Jusef Julio
2807 West Magnolia Boulevard
Suite No. 100-6840
Burbank CA 91505
(818) 260-0016

option 1 is faster since your gift will arrived within days. but selection is limited and prices are nearly at MSRP. and almost all of my must-haves are not available.
option 2 is slower, as it will take 10-12 working days at it's fastest (via air), or 8-12 weeks at it's slowest (via boat). but there are tons of options of where to buy and US prices are way, way cheaper. please inform me if you'll ever decide to use this option so that i'll be constantly checking the forwarder's site.

thank you very much and merry christmas!
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