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Bryce K. Nielsen
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Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, moved to Ephraim UT when I was 17, and currently live in Elk Ridge UT with a beautiful wife and 4 kids (my son is 11 years old now, so we're starting to play together a lot ).

I first got into board gaming from my older brothers (I'm the 4th child in a family of 6 boys and 1 girl), as well as one of my uncles. I think Cosmic Encounter was the first "real" game I played, followed by Chill: Black Morn Manor, probably before I was 10. Then, when I got into Junior High (Doolen for any Tucson buds out there) the friends I made were into some games, like Axis & Allies and Shogun and other games you might find at Labelle's and Montgomery Ward's. Then I found Things For Thinkers and my life was changed forever.

Not only supplying ample Roleplaying games for us (we got hooked early on to MERP/Rolemaster and WEG's D6 Starwars), and even some of the original EON Cosmic Encounter and many expansions, they had Space Hulk! That game hooked me so fast, it's not even funny. During my teenage years at Catalina High, I wasted many hours plays Space Hulk. I saved my pennies from my job at the movie theaters to buy Space Hulk: Deathwing Expansion and Space Hulk: Genestealer Expansion when they came out, and I used to brag to my friends I had a board game that in total cost over $100, not counting extra minis I might have had to buy (yes, I was a geek). I remember fondly drooling over an Space Hulk diorama they had in the store. Ooooh, it was so cool. Wish I could dig up an old photo of it.

Then the years went buy, and board games were relatively scarce. My senior year in High School, my father was transferred from the U of A to Snow College in Ephraim Utah. Yes, a town with around 2500 people. My HIGH SCHOOL in Tucson had more people than the ENTIRE TOWN! Culture shock, to be sure, especially last year in high school, but I quickly made friends, and introduced them to roleplaying and Space Hulk. Yes, I hooked them

After that, college and wife/kids, gaming took a back seat until this past decade. It took me a while to find the "cool" games, but I started finding Catan and the many variations, playing that with my brothers. Then Fantasy Flight Games and their Lord of the Rings came out, and that started a love affair with a company that fed me many hours of entertainment (and drained my wallet of many dollars) for many years to come. Doom: The Boardgame came out, and it was soooo like my first love Space Hulk, that I had to buy it. From there on, I eagerly watched for new FFG games, and loved most of them. Arkham Horror (with their plethora of expansions) remains a highly played favorite with my groups.

If you're in Utah, and want to play, throw me a line! I've got way too many games (ask my wife, she'll concur ), and most likely have what you want to play
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