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I love you!
I tried to add a lot of variety to my want list, with lots of comments to give you an idea of what kind of gamer I am. Here's the quick bullet points:

-My top 10 is pretty up-to-date.
-I'll play just about anything. I shy away from family games that involve acting, but short of that, anything is "game".
-I like to play new games. My game bag often has a few titles that are new to me that I'm trying to get to the table. I'm driven by those geeklists you see that list the games that you have to play (i.e. Civilization Games You Have to Play, Best Dungeon Crawls, Top 4x Games, etc etc).
-Even though I'm a eurogamer at heart, I do love trashy, plastic, dice-chucking action. My wife and I love Arkham Horror, and I'll play just about any game if it's got cool toys.
-I also enjoy war games. My favorite hex and counter game right now is Combat Commander, but I've played many of the classics and you can definitely rope me into something that takes multiple tables and days to play.

I'm a board gamer in Cleveland, OH. I'm also part of the Cleveland Board Gamers, a club in NE Ohio that hosts events nearly every weekend. If you're in the area, feel free to shoot me a msg and I can fill you in on details for any meet ups.

Interesting stuff about me:

Board games - I play board games. Check this year's resolutions to see how I'm doing. I like really long, intense, meaty, thick games. I've been playing games since I was little. I can remember setting up and playing all the positions of such classics as Heroquest, Fireball Island, Torpedo Run!, and the Omega Virus. Later on I upgraded to Magic: The Gathering and a swath of other CCGs. I've collected and played Magic, Vampire: TES, Middle Earth (ICE), Star Wars (Decipher), Spell Fire, Pokemon, and a few others no one has ever heard of. That turned into old-style hex and counter war games. That eventually turned into Euros starting with Settles of Catan and Puerto Rico. And here I am today. I play games at least once a week either with friends, my wife, or at once of the public meet ups in the area. Teach my something new and I'm a happy camper.

Painting - I build and paint miniatures and scale terrain. I've been doing for about 15 years now. I've given way too much to the Games Workshop company, but hey, sometimes there aren't always people around to play games with. Lately I've been a fan of the sculpts Fantasy Flight has been putting out. They're pretty nice as far as board games go. I keep meaning to put pictures of my work in my gallery here, but I'm awful at photography. I'll update this when I finally get it done.

Fish - We keep several aquariums. They're all planted fresh water tanks right now. My next big step is going to be into the big blue ocean with a salt tank. Slowly but surely. I really like puffer fish.

Video Games
- My wife and I play long RPGs together on our PS3. This often takes the form of me pushing the buttons and her making the decisions. She names all of our characters Emily. Games we've played lately: Eternal Sonata, Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy 13, Fallout: New Vegas, Batman: Arkham Asylum. Stuff we have sitting on the shelf yet to play: Batman: Arkham City, Dragon Age 2, Skyrim. We're also nuts for Rockband and have quite the DLC catalog. If you have any good suggestions for games we should check out, definitely shoot me a msg.

Cooking - I'm a retired chef. I apprenticed from a young age in a Frenchman's kitchen learning the old ways of doing things. Then I drifted around for a long time learning the new ways of doing things. I spent a little time at Penn State learning about food science. Now I happily cook 3 meals a day plus snacks for my family.

Trading and Math Trades - I really like trading games. I hate the idea of my games just sitting on the shelf collecting dust. I'd rather you be playing them and having fun. So I'm always excited to participate in trades and especially math trades (it's like Christmas!). Since I'm definitely a player, not a collector, I don't pay as much attention to condition and I don't mind a playable, yet beat up copy of something. I know not everyone shares my feelings so I try to describe the conditions as best I can. But if there's any question or issue, feel free to pm me. I'm more than happy to provide pictures of boxes or components if you'd like me to. One other note about trading...as time goes on and my tastes change and I manage to get my arms around harder to find items, my want list has been shrinking. If you don't have anything I list as a want, it doesn't mean we can't work something out. It will probably mean you have to give up more value on your side of the table. I do my best to respond to all trade offers, but I usually get an average of 1-2 each day. If I'm offline for a while then I can get behind. Likewise, sometimes I'm on the fence about an offer and don't end up responding right away.

Gardening and landscaping - Over the past few years I've become especially enamored with learning to grow things and what kinds of things I can make grow where. Last Spring we started relandscaping our house and installed a vegetable and flower garden. We'd love to move out into the country somewhere and get a few acres of land to play around with.

2011 was a great year in gaming. I made my first BGG resolution list. Check out how I did at my wrap up list.

2012 came and went in a flurry. I did pretty well with my resolutions. Have a peek.

For 2013, I'm going to change things up a little bit. Take a look at my BGG resolutions for 2013.

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Top 10
#1: Roads & Boats
#2: Keyflower
#3: Kingdom Death: Monster
#4: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
#5: Mage Knight Board Game
#6: The Great Zimbabwe
#7: Agricola
#8: Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
#9: At the Gates of Loyang
#10: Combat Commander Series
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