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Goedemorgen! Guten Morgen! Bonjour! Good Morning! Buenes Dìas! God Morgon!

As a child I allready liked to play games a lot. Since my parents were divorced when I was very young (3 years old) and my older sister went to an institution by the time she was 9 (because she is retarded) I depended on my mother to play games with me. We played a lot of rummicub and that was about it. I remember one time when my father staid over (very rare exception) and my mother, my father and I playd monopoly. I was magic to me, but it happened only once.

When I was 10-11 years old I met Nienke, we became (and still are) best friends. We played traditional cardcames and sometimes her older sister was willing to play risk with us. Unfortunately we moved to another city when I was 14 so the gaming stopped.

When I was working on my final paper (scriptie) during university Nienke gave me the Settlers cardgame. My boyfriend (husband by now) and I liked the game very much and played it many times. It didn't take long before we bought Settlers boardgame and some expansions. I didn't like working on my final paper and thus followed up on every idea to do something else. One day I decided to search the internet for websites about games. I found the Dutch websites Spellengek, Bordspel.com en Spelmagazijn. I loved to read about all those exciting new games (good excuse not to work on my final paper) and the hunger for new games grew. One of the first games I bought was El Grande.

Eventually I finished my paper and started working. The disadvantage of a day job is that you have less time to play but the big advantage is that you have the money to buy games. And so, my game collection slowly but surely started to grow, and grow and grow....

Spellengek started to organise a weekly game event. It took some time before I had assembled the courage to send them an e-mail (very scary to go somewhere where you know no one) but eventually I did. Niek and I had a very nice evening and became regulars. In time I became friend with Peter Hein en Wendy (the webmasters of spellengek at that time). I started to write guest reviews for their website, but after the 50th guest review they invited me to join as equals and so I became a webmaster of the best website about games in the Netherlands.

My username (Sjonnie) refers to my first cat, who we had to put to sleep because he became psychotic. My avatar is the top of an ancient egyption hairpin. I chose it because it has a muppet show flair to it and thus makes me smile. Playing games is my favorite way to spend time, but I also like to read books, watch movies or television (especially DVD-boxes of great series as Startrek, 24, X-files and Battlestar Galactica) or learn about our past (visiting musea and reading books). The medival period is my favorite historic time.
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