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FAO Santian Clausangé PART 3

Ah - ha!


well it must be a tracking number! A quick pop into the UPS website confirms my suspicions!

(I still have no idea what your other masterpiece symbolises...)

Thank you santa!

Anyway - a bit about me.

I have always been partial to boardgames and as a kid the mere thought of a game of monopoly would send me dizzy with excitement. Now it sends me dizzy with rage!

After a few years in the gaming wilderness of mass market boardgames (and the occasional foray into Warhammer 40k as a nipper), I was invited to a friend's house to play a game called Agricola. My girlfriend and I went along and were bewildered for the first half of the game, but then it clicked.

We went home that night discussing strategies and optimal first moves, and bought ourselves a copy within the week. It still gets regular play and remains my girlfriend's favourite game. (I've made her play a lot since, too). She loves the way you can build an engine, and the way it is visually fed back to you on your board. I just like getting sheep.

From Agricola I discovered BGG, and the infamous top games list. I was enraptured by board games, devouring whatever I could, from Dominion to Game of Thrones to The Resistance and beyond. I built my collection buying games when I could, trading with local gamers, attending open game days and the like.

I eventually started to get my friends to play with me and now have a settled group. A million miles away from the Euro that brought me into the hobby, me and my group are all about Ameritrash. We love playing Descent, Mansions of Madness and Tales of the Arabian Nights, among many others. Games that produce stories that we can expand on and laugh at (with several choice beers).

All in all, my gaming life is pretty balanced right now - I get strategy and brainburners from the Euros I get to play with my girlfriend and those friends who dig that sort of thing, and I get my pulpy trashy games fix from my beer bros.
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