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Michael Stone
United States
San Antonio
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Stone is the name and Art is my game!
What number are we thinking of? 69!

Being overseas for eight years, with my best friends, both of my brothers, playing Risk, Rise and decline of the third reich, agrivation, parcheesi, mille bournes, backgammon, othello, hearts, spades, pitch and a little dungeuns and dragons.

When I arrived back in the states it laid the groundwork for games like Axis and allies to take hold of our imaginations. Shogun followed soon after. The "miniatures" in these games lead
to more substantial miniatures in the form of Warhammer 40K Tyranids. It was 1991 when my gaming world exploded.

I was off to college at Southwest Texas State University. There was a Sci-Fi Club known as the Science Fiction Fantasy Society. It was there that I met Patrick Quarles or Lord Thag as he was called. He introduced me to a true gamers gem: Cosmic Encounter. He also introduced us to TFOS- Teeenagers form outer space, and PFOS- Preschoolers from outer Space. It was there where I experienced the joys of Aggiecon. Played Star fleet Tactical simulator, and Battletech. I played Necromunda, magic the gathering, Robo-rally,and Illuminatti.

I transfered to UTSA and met up with the Roadrunner gaming Association, for games like Ironclads, Tallisman, and plague and pestilence.

In San Antonio I've see game stores come and go, Frontier Games RIP, Central Command Games RIP, comics unlimited RIP, Heroes and Fantasies on Bandera RIP, Zero Charisma RIP and Games Unique RIP.

There are now several fantastic Game stores in San Antonio now, Dragon's Lair, Heroes and Fantasies, tabletop, Gamers Pairodice, and Alien Worlds. Also worthy of note is Dibbles Hobbies, which has not only the best selection of Wargames but also does models, trains and all kinds of historical miniatures games.

Currently I game with the San Antonio Board Gamers, found at Meetup.com
We meet at Dragon's lair on Monday and on Thursday nights, come out and join us all are welcome.

In 2015 I attended BGG Fam, Pax South, and Board Game Bash all of these events have had life altering effects. They were awesome.

x-wing is the greatest game on the planet, everyone should play.

sa boardgamers: http://www.meetup.com/SABoardGamers/

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