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Father, gamer, geek.


Dear Santa,

Well, this holiday season has certainly crept up on me! This is my second year doing this exchange, and I'm very excited to see how this year plays out!

I promise I've been a good little board gamer this year, always spreading the joy of gaming and teaching new games! I've been especially busy organizing a Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures night at my friendly local game shop, which has taken up a lot of gaming time this year! Still, I'm always more than happy to sit with new players, explain the rules, and show them the ropes. While I'm not a fan of the Rebel faction, it's mostly a playstyle choice (I love outmaneuvering the enemy!) and any jokes about "Rebel scum" is mostly to keep up appearances (Luke is still my bro). After all, you never know when Lord Vader is watching!

I've also had the great pleasure of discovering my love of the heavier end of the gaming spectrum. Having a few different groups of players in the area has really broadened my horizons, and I've been loving the heavier games that really challenge you to not only outwit your opponents but decipher the puzzle of the game as well. Podcasts like Heavy Cardboard have really helped me round out my wish list this year!

Of course, there's always room for lighter games and party games! Not everyone shares my love of heavy, brain-burning games, so I like to have a little something to round out my collection. I'll always turn to a game that has at least some modicum of strategy over a purely luck-based game, though.

While I don't post as much these days, I'm always checking in and following different threads here on BGG, especially in the Secret Cabal and Heavy Cardboard guilds. I always check in, and I'm usually quick to respond to my Geekmail, too!

Thanks again for being an awesome, wonderful, and amazing part of this incredible community. Even for those of us that don't always join in the conversation often, it makes the site feel like home.


- Derek

Santa delivered!
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