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James Webb Space Telescope in 2018!
United States
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A tesuji is a skillful move in the game Go. Do I play that way? I wish.

I like all types of games. But I'm in particular awe of Go.

My avatar is the James Webb Space Telescope. It will be launched in 2018, and will operate at the L2 point 930,000 mi from the Earth (5 times farther than the moon). It is expected answer some of our most fundamental questions about the origin of the cosmos and life in the Universe.
JWST Fact Sheet - http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Space_Science/JWST_factshe...

Recommendations Welcome

Because my wife is my main gaming partner, I'm always looking for new games we will both love. Her favorite game is Goa. She likes:

- Low confrontation and 'screwage'
- Low luck/low randomness
- Long term planning, predictability
- Resource management
- 3 hours or less
- Good with 2 players

Got Geek Gold? Join Folding@Home

An easy way to get Geek Gold is to sign up for the Stanford Folding@Home protein folding project. Your computer earns you GG when you're not using it.

You'll probably get about 5-10 GG per month. If you uber-geek your hardware setup, you can get even more. Be sure to enter the BGG team number 169927 when you set up your client. It's a great way to help out humanity.

More info:
Folding@Home Team Geekdō is now In the Top 100!!

Mormon Guy

Some may doubt it, but there are actually some things more important to me than board gaming. My family and my religion are at the top of the list.

I'm a Mormon. What do Mormons believe? Mormons believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible.

They also believe:

Jesus set up his church when he was alive. This church was lost over time. In 1830 God re-established the original church of Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith in upper-state New York. This church is led by a prophet and 12 apostles.

The purpose of this life is to grow and learn. It's also a test to show God that we will live by the teachings of Jesus.

To live with God after this life we must be clean. Jesus died and paid the price of our sins if we will repent. If we do not repent we will eventually pay the full price ourselves.

God loves us today as much as he loved ancient people. People can receive direction and comfort from God through the Holy Spirit. God also gives knowledge through the modern prophets. Mormons have three new books of scripture, which they value as highly as the Bible.

More at Wikipedia.

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