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Young Forest Warrior
Samurai trained to die with honor. Ninja trained to kill others. Shao-Lin trained to live forever!

I was born in 1973 and have loved boardgames and card games since i was very young. Both of my parents enjoyed playing games like Dragonmaster, Skip-Bo, Water-Works, Miles Bornes, Yahtzee, and other classics. They always had friends over to play games and my father collected a lot of bookshelf games like Wizards, Starship Troopers, Dune, and Diplomacy, all of which still sit in my collection, some of them unplayed and unpunched. Seems my dad had an interest but never the time to sit down and play.

I'm a father of six children (the youngest was born on 5/31/14) and have been happily together with my partner since 2005 (i'm crazy in love with her!). My three older kids join us for games like Cribbage, Dragonmaster, and Talisman, while my 5 year old is heavy into Dungeon and Card Games while my 2 year old currently loves Pengoloo.

I don't own a lot of games, preferring quality over quantity. I'm interested in new games that our family will enjoy, but fear wasting time and money that i don't have.

Since 2005 i have been quite obsessed with Warhammer Quest; the best dungeon game ever created! You can read my review here to see why:


I enjoy writing, so creating custom content for Warhammer Quest fills that niche for me at the moment. You can request to access my forum and custom content: Warhammer Quest Customized. (If you enjoy or use this content and have some extra geek gold sitting around, feel free to drop a coin or two in appreciation.)

I am a 5th Degree Black Belt Associate Master of Shao-Lin Kung-Fu and co Owner/Instructor, with my wife, of the best martial arts school in the state of New Mexico. Chinese Shao-Lin Center of Albuquerque.It is the thrill of my life and sometimes it's hard to believe that i'm living my dream! My partner and i have traveled to the Orient periodically since 2004 and have visited historic sites and participated in joint performances and cultural exchanges. Someday i hope to be able to do more world travel with my partner to other countries and historic sites, including Mexico, Chile, Thailand, and most of Europe!

Microbadges i have created:

Warhammer Quest
 Warhammer Quest forever!
 Warhammer Quest fan - Lantern
 Warhammer Quest fan - Mitey Worrier
 Warhammer Quest fan - Barbarian
 Warhammer Quest fan - Elf
 Warhammer Quest fan - Wizard
 Warhammer Quest fan - Dwarf
 Warhammer Quest fan - Pit Fighter
 Warhammer Quest fan - Warrior Priest
 Warhammer Quest fan - Imperial Noble
 Warhammer Quest fan - Dwarf Trollslayer
 Warhammer Quest fan - Chaos Warrior
 Warhammer Quest fan - Kill Krazy Total Brew
 Warhammer Quest fan - Witch Hunter
 Warhammer Quest fan - Wardancer
 Warhammer Quest fan - Bretonnian Knight
 Warhammer Quest: Catacombs of Terror
 Warhammer Quest fan - Elf Ranger
 Warhammer Quest fan - Halfling Thief

Martial Arts
 Bodhidharma (TaMo) - founder of the Shao-Lin art
 Shao-Lin Kung-Fu fan - Young Forest Warriors since 520 A.D.
 Tai Chi Chuan fan
 Pa Kua Chang fan - 8 Changes of the Palm

 Carlos Santana fan

 El Pachuco 'Zoot Suit' Hat fan

 Mango lover


Best of October 2011 Monthly Photo Contest

Warhammer Quest: "When all of the Monsters have been defeated..."

Best of March 2014 Monthly Photo Contest

Warhammer Quest: "Death Comes in the Color Blue..."

(Please click on and thumb these winning images!)

My Reviews

Warhammer Quest: Lair of the Orc Lord
Warhammer Quest: Catacombs of Terror
PIT FIGHTER: The Brilliant, the Baffling, and the Broken
WARRIOR PRIEST: The Inferior, the Improbable, and the Insignificant
IMPERIAL NOBLE: The Exclusive, the Extravagant, and the Explainable
DWARF TROLLSLAYER: The Familiar, the Fresh, and the Fatal
CHAOS WARRIOR: The Mighty, the Cursed, and the Disfigured
WARDANCER - The Lethal, The Limited, and the Lethargic (50GG contest!)
WITCH HUNTER - The Mysterious, the Diverse, and the Strategic
BRETONNIAN KNIGHT: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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