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Good times.
Rules! I'm a Certified Public Accountant, which is basically a way to say that I spend all of my work day reading giant rulebooks and jumping through complicated hoops to save you a bunch of money on your tax return. In game terms, I'm usually the "go to" guy for rules questions, and I have a knack for engineering game variants and unique scenarios. I am also a notorious completionist - Pretty much every game in my library remains fully expanded, sleeved (I should buy stock in FFG for all of the money I give them for sleeves), and up to date, for better or worse.

Let's get together and play sometime! I have a loyal crew of gaming buddies rather than a regimented gaming group, so while sessions aren't set in stone, a game night is rarely difficult to accomplish. My wife loves to play too, and we make a pretty unstoppable team in the kitchen if you happen to join us when we're hosting. You can usually find me controlling the orange pieces, enjoying a fine brown ale, and crunching the stats on our scorecards after each round.

Aside from that, I'm a guy with too many hobbies. To some extent or another, I'm a musician, an independent filmmaker, a cook, a photographer, a writer, a critic, a hiker, a naturalist, a tinkerer, a diver, an explorer, a relentless problem solver, and an unabashed geek. I know more about film scores than any healthy person should, analyze more than any healthy person could, and generally enjoy being a healthy person. I love a good conundrum.

I am not a Cylon. Well, I'm not usually a Cylon. Who really knows anymore? So say we all.

mbmbmbSECRET SANTAmbmbmb

mb 2015: Target acquired. Sleigh deployed. Holiday cheer imminent. Good times.

**Notes to Santa 2015: I received your note and I am very happy that you found the content so helpful. From one fast-action Santa to another, I salute your swift execution. I wish you and your family the very best of Holiday seasons! I'll update here with a link to the Santa GeekList once I have received the package. Thank you very much for everything mb
UPDATE 1: Tracking info received. I'll keep an eye out for the postcard(s) as well. Thank you!
UPDATE 2: The package was received today! Blindingly fast, even by superhuman standards. Well done, Santa. Now, I know I said I'd instantly open any shipping packages I receive, but then I'm rarely armed with the tracking number to tell them apart. Now that I KNOW this is from you, I am hereby granting the decision to open it to you. I will wait to open the package until (A) you tell me to, or (B) Christmas day. I will wait until the end of the weekend to post in the GeekList, to give you time to consider. In any event, I take my hat off to both your generosity and expedience. A model Santa. Well done!
Note - I'll be out of town for the weekend to celebrate my Anniversary, so if I do not respond right away, that is the reason.
UPDATE 3: As ordered, the package is open. Wow! Thank you very much for the awesome gifts! I have posted my official response here: Item for Geeklist "2015 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa Sent Me... (10th Anniversary Edition)"
Thank you so much, and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family mb
UPDATE 4: I received a postcard from Hawaii today, informing me of your luxurious 86F accommodations. I am very pleased to hear that you are enjoying such a wonderful place. I visited Hawaii (Oahu) many years ago, and have been looking forward to a chance for another trip. The weather here is cold and wet, but well in the range of "pleasant" for Washington natives like me. But the 4:30PM sunsets ensure that we have plenty of night to get lots of games on the table. Thank you again for the goodies, and further for the small peek into your world. Cheers!

Secret Santa - Previous Years
I'm currently a veteran Santa in the following countries:

mb 2014: Good times once again, and another opportunity to flex my international muscles. I had a blast re-capping the entire episode in verse (via the link below).
**Notes to Santa 2014: Package received and greatly appreciated! You can view my ode to your greatness here: Item for Geeklist "2014 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa Sent Me..."

mb 2013: Another great experience and another happy target. This was a rough year for me with some family drama, so BGG Secret Santa was exactly the thing that I needed to pick up my spirits and get myself into the holiday season. Good times.
**Notes to Santa 2013:
Wow! You're fast this year. I have already received the gifts and (because they were unwrapped by Amazon) have accidentally opened them. Thank you so much for the great gifts! You can see my post on the GeekList here: Item for Geeklist "2013 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa sent me..."

mbmb 2012: My first year participating in both the BGG Secret Santa and the BGG Wargame Secret Santa programs. I had a blast! Both of my targets were international, and I had a good time learning about worldwide shipping/shopping, flag counters (see below), and the power of Google Translate. I even made a few new friends. I'll definitely be back next year. Happy Holidays!
**Notes to Santa 2012:
- Everything arrived nicely on November 28th, 2012. Thank you very much! You can see my listing on the Geeklist here: Item for Geeklist "2012 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa sent me..."
**Notes to Santa Grogs 2012:
- Supply drop received 29 November 2012. Thank you very much! You can see my listing on the Geeklist here: Item for Geeklist "2012 WARGAMERS Look what Santa Grogs sent me!"


Introducing the new "Lil'" counter, which has been redesigned to accommodate HTTPS. Nothing like a fresh start.

Global Flag Counter and Map created on 11/14/2012; USA Flag Counter created on 11/15/2012. Lil' counter created 11/20/2014.

I hit 99 international flags at the 1-year mark; got #100 on 11/16/2013. At the 2-year mark, I collected 120 international flags. Year 3 ended with 129 international flags on the main counter and 84 for the lil'counter.

- A note about logged games and play counts: I swing between phases of diligent logging and complete lapses, so the play counts listed are not a terribly useful indicator of how often I play the game. Occasionally I will include a large estimate of the number of plays between gaps, so if you see unusual play spikes, that may have something to do with it. Also note that all of my logged plays are recorded on the entry for the base game only. This is true regardless of whether we included an expansion or not. I find that keeping meticulous track of each included expansion not only adds unnecessary bookkeeping, but further skews the play count (consider a game of Dominion with cards from 6 expansions - that would technically appear as 7 plays if each module was separately logged). So logged plays do follow a bit of user logic, but don't add much value to the hard play statistics here on BGG.

The short version: Use my logged plays as a gross generalization and rough approximation of my play habits. Including these figures in any hard statistical analysis will only skew your results. Cheers!
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