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'The true object of all human life is play. Earth is a task garden; heaven is a playground.' — G. K. Chesterton

Hello there. Yes, well, this whole board-game geekery thing is still rather experimental for me—just a phase I'm going through. Been going through it now for a few years. I actually discovered (or rediscovered) strategy board games in my mid-thirties and now I host a large strategy game meet-up. Go, as they say, figure.

I am much better at hosting games than winning them. So, I organize fortnightly Eurogames sessions at pubs in Melbourne's inner north. We're not a club but a very inclusive gathering (which sounds naughtier than it is). We strive to go beyond the hardcore geek-clique to make beginners, women and casual gamers feel welcome. If you're a seasoned gamer who likes to teach, then we would love to have you along. If you're the uber-competitive, overbearing type, then our meet-ups might not scratch your itch. I'm pleased to say we've grown from a handful to around seventy on any given evening. (Whoa!) And a good mix too. Please feel free to get in touch via https://www.facebook.com/eurogamesattheroyalstandard.

A keen conservationist, amateur historian, bushwalker (hiker, that is) and traveller, I look for ways to combine gaming with my sojourns to the planet's great natural wonders, archaeological treasures, and metropolitan centres (which are really just future archaeological sites interspersed with nature—let's face it). Oh, I'm also a grammar dalek. (We're somewhat more technologically advanced and less reality-encumbered than grammar nazis.) Poorly written and edited rulebooks are a pet peeve. By the way, it's 'mechanism' not 'mechanic'. You'll find that a 'mechanic' is someone who fixes your car or bike. I know this must come as a shock. Take two glasses of red wine, a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary, and call me in the morning.

A professional environmental policy specialist by vocation, board games are the perfect hobby. I mean, what else do we do when the oil runs out? Apart from scrounge for food, and make music and babies, that is.
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