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Andy Tinkham
United States
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Playing a game is the voluntary overcoming of unnecessary obstacles. - Bernard Suits

I'm a software tester at Healthland, a company that makes software for small, rural hospitals. I tend to play games with my wife, my siblings & parents when we're in the same place, and some friends. Most of my groups tend towards lighter or medium-weight games. I have little interest in long 3+ hour games, deep simulations/war games and Risk-like games. I like cooperative games, euro-games, party games, and most other games not in the little interest categories. I like the idea of logging my plays but seem to be not that good at actually doing it. When logging, I see no reason not to log BSW plays, so my logging may include that if you care. I also like the idea of rating games, but I'm really bad at doing that too.

When I'm not working or playing games, I'm often found doing logic puzzles (of all sorts - both Japanese and the sort you find in Dell & Penny Press logic puzzle magazines), doing genealogy research, baking, listening to music, enjoying good beer or scotch, or generally hanging out.

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Mischa D. Krilov
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When *is* BGG Con 20XX registration, anyway?
This space intentionally left blank. :)
, my top 10 is an alphabetized list of games that I'll always be up for playing and I don't foresee that changing any time soon. My hot 10 is what's currently grabbing my attention at the moment. Games may or may not stay there depending on how often I update and how my interest shifts over time.

Dear Santa,
My family also uses my BGG wishlist to shop for me. Before choosing something off of it, you may want to check-in with my wife who will be involved in the discussions with pretty much everything. You can reach her at andyswife at tinkham . org, and I'll tell her that you may be contacting her. She's very good at keeping secrets (sometimes too good), so you don't have to worry about her ruining any surprises. You can also just pick without any coordination/input if you prefer - I'll appreciate it no matter what!

Also, please note that I'll be attending BGG.con this coming week (November 13-17, 2012). I will be picking up several games at the con, some planned and others spur of the moment. The planned ones should be marked as preordered or in wishlist comments. The unplanned ones obviously are not marked. I'll be trying to keep my wishlist updated (assuming I have Internet access), but can promise that it will be done by midnight central us time (GMT - 5) Monday night 11/19. It's probably best to wait for that, just ini case my wishlist changes significantly. Thank you!


11/17/2012 update: Santa, sorry my wish list is troublesome. I'm at BGG.Con & working through my phone right now, but I'll take a look at it Sunday night when I'm home & have a bigger screen.

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Top 10
#1: Auf Achse
#2: Chopstick Dexterity MegaChallenge 3000
#3: Eat Poop You Cat
#4: Ghost Stories: White Moon
#5: Hansa Teutonica
#6: Jungle Speed: Deluxe
#7: Pandemic: On the Brink
#8: Power Grid
#9: Saint Petersburg
#10: Sushizock im Gockelwok
Hot 10
#1: Hansa Teutonica
#2: Auf Achse
#3: Endeavor
#4: The Isle of Doctor Necreaux
#5: Dungeon Lords
#6: Micro Mutants: Evolution
#7: Jungle Speed
#8: Ghost Stories
#9: Castle Panic
#10: A Castle for All Seasons
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