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Dear Santa Grogs: Please look here!

Happy holidays!

My wishlist is highlighted with red comments should you feel compelled to limit yourself to war(ish)games. That said, I'd be very happy (as would my wife) to receive any of the games nearer the top of the list, whether wargames or not. For additional insights I've got a few resources for you. Until the end of the exchange my Top 10 will be populated by my favourite almost-wargames, and my Hot 10 with wargames I'd love to receive. Finally, I solicited recommendations in the wargamer forum. Here's a link to that discussion:

A few things about me in the context of the exchange: I am not a wargamer per se, but the more time I spend on BGG, the more I feel a kinship with the wargamer group: yours is the only forum I frequent, for example. I think despite having an aversion to armed conflict as an idea, I enjoy the depth and complexity that comes most naturally to wargames.

I am the son of a concentration camp survivor, which means that no matter how much you think I might like it, a game set in WWII is not something I would have any interest in.

I enjoy taunts.

I would not mind at all receiving second-hand games that are in good condition. I do ask that such games come from a smoke-free environment.

Finally, if shipping to my home in Korea makes participation in the exchange burdensome for you due to shipping costs, please let me know as I can provide a Canadian shipping address.

Peace and happy gaming to you all.

About me and my games:
I am a 40-something (re)lapsed gamer whose interest was rekindled in 2002 by Killer Bunnies. My family (spouse, two sons) are both my biggest thrill and my source of peace. I am an Assistant Professor at Yeungnam University, teaching in the Faculty of Education and the Foreign Languages Institute.

My favourite aspects of gaming are turn angst, aggression, and game glee.

My favourite childhood games were:
The Game of Authors
the Dictionary game (played with 19C encyclopaedic dictionary)

I did not record plays between May 2010 and September 2013.

Top 10

Recently played:

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Top 10
#1: 1989: Dawn of Freedom
#2: Tigris & Euphrates
#3: Cuba Libre
#4: España 1936
#5: Cruel Necessity
#6: König von Siam
#7: Commands & Colors: Ancients
#8: Manoeuvre
#9: Struggle of Empires
#10: Go
Hot 10
#1: Peloponnesian War
#2: Warriors of God
#3: The Korean War
#4: Israeli Independence
#5: Blockade Runner
#6: Grand Imperialism
#7: Emperor of China
#8: Friedrich
#9: Kings and Castles
#10: España 1936: La Armada
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