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Tyler Hudak
United States
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Dear Secret Cthanta,

For my secret Cthanta, you can get an idea of my tastes with what I own and my current wishlist.

Any Call of Cthulhu or Trail of Cthulhu items that I don't already own would be awesome too. I am just fine with used books (they have their own charm to them), but prefer dead tree over PDF. That being said, there are some awesome books you can only get in PDF so for those I'd be happy!

If you think of a game that I don't have, but seems like it would be something I'd like, then feel free to get me that! I always love surprises.

The rankings in my wishlist are mostly how I feel about the games here, but please ignore them.

My Info

I live in Akron, OH with my wife and two daughters. For the last couple years I haven't been able to find many people to game with, but with the creation of the Boardgames of Greater Akron group, that has started to chance.

Aside from board games, which I have more time to play because its easier to find players, I've been playing RPGs since I was 12. I first started with Dungeons and Dragons and moved into Marvel Super Heros and Battletech (which technically isn't an RPG, but its what we played).

During college and when I first got married I went through a dry spell RPG-wise and didn't start playing again until I went to Origins 2000. I got into a number of games I had wanted to try, most especially Call of Cthulhu (which has an interesting back-story as to why I wanted to try it in the first place ). I fell in love with it and have been playing and running games ever since. I've even had the opportunity to co-author the monograph Toying With Humans.

In real life, I work as a computer security consultant, or, as my wife puts it, I get paid to hack for a living. Have a virus? Send me a mail and I'll try to help.

The Last 10 Games I Played

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Registration Date: 2005-09-04
Last Profile Update: 2015-11-08
Last Login: 2016-04-28
Country: flag United States
State: Ohio
Town/City: Akron
Website: http://www.hudakville.com
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Top 10
#1: Stone Age
#2: Arkham Horror
#3: Fury of Dracula (second edition)
#4: Betrayal at House on the Hill
#5: Power Grid
#6: Wasabi!
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