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David Anderson
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Two Time Cancer Survivor - Never Give Up. Never Surrender. -Jason Nesmith from Galaxy Quest (1999 movie)
Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Champions!

Last 5 games played:
*I don't usually log expansion plays. If I have used an expansion before I will log 1 play for that expansion. Generally if there is an expansion I use it every time.
All games logged are face to face.

When not playing board games at the table, my wife and I enjoy playing apps via pass and play on the couch. I do not record these games, but here are my:

Top Pass and Play Apps (in no particular order).
I consider these all must buys.

1. Ticket to Ride
2. Lords of Waterdeep
3. Can't Stop
4. Pandemic: The Board Game
5. Elder Sign: Omens
6. Splendor

Hot Ten = Games I covet on my wish-list:
Here is a sample of 5. My most wanted picks are on the Hot Ten list to the right.

Here's a list of all of the game modifications, custom pieces, painted figures, and storage solutions that I have added to BGG.

I grew up in California and Southern Washington state. Both my parents were teachers. My father was also a sheriff for a while. I have one older brother.

My brother brought me into gaming early and we played games often until I left college (Central Washington University in Ellensburg). The games I remember most from that time are D&D, Champions, Dark Tower, Civilization, Cosmic Encounters, Illuminati, and Battletech.

After college I moved to Seattle and lived on a boat on Lake Union for 10 years (think the movie Sleepless in Seattle except with a real boat). I did not play many games during these years except poker occasionally with the guys from work. I got involved in the marine community during that time. Now I work in a small shop that manufactures and sells marine heaters. It gets pretty chilly here in the winter and most boats do not come with heaters. It's a nice niche market and we stay busy.

I met Jenny in August of 2005 and we married a year later. Since then I have been buying and playing games often with my wife (my main and best gaming partner). Life is good!

...and it gets better! After fifteen years of thinking that I was infertile due to the effects of radiation and chemotherapy, from two bouts of cancer I had, it turns out I wasn't shooting blanks after all. My wife and I had been trying for about a year. We had just started talking about getting fertility checks and such when she caught. I'm a lucky guy!

Holiday Anderson was born in April 2009. She is the light of our lives. Everyday she amazes us with some new thing that she has learned. She is super cute and very fun. She makes me feel like a rock star. Being a dad is the best.

John Anderson was born May 2012. Super excited to have one of each.

I have wide and eclectic tastes in games, but the thing I look for first is whether they are playable with two. We game with other couples, but the majority of the games we play are two player. That said, my game collection has grown quite a bit since I first found BGG in 2006 and I think I've got a pretty well rounded collection for most situations. I am glad, though, that there is always something new and exciting coming around the corner in this hobby! It gives me something to look forward to.

Other than board games I am an avid golfer. I love this game! It's the one good shot a round that keeps me coming back. I also have just taken up skateboarding. I have a longboard and a shorter trick board. I ride the longboard on breaks at work. It's an excellent work out and relaxing. The trick board is taking me awhile to pick up, but I'm having great fun learning. There are a multitude of cool skateparks here in Seattle. I'm having a great time skating these bowls. We also like to see live music (mostly rock). It's a little harder to get out to see a show now that we are parents, but we still manage sometimes. There are some fun family friendly concerts like the Bumbershoot music festival that we enjoy attending.

My little girl is getting big. Here's a picture of her with my wife Jenny from Bumbershoot (A large 3 day outdoor music festival here in Seattle)

Holiday for the Holidays. So cute!

Holly and Mommy at the Zoo.

Daddy and Holly at the Park.

Holiday age 2.

Holly (age 3), Daddy and John (age 1 day)

Smiling Baby John - 2 Months Old

Holly and John

Here's a picture a Seattle newspaper photographer snapped of Holly and I at Bumbershoot 2013. They were nice enough to send me a copy.

Jenny playing Betrayal at House on the Hill with Scooby Doo re-theme.

Johnny @ 2&3/4. Say cheese.

Holiday (now almost 6!) proud of her animal stacking.

Varial Kickflip. Maybe not pretty, but not bad considering I didn't start until I was 40.

Top Ten = My 10 Highest Rated Games:

Here are some of my favorite game stores:

Miniature Market has great pricing and good clearance section and they offer a rewards program.

ThoughtHammer always has a great selection and good prices. They pack their shipments very well which is a plus.

Boards and Bits has great selection and prices. Sometimes they run killer sales.

Cool Stuff Inc. has great prices, great selection, & often free shipping. They also have a rewards program. The more you spend the more you save and its accumulative.

Funagain Games are fairly close so I get orders from them pretty quickly. Their prices are a little high though.

Not to forget our local stores.

Card Kingdom in Ballard has a terrific selection, good prices, a friendly knowledgeable staff and they serve beer on tap!
http://www.cardkingdom.com/ (their website only features MtG, but they are much more than just that).

Gary's games has a terrific selection.

Blue Highway games has the best ambience for a game store in Seattle.

I have about a 45 minute commute to work each day. So I listen to a number of gamer podcasts. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order:

The Dice Tower

The Spiel

Game On! with Cody & John - RIP

Boardgames to Go

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

D6 Generation

My wife and I happily support Treehouse which is a charity that helps foster children here in King County. The kids could always use some new clothes, toys, or donation. If your interested in helping too here is a link.

After losing my Father, Grandfather, and childhood best friend I would also like to support this cause.


Here are some pictures that I have submitted:

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Top 10
#1: Defenders of the Realm
#2: Race for the Galaxy
#3: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
#4: Twilight Struggle
#5: Pandemic
#6: Memoir '44
#7: Le Havre
#8: Dominion
#9: Runebound (Second Edition)
#10: Betrayal at House on the Hill
Hot 10
#1: A Study in Emerald (second edition)
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