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To my 2014 Secret Santa: Thank you so much! I got Spartacus and Democrazy and I can't wait to get them to the table in 2015!

To my 2010 Secret Santa: Bellissimo! You got me a couple games I seriously, seriously wanted. Thank you!

To my 2009 Secret Santa: Awesome. You went way above, sir. I'm amazed. Indonesia is becoming a fast favorite, and having my own copy of War on Terror is awesome too. The extras were a nice touch as well

Thank you, Secret Santa 2008! Wealth of Nations is simply awesome, we love it.

mbmb- mbWhen did you join BoardGameGeek?
January 17, 2006.

mbmb- mbWhen did you start recording your game plays?
Almost immediately. I have plays from 12/2009 to present on my phone but not in the BGG database

mbmb- mbWhere do you live?
Southern Maryland.

mbmb- mbWhere is the furthest place you have lived from your current home?
Hagerstown, MD.

mbmb- mbDo you have any pets?
I have one bird: A Nanday Conure named Smokey. She also answers to Squawkbox. She is over 20 years old.

mbmb- mbIs anyone from your game group also on BoardGameGeek?
Several members of my regular gaming groups have accounts, but only 2 are really active here that I know of.

mbmb- mbWhat are your hobbies ourside of BoardGameGeek?
Photography, particularly 4x5" Large Format film photography, firearms, cars, computers, and to a lesser exent history and writing. More recently, RC multirotors, helicopters and airplanes, and coffee making.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite reading material?
I have a particular fetish for alternate history sci-fi novels, such as Eric Flint's 1632 or S. M. Stirling's "Island in the Sea of Time" series.

mbmb- mbWhere do you play your games?
Either at my house, my friend's house, or at the church where my friend is a Pastor. When I'm visiting Concord, NC, I play games at New Realm Gaming.

mbmb- mbWhat is your current favorite board game?
My All-time favorite is Power Grid.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite game type?
Honestly, I like them all, but who doesn't say that? I would say I prefer negotiation games.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite party game/activity?
I love The Big Idea and Time's Up: Title Recall.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite abstract game?
My own abstract, Mix-Match, is up there, but I also like Quarto.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite wargame?
Classic Battletech.

mbmb- mbWhat is your card based game?
My favorite card-based game is Dominion.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite print and play?
Of the scandalously few I've tried, Zombie Plague was the best experience.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite game theme?
I'm a sucker for Space/Sci/fi.

mbmb- mbWhat is your most prized board game?
Avalon Hill's "Dune".

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite RPG?
Not enough experience to answer. Want to change that! I do know I like RPG systems that take it easy on the math and stats in order to emphasize story.

mbmb- mbWhat is your favorite Videogame?
My favorite single-player game experience is Portal. As a genre, I like driving sims and combat flight sims.

I'm a boardgamer, gearhead, and webcomic junkie from Southern Maryland. Contact me anytime about anything

I currently run 3 ongoing projects on the Geek:

One Degree of Separation. is a song name game, played for GeekGold. ODoS XI is the current version.

The BGG Chain of Generosity is an ongoing giveaway chain. Sign up to win a game. If you're drawn as the winner for that game, you give away one of your games. There are currently at least 10 giveaway chains, plus a Europe-only and Australia-only list. See the Subscription Thread for more details.

I have also just started the Global Geek Photo Album, where a Kodak Funsaver camera circles the world, photographing geeks and their favorite games.

In addition I'm an amateur/hobbyist game designer and am also becoming something of an amateur reviewer.

Besides Board Games, I love Cars, particularly older American cars (50s, 60s.) I also like to play around with computers, primarily alternative operating systems. I love Apple Macintosh stuff. I have also taken an interest in photography, both film and digital. I prefer Pentax cameras.

I have a list of Web Comics that I read regularly, including Girl Genius, Real Life, User Friendly, PVP, Starslip Crisis, XKCD, Cyanide and Happiness, Lackadaisy, and many, many others.
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Top 10
#1: Power Grid
#2: The Big Idea
#3: Genoa
#4: PitchCar
#5: StarCraft: The Board Game
#6: Container
#7: Quo Vadis?
#8: Wealth of Nations
#9: Polarity
#10: Dominion
Hot 10
#1: Dominion
#2: Race for the Galaxy
#3: Pandemic
#4: Red November
#5: Container
#6: Genoa
#7: Speed Circuit
#8: Caribbean
#9: Imperial
#10: Unpublished Prototype
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