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Steve R Bullock
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Still going strong after 30+ years of gaming and loving it! Favorite games- Heroscape, Axis and Allies, Chess, Memoir 44, Mexica, Java, Tikal,Heroscape, Survive(all versions), Spacehulk, Nexus OPS, Dust Tactics, Heroscape, Incursion, etc. Did I mention Heroscape? I'll quit gaming when they pry the dice out of my cold dead hands...or I run out of rum coffee.

Added note- if you read the above you get the impression I like Heroscape- A LOT. And I do. Classic Heroscape, not the newer version with Dungeons and D&D leftovers. I much prefer the classic robots and cowboys and WW2 soldiers. Oh I gave the new "Dungeonscape" a try- it just isn't for me. I really hate to see the game go south (in my view), but at least it had a great run (although it is far from over for me)! I will admit the terrain for D&D Heroscape is a welcome addition, and I bought plenty of it to add to my existing Heroscape sets!

My most under-rated image as of today.

Another under-rated image... maybe I should have included a cat or some boobies?!

My latest under-rated image. I put a lot of work into this pix, and I get... 9 thumbs? Looks like I better include some wooden cubes to up the ante!

Another under-rated image, this time with not only a custom terrain and custom figure, but a back-story involving missing kids who went fishing at the toxic pond... c'mon, where is the love?! At least a few Andy Griffith fans ought to thumb me for the fishing in the pond schtick!

This under-rated image has not only custom terrain, but custom bridges and rafts as well. Truly a trifecta of Heroscape goodness...with just a few thumbs up! What does it take to get people to do the thumbing on this stuff? Blood sacrifices?!

I may as well continue my whining and mention my latest under-rated and, dare I say it, under-appreciated Heroscape pix here on the Geek. This one is all about a "what-if" Heroscape was still around in 2014, and decided to jump on the Cthulhu bandwagon. Would YOU cross that bridge???

Another underrated and under-thumbed Heroscape project---although in all honesty it wasn't one of my personal favorites. Still, I put a lot of time into creating the strange, almost elfin landscape for my cowboys to roam around on, utilizing special "leap rules". Jump, Tex, jump!

The weekly adventures of the Awesome Zap-Man, updated every Friday!
Thrill to the odd and twisted tales of my classic superhero, imported from the late 1970's to modern times.
Can his old-school views and uneducated, crude deduction still stop criminal activity in todays cell phone infested world?!

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#1: Chess
#2: Claustrophobia
#3: Battle Cry
#4: Survive: Escape from Atlantis!
#5: Space Hulk
#6: Memoir '44
#7: Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie
#8: Dust Tactics
#9: Rivet Wars: Eastern Front
#10: BattleLore (Second Edition)
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#1: Incursion
#2: Claustrophobia
#3: Long Shot
#4: Battleship Galaxies: The Saturn Offensive Game Set
#5: Magnifico
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