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I went to BGG and I all got was this Overtext
Secret Santa! (Both PNP and Regular)

Hey! How's your year been? This past year has, for me, been a huge year of change. I landed my dream job, had a baby (our second), and moved into an awesome new house. I wanted to join Secret Santa last year, but was unable to due to where I was in life (no money and no time). Things are better this way, so I'm super happy to be apart of it.

I am a huge nerd. I love Star Wars, Dr Who, Anime and video games. A lot of my desire for a game comes from the theme of it. Agricola, Twilight Imperium, Diplomacy? Yeah, they might be great games, but the theme of them bores me to tears, so I've never gotten close to picking them up. I play games like 7 wonders, Dungeon Lords, Battlestar Galactica, etc. The art and theme of a game will often times sell me on a game, even if the mechanics are not the greatest.

I play with a large group of guys, usually in the 7-8 person range, so that really impacts my decisions. Games like Dungeon Lords are great, but they hardly ever hit my table because it just doesn't play enough people. Whereas 7 wonders (8 players) hits our table on an almost weekly basis. Much of my list is built around playing with a lot of people.

As of Oct 21, my list is up to date and ready to go. I have a lot of expansions to current games, as well as a few newer games. I am less "new-game crazy" than I have been in previous years, partially because a game has to be able to play a lot of people to get to my table. Thus games I know we already play and love I really just want to get more time out of. However, Lords of Waterdeep, which plays 6 or 7 people is easily at the top of my list (along with the expansion). The theme is awesome and it can play a good number of people, what's not to love? However, I know there are lots of BGGer's out there with far more gaming experience than I. If you know a game that's not on my list that you think I'll love, I'd love to experience it. That is, after all, what Secret Santa is about: Sharing that which we love with others.

PNP Santa: I have designated all my PNP wishlist games with "PNP Santa" at the top. I hope it's enough. I looked for a wide variety of games that I thought would be anywhere from easy to tough to make. I know that you'll put as much love into making your games as I will into mine, which is what really matters. Have fun!

Well Santa(s), I've been good this year, so I hope you help make this year the best year ever!

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