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UPDATE 12-31-15

Santa I was told I have a package today...so will be posting soon as it has arrived. Thanks again and I will let you know when it is in-hand.


2015 Gift from BGG Secret Santa

UPDATE 12-16-15

Santa I got your cryptic message and think that I have decoded a few of the clues. It all sounds very exciting. I will post here and on the Geeklist when the package arrives...but I am patient because I am aware how long it can take some times.

I will let you know more details when it arrives...but I am very thankful that there is still a Santa Claus!!

UPDATE 11-12-15

Just wanted to post a quick update for Santa. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Address is weird I know and if you happen to be in the states you will have to use a customs form. Also even though I am currently in Cuba DO NOT put Cuba anywhere on the package. For Country put USA. This is very important as if Cuba is on the package it will be sent through the Cuban mail system...which is not a good thing.

I am not too picky and look through my owned games and if you see something you think we might like..cool go for it. It is the thought that counts.

UPDATE 2-3-15

Thank you Santa...the package came a few weeks ago and I very much appreciate the games I will update the list shortly but wanted to take a quick momment to let you know all is well. Thanks again!!

UPDATE 1-7-14

Thank you Santa...the package came last week and I just had not been able to add it. Thank you so much for the gifts they were perfect and can't wait to pull them out and get them to the table

2013 Gift from BGG Secret Santa

UPDATE 12-31-13
Thank you Santa for the update. Don't worry that nothing has made it I know it will but sometimes it just takes time. We should get another mail flight in a couple days so hopefully by Friday I should have some something.

No worries Santa everything is fine.

THanks for everything.



Hey Santa if you have not already been here thanks for visiting. I am happy to answer anything you might have to ask. For everyone here is what is going on. And yes I am still in Cuba.

Just to give a little update I am still deployed (2yrs 3months so far) and as soon as something opens up in Iowa I will be back home (from Nebraska so Iowa is only temp home and will never root for Iowa if you were wondering) with the family. My son Caden is 3rd grade this year and is doing well in school and reads to me every night via skype...thank God for skype or else this would be much more miserable.

I went home in Sept and we took our family vacation to Maine this year and had a blast. I know Caden learned more in that week than he would have in school. Went to Acadia Nat'l Park, saw a wild moose, went lobster fishing and also caught 10 huge stripers in the ocean.
I will post some pics as soon as I get them loaded.

Caden and I play Ticket to Ride and Battleship online and have fun. Hopefully soon Tammy and I can get a few games in as well. My gaming here is lacking other than some cards, poker and chess. I have gotten a few people to play some of the games i have here but mostly I have been playing things solo or with ghosts to learn them so that when I go home I can play with the family.

Just wanted to give a quick update. There are two games that have really peaked my interest are Thebes: The Tomb Raiders and Take the Bait. Sadly only one of them have been released so far but we really loved the idea of Thebes and I know that when I do get home and are able to play it Tammy will love it.

I hope anyone that finds their way here is having a great day and Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night.



2012 Gift from BGG Secret Santa

Thank you Santa your gift just arrived and it was nice to get to open something for Christmas. Thank you very much I am hoping to play something in then next couple days.


2012 Gift from Dice Tower Secret Santa

Heard from my Dice Tower Secret Santa...Super excited and will be looking forward to watching the tracking and see when it is close to here. Thank you Canada I knew Santa was Canadian.

WOO HOO....so excited.

DT Secret Santa your package arrived today...thank you so much. I opened the box and everything is so nicely wrapped I just couldn't open them. Since I am away from home I might not get anything else by Christmas so going to save them to open them then. I am pretty sure I know one of them, the tin I think gave it away but just as excited. It has been something I think will be a good game for the kiddo to help with the 'bad winner, even worse loser' problems we have had.

Thank you.

Customs forms they really do suck especially if you were trying to stay hidden. But Thank you Jeff, I cannot thank you enough.

God Bless and Happy Holidays


Also heard from my regular Secret Santa...and a gift is soon to be on the way. Can't wait. And I am sorry that the address is crazy and it is not the easiest place to ship into. I really do appreciate it.

***Update Dice Tower Santa***

Got your message and I look forward to having it get here. I will update here when it arrives. Thank you very very much in advance I am sure it will be awesome.

***Update Santa!***

Santa sent me a message...so cool I have never gotten a message from the Real Santa before.

I am very thankful that the filibuster worked in my favor. As for a contact number, I am assuming you are meaning a phone number and it is


Yes I know it doesn't look much like a phone number but that is the number. If it makes it easier for shipping purposes you can use my fiancee's stateside number which is 402-890-3987.

Hopefully this helps Santa. If you have any other questions feel free to ask I will do my best to answer anything you may want to know.

Thanks again!!

Update 2011

I guess it is about time to update my profile. I was offered a job and have now moved (temporary) to Guantanamo Bay, CUBA. So it will be a rough year missing my family back in Nebraska (soon to be Iowa but that is long story) but I am making the most of it here. I have conned one of my co-workers into liking Mr Jack which is great for me, as long as I play Chess with him. Not a bad trade off, it is taking a while to get my chess game back but it is coming around. (he has now left so my gaming has slowed to a crawl)

The weather is predictable it is a high of 91 and a low of 75 each and every day. It does feel like groundhog day almost every day.

Twice a week I am in a Disk Golf league and really enjoy that, playing several times a week has really helped my game. Now if I could only find the Valkyrie I lost!!

Thats all for now but if there are any other Geeks stuck in Cuba I have yet to find one.

Honor Bound!!

OK so I feel left out that everyone seems to have a flag counter so I thought I would try it out too.

Now I can see the where in the USA I am popular too.

OK I am geeking it all out now and will include my Canadian folks too!

*Secret Santa 10* It is nice to hear from you and I do hope that I fall onto the nice list but it is probably more likely that I get a box of coal (which will burn nicely when it gets cold).

I will update my wishlist today but most of what is there is probably still valid. But don't feel that you are stuck with that and honestly anything would be much appreciated.

Thank you Santa the package did arrive and I will be good and wait until Christmas. I feel very lucky that you remembered me this year. THANK YOU!!

I will update as soon as it is opened.

Here is the link to my 2010 Gift from Secret Santa

Thank you I do really appreciate Santa remembering me this year...I am so lucky. I will update once Christmas arrives.


I opened the box and not one not two but three GAMES!!! THANK YOU SANTA!!

The first game I noticed was

Mr. Jack Pocket

Which I am sure my Santa read my addiction to MR JACK so this is PERFECT!!!

Next we find


This is the game my Santa hinted that would be great for me and my son...so true and looks fun. We will be trying it tomorrow.

And if that wasn't enough

we find


Very cool, this is something we have been thinking about for a long time I really think Caden will love this game very soon.

Thank you thank you thank you Santa....you hit the spot!!

I wish you the happiest of holidays to you and yours!!!!


Well the last few months have been a challenge, having lost my job in Florida and have moved back home to Nebraska...it is a little of a culture shock but at least we have family nearby. Here is hoping that one of my licked resumes will stick somewhere.

*Updates* Have been fortunate enough to participate in the testing of Mr. Jack in New York it has been a great experience and is currently by far my favorite game to play. By FAR!

I probably should just delete it and start over but it is still relevant so I will keep it.

Not sure what people would really care about but I have always loved board games, though I would not consider myself a big gamer.

I grew up on games like monopoly, sorry, and scrabble. I still remember when my sister scored 164pts on the word HECKLERS, oh if I could have drawn the S. Oh well.

Lately my fiance' and I like to play good two player games like cribbage, Sherlock Holmes, Mystery Rummy: Jack the Ripper, and Mr. Jack. This site is really is almost unhealthy how much time I spend on it.

I have become a Mr. Jack Junkie and play almost every day. I spent almost 10years in the US Navy with over 5 of it on Submarines. And Yes they are way bigger than you think they are.

My family and I frequent the outdoors whenever possible and have recently taken up Geocaching which we enjoy very much.

In March 2008 I donated a kidney to my brother. He is now living a much happier life, and except for the weight that I gained everything went fine for me as well.

I have a 4 year-old who is obsessed with Sorry! Sliders right now. Since Christmas we have played 40+ games!

Since discovering this site a tad over a year ago I have added 40+ games to my collection. Many from Goodwill and other thrift stores but now it seems there are so many games that I would like to own and I can honestly tell you that I am not sure some of them will ever get played.

I also played very few board games anymore until I found BGG, now I try to play whenever I can.

Traveled to all fifty states before I turned 25.

Worked in Salt Lake City for the Salt Lake Organizing Committee during the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic/Paralympic Games.

Spent more than 5 years on the USS Florida SSBN 728 (submarine), have been to Hawaii 4 times and have never Flown into the islands.

Currently work as a defense contractor at McDill AFB in Tampa, Florida.

Huge College Baseball fan. Will always cheer for University of Nebraska and the Oregon State Beavers. Rice, LSU and Arkansas will get some love as well. If you never have, you must attend the College World Series in Omaha at some point in your lifetime. Great event.

Graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2005 with a degree in History and have less than 20 hours to finish my second degree in Film and New Media. Won 2 NEBBYs (UNL Film Dept Annual Award) Best Non-sync Film (writer,director,producer), Best Sync Film (producer). Won best documentary Short from Cinema 16 Golden Can Awards.

Acted in my film debut opposite the legendary Karen Black in the movie Firecracker. I was also the Script Supervisor for the shoot. Don't know what that is...ask me I would be happy to tell you.

Link to IMDB page for the film Firecracker

I will try to keep adding things to this when I have time.


Thank you very very much...I received the box yesterday (Dec 6th) and I must have been a good boy since the size of the box is pretty big. I can only guess because I am going to wait until Christmas eve. I will leave it in the big box unless I hear that anything may be wrapped inside.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH....I will update when Christmas is here.

It also appears that the elves have a summer house in Connecticut...very interesting.

Here is the link to my 2008 gift. Lost Cities, Jambo, Pecking Order, and Carcassonne!! Thank you Santa

Gift from my 2008 Secret Santa

Gift from my 2009 Secret Santa

Gift from my 2010 Secret Santa

The Top 10 are the games that I have been playing lately.
(Yes, I have a 8yr old...how can you tell?!)

And the Hot 10 are the games that I want to own very soon.
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#1: D-Day Dice
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#6: Mr. Jack
#7: Sorry! Sliders
#8: Super Scrabble
#9: The Game of Life: Spongebob Squarepants Edition
#10: Mow
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#1: Château Roquefort
#2: Cheesy Gonzola
#3: Thebes: The Tomb Raiders
#4: Take the Bait
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#6: Tobago
#7: Forbidden Desert
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