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I'm a newspaper journalist by trade who now runs a small editorial and design company in the Lake District (Solway Design and Print), having previously worked as a writer and DTP manager on newspapers and magazines.

More into video games as a kid (started with those handheld, dedicated gaming units like Pac Man, Defender and Galaxy Wars), so not the traditional Risk, D&D route; although I do remember enjoying Bermuda Triangle, Monopoly and some card games through my teens.

Fast forward to 2002: We had already bought Lord of the Rings and a handful of mainstream board/card games in the hope of finding a decent tactile brain-sizzler, but it was via bgg that Lost Cities, Carc, Jambo and Pocket Civ truly got the ball (dice?) rolling...

A predictable top 10, really, as I currently favour (2014) light/medium-weight Euros like Notre Dame, Kingsburg, Glen More and The City, although I can feel myself creeping towards slighty more complicated fare - midweight games like Race for Galaxy and Castles of Burgundy are in the collection. I'm also tempted by the new streamlined approach to bigger games - Nations, Eclipse etc, that remove a lot of the old clutter hardcore gamers used to enjoy as part of the ride. It reminds me of how PC games moved from over-complex spreadsheets to integrating RPG elements into action games, retaining that satisfying, creeping upgrade feel without the need to pore over screens of data - I'm thinking of games like Deus Ex.

I enjoy all themes, from sci-fi to fantasy; one-off unusual themes and dexterity all the better. If there's a good game in there i'll play it, often in french or german versions if UK availability is scarce. I'm also a sucker for games with unusual art and £15 micro games via Kickstarter - I recently bought a pair of tweezers to pick up the tiny meeples so I can play them.

I'm also the designer of Isla Tetra 2...
A puzzling survival adventure, Isla Tetra 2 uses tetris-like shape-building system to repair and create inventory items from flotsam and jetsam washed up on a desert island. The same shapes are used to build health, explore and fishing grids which will help speed your exit from the island before too much bad news piles up back home (such as having your board collection sold to pay the bills).
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#1: Kingdom Builder
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#4: Kingsburg
#5: For Sale
#6: Pick Picknic
#7: The Castles of Burgundy
#8: The City
#9: Fauna
#10: Notre Dame
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#1: 7 Wonders: Duel
#2: Battlestar Galactica
#3: Port Royal
#4: Pick Picknic
#5: Habe fertig
#6: Welcome to the Dungeon
#7: Dragonheart
#8: Die Portale von Molthar
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