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C. Rexford
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Thufferin Thuccotash!! It'th Cold out Here!
I am married to the one true love of my life, and my primary gaming partner:

Ralph Rexford
United States
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We enjoy all sorts of games. I am trying to keep an accurate record of my gaming this year, (2015), especially since I entered the 100x1 games, plus my husband also entered the 10x10 games. Our records are important now. Records prior to 2015 are sketchy at best.

My ratings follow the BGG ratings for games accordingly...basically how often I would play the game rather than rating the game itself. Some games I love but because of length or involvement I would not 'always' want to play. I dislike this system, and am inclined to change my ratings. If/when I do, it will be noted here.


Former Avater
I retired my avatar of 'Snegurochka', a character from a Russian fairy tale. You can see the former image here:

Former Avatar Image for winterplum

My retired avatar is a common depiction of Snegurochka, or the Snow Maiden from a favorite Russian fairy tale I have liked since childhood. My fondness for the tale has more to do with the images from the fairy-tale book my Mother read to me...I thought Snegurochka lived in a winter wonderland.

* * * * * * * *

VGG Profile

Video Game Timeline:

Late 70's.

Worked, got married. Intellevision was our first console for gaming. We enjoyed Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain, Utopia,Shark! Shark! and Battle Tank. I recall the thrill of the AD&D game... particularly with the suspense of 'hearing' a monster, or dragon, with the sound becoming louder as you got nearer to it's source. Whenever we heard this sound I got goosebumps and loved it.

Mid 80's.

The home computer boom. Like a brand new bundle of joy...the stork-droid began delivering Commodore 64's to our homes. I was eager to try adventure games like Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar and The Bard's Tale. Then Infocom games, with their silly little trinkets and text-based games, weaved their verbose magic and I was caught in their web of intrigue, humor and adventure. Even today I still have my 'Don't Panic' button that came with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy from Infocom.

Mid 90's.

Fast Forward past a couple of computers, (now PC), a multitude of computer games, and one day while strolling through a store we saw a display for the new Nintendo 64. On display was Super Mario 64. Nothing felt like it on earth. It was like being a kid again. Then the Sony Playstation came out and with it, a new genre in 3D RPG's...Final Fantasy VII. There were other RPG's before that, but the 3D atmosphere coupled with the fantastic music score would mark FF7 as a benchmark in video games and for good reason.

The games from these two machines would become our newest,and most intense addiction. Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Kart, Final Fantasy VII,Wild Arms, Star Ocean: The Second Story, SaGa Frontier, Valkyrie Profile, Spyro the Dragon...endless bliss.

Millennium gaming.

Online gaming. The Dreamcast. A beautiful machine that gave us direct connection to the online gaming phenomenon known as Phantasy Star Online. Our first steps in the MMO world and probably our favorite. The Dreamcast version was different than it's reconstituted, diluted Gamecube version. Not only could we play online with others, but we could play with the Japanese as well thanks to a built in translating menu. The online special events, (Rappy party, Directors Cut) added momentum to an already energized and amazing experience.

Then, they stopped the party. PSO was going away. It was a bitter end, but still a very fond memory.

Post Millennium thru to Today.

A couple of computer and console upgrades and now we are current. I play World of Warcraft online. I really like the music in WoW. I still dabble in computer games like Civilization V, Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection, and I will dabble now and then into the The Sims 3, but that is not really my thing. Now that there are two new consoles on the way, we are waiting to see what they have to offer besides an 'eye'. ..

Favorite Video Game Memories:

FINALLY beating GoldenEye 007 in 007 mode. It was a badge I wore as if I had climbed Everest. I had such a love/hate relationship with that game. Curse you/Thank you RARE.

The completion of Super Mario 64. It was one of the most delightful games I have ever enjoyed.

Twice, while playing Rogue Galaxy for far too many hours in a row, one of the characters said "you should go out and get fresh air...dont' spend all your time in this game" or some such thing. Apparently I hit a timing trigger to have them say that.

The last day of Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & IIwas for me, akin to the last day of school, knowing that some of the people we met and spent so much time with would not cross our path again. We were saying goodbye and it felt like it.

While playing my boxer named 'Cuss Pow' in the heavy-weight championship boxing match in the game 'Caesar's World of Boxing, for the CDI, after climbing the long punch ladder to get here, right in the middle of the fight, the stick on my controller broke off...clean off!!...so I had to finish the fight by pushing the edges where the base of the stick was. It could not happen at a worse time, but that just made winning that championship sweeter.

Completing all of the challenges in Project Gotham Racing 2 with just the generic car and purchasing no upgrades at all ever.

Seeing Kegan Falls in Japan and relating it to how it was depicted in the game Yoot Tower. When I played it nearly 6 years before, I had no idea I would one day be there. And yes, the depiction was pretty good.

Video Gameing consoles and favorites games from each:

Intellevision: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Tank Tank, Shark Shark, Utopia

CDI: Caesar's World of Boxing, Pinball Arcade

Sega Saturn: Nights into Dreams, Clockwork Knights.

Nintendo 64: Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Goldeneye 007, Zelda, Ocarina of Time.

Playstation: Star Ocean 2nd Story, Wild Arms, Spyro the Dragon, Monster Rancher 2

Dreamcast: Phantasy Star Online, Skies of Arcadia

Playstation 2: Resident Evil 4, Jade Cocoon

Nintendo Gamecube:
Playstation 3:

Favorite Computer Games: Infocom in general, Elite (C64), Bard's Tale (C64) Sim City, Yoot Tower, Zoo Tycoon, Civilization.

MMO: Phantasy Star Online, World of Warcraft, City of Heroes.

My foray into VGG

Comming out of the BGG room one day I decided "Hmmmm...this door is'nt locked...so I turned the handle and decided to poke around and see who and what was in here. It was like discovering a room full of puppies and kittens...a very nice, warm and welcome feeling.

I have contributed one game, (so far), to this site, Treasures of the Deep, for the Playstation.


BGG Profile

I discovered BGG when searching for a copy of Avalon Hill's PanzerBlitz. It was the first 'wargame' I had played, the first one my husband taught me, and I wanted to find a good edition of it 'for old-times sake'.

I did find a good copy, and our little gaming world virtually exploded into the vibrant and new hobby of ours it is today.

Gaming History


I had a very ordinary history of gaming. Parker Brothers, Milton Bradley...etc. Nothing special save for the occasional game in childhood that is obscure. So I will just list the best games I enjoyed growing up.

Green Ghost Just what the heck did my Dad put into those little trap doors?!? This game really creeped out my sister me...which is why it was so much fun.

Ok, that's it!

Early 80's

My husband introduced me to wargames. At that time, it was PanzerBlitz, and Midway, which was followed by a few games here and there: Hexagony, Down with the King, Outdoor Survival. The store where we would get these games then closed, we moved far away, and our board-gaming took a rather mundane turn for a long while.

However...it was during this time that the video game and home-computer age began to flourish, so we were able to throw ourselves into those mind and body.

For Further gaming during this time, please see the VGG Profile. (above this one).

A Whole Decade after the Millineum

After finding BGG, because we were not used to playing board-games (again), we had no 'gaming group'. So we started our game collection with games that would play well with 2.

Carcassonne (big box), Dominion, Finca, Stone Age, and Runebound (Second Edition) were our first 'new' board-games. WOW surprise What were these new and interesting things going on in board games?

Needless to say, we are still in the candy store where games are concerned.

Favorite 10 Games (always subject to change)

Runebound (Second Edition), Thunderstone, Dominant Species, Goa, Defenders of the Realm, The Pillars of the Earth,
Macao, Glory to Rome, In the Year of the Dragon, Galaxy Trucker: Anniversary Edition

Of course, there are soooo many games that are outstanding. I can think of several that I could switch out with some of those favorites easily.

I don't know how Tom Vasel does it. I don't know how anyone does it. Making a Top Ten is just hard....



Dear Secret Santa 2013, December 9th Update;

THANK YOU Secret Santa! Thank you so very much for selecting two games that I have been so eager to play. You could not have picked two more ideal presents for me!

My Christmas is now made that much more special because of your thoughtful gifts to me and my family. I pray you have a blessed Christmas!

Thank you again, and have a SUPER MERRY CHRISTMAS of fun and memories, and Peace.

Dear Secret Santa 2013;

I trust this little note finds you happy and well. I write to you because I want you to know that I am fully thankful for your thoughts for me at this festive time of year. I am very well blessed with so many things in my life, including, of course, many games...so anything you put into your magic toy-sack to toss down my chimney come this Christmas season,is going to be the icing on the Gingerbread Man!

I have checked my wish-list and I hope that it may be helpful to you. Thank Youso very, very much for your kindness and generosity in participating in this lovely tradition on BGG. I do hope your Christmas will be chock-full of amazing wonder and beauty and peace.

Luv you Santa! kiss,

* * * * * * * * * *
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