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United Kingdom
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I didn't know what to do with my UberBadge, so I left it as a GeekBadge.
Sheffield-based game player, explainer, collector, translator and group organiser. I'm a semi-regular attendee of London On Board, regular at StabCon and the UK Student Nationals and occasional visitor to Beyond Monopoly in York.

I've been playing boardgames for as long as I can remember. My mum always used to buy at least one new boardgame for us every Christmas and birthday; I even designed a few as a youngster. I started on family games and old Euros, moving on to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay in high school and from there to Games Workshop stuff (although I always preferred the background to the gameplay), then Magic: The Gathering. At university I played an awful lot of Blood Bowl (Third Edition), Magic and WFRP before coming back to Euros and discovering BoardGameGeek.

I enjoy multiplayer Euros, preferably with low direct conflict, favouring meaty, thoughtful games, so long as the thinking doesn't drag the game out for others. I like party games with the right group, but I'd rather the heavier games got to my table more often. I like trying new games and find there just isn't enough time to play everything I want to.

I'm a keen traveller and like finding game shops and gaming opportunities in unfamiliar places. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend BGG.Con in November 2012.

I log all my plays, most with comments.

I was RPG Geek of the Week in July 2011. The thread is here.

For many years, I ran a weekly WFRP game and played in another campaign when I got the time. I was a regular attendee of TimCon, the UK's only dedicated WFRP convention, but it looks like it won't be held again. I've run and/or played all of the official releases for WFRP1 and 2, playtested the v2 rules and The Thousand Thrones and contributed to Warpstone magazine. My favourite WFRP adventure is Death on the Reik.

I play Call of Cthulhu occasionally, although it's great and I'd like to play more. My favourite supplement is Masks of Nyarlathotep (3rd & 4th edition) and I'm looking forward to running that campaign some day.

I used to be an avid Commodore 64 and Amiga gamer, but now I'm only interested in classic style 2D puzzle/platformers and the Rock Band series. Once upon a time I wrote my own text-based adventure games in Basic.

Favourite games are: Rock Band (mostly playing guitar), LucasArts adventure games, Lemmings, the Dizzy series, Abe's Odyssey and Pandemonium.

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#4: The Princes of Florence
#5: Mage Knight Board Game
#6: Boggle
#7: Race for the Galaxy
#8: Space Alert: The New Frontier
#9: Himalaya
#10: Scrabble
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