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Sara Bernardo
United States
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Hi there! I'm Sara, a 28 year old gamer chick from outside of Boston.

Most of the gaming I do is 2-player, with my boyfriend / partner in nerdiness
Jeff Forbes

New Hampshire
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. He's the one who got me into "Designer" board games, and the one I spend the most time gaming with.

I game mostly on the weekends, since my schedule is such that it does not allow me much time to meet up for games during the work week. This can include either me and the boy or a small group of folks in a variety of places in Northern/ Central Massachusetts. Most of what gets played is medium-heavy , but sometimes party games or heavy ones come to the table. I tend not to be very competitive at board games, since I'm naturally not very good at them... but when it comes to word games... watch out. That's all I can say.

My current favorites include Stone Age, Jaipur, Tikal, Fairy Tale, El Grande, Goa etc. I'm also a huge fan of word games like Typo, Buy Word, and Scrabble, but finding someone who is as big a fan of them as I am is pretty hard!

I mostly do medium weight games, but can be roped in for a heavy one here and there (as you can see, my favorites vary pretty widely!) But in all honestly, I have a hard time paying attention to games longer than a couple hours, so I tend to steer clear of those.

I've been gaming in one form or another pretty much since I could talk. I've always loved board games, even before I know about designer games, card games, and video games. I'm also an obsessive jigsaw puzzle who'd much rather receive a new puzzle as a present than diamonds or flowers.

As far as non-gaming things are concerned, I have a Master's Degree in Modern European History with a concentration in Holocaust Studies and would gladly stay in school for the rest of my life if someone paid me to do it. I am currently living in Franklin, MA, having a pretty good time just living and learning as I go.

Traveling, video games, Roller Coasters, Nature and hanging out with cute animals top my list of favorite hobbies. I'd love to get in some more international travel soon, as finances and time allow. I work in IT Advertising, which is so far from my field of study it's not even funny. But for now, it's what's up.

I am admittedly more comfortable in small groups than large, am often tactless and clumsy, and have been known to injure myself while standing perfectly still. I can have a sailor's tongue, am intrigued by the bizarre and grotesque, and have a serious love for kawaii characters and animals of all types, as long as they aren't Arachnids.

I can talk all day long about history, literature, human psychology, video games, etc...but start with math or science and I'll be lost in a matter of seconds.

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